Stampin’ Up Independant Demonstrator!

Well, having adored crafting for more years than I really ought to confess to, it seemed a great natural progression to move into the party demonstrating world.

I’m an old hand at the party thing, having been a party planner about a decade ago, and in my ‘other’ job as a pro makeup artist, I teach makeup techniques to groups of ladies now.


But Stampin’ Up is something different.

They’re currently celebrating their 25th anniversary, and have never, ever, sold products in shops or retail outlets. Only through demonstrators.

You can’t buy their products in an online shop, it will be through a demonstrator who is in essence, your own personal customer service agent.

You have a problem with your order?

You talk to her.

You want to discuss a project in mind, and not sure what you need?

You chat to her.

You want to have a demonstration of how to use products?

You call on her.

No other company that I have heard of works in this way.

Yes, there are other party plan companies, but they also have retail outlets and you could buy online without any personal interaction.

It’s this that sets Stampin’ Up apart from the rest, and certainly in the UK, they’ve only been here for 5 years, and very much are leaders in the crafting party market!

So I’m very proud to have been accepted into such a hallowed institution while it’s still in it’s fledgling years in the UK, and having my hands on the most divine quality of product is wonderful for the crafter in me.

Over the next days, weeks, months, and probably years, I’ll talk more about each product that I have to hand.

I plan to share projects I have made, and give ideas on how you can do the same.

I have a notebook that is exploding with ideas….

And if I’m feeling brave (and can get my hands into some sort of on-camera condition!) I may even do some YouTube tutorials….

So, without further ado, I give you….

Stampin’ Up Independant Demonstrator – Sam Donald ID 5008829


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