Stampin’ Up! Punches like no other…

There is something amazing about cutting through a piece of good quality cardstock. The sound as the scissors ‘crunch’ through the card. It’s a rare thing to find, but I will speak more about the delights of Stampin’ Up! cardstock – it’s that rare beasty that we’ve all been hunting for our whole crafting lives…

Today I want to talk about the punches. Or more specifically the feel of the punches and how they please me so very very much.

Stampin' Up! punch

I’ve been crafting for so many years, that I’ve experienced every brand, make, model of paper/card punch out there. I’m not going to name who I have used, it would be a shorter list to name who I haven’t, but I’ve always felt they were a bit of a much of a muchness. All similar in shape, size, cutability (it’s a word, it may be a made up word, but it works here!), and other than colour and brand names, they all did the same thing; chomped through paper or card and gave you a uniform finish.

I didn’t know that levels of ecstasy could be raised simply by changing to a really really really (too many?!) really (!) good punch.

P1060733I have in my hot little hand, the darling punch that is the 1 and 3/4 inch scallop punch (4.4cm for the metric purists!) and wow, is it amazing.

If it’s made of paper or card, it has been punched. I even wiped out a breakfast cereal box the day it arrived…

P1060737There is an ease to the action of punching, despite it’s size, but it’s the sound. Oh that sound! It’s a sort of soft crunching sound. Not like biting a carrot or a biscuit, but that nice this-is-good-quality-cardstock-married-to-good-quality-gadget sound.

I’m finding this so hard to describe, that my desk is now scattered in bits of chomped up post it notes and printer paper. I did stop at the point of punching my husband’s pay slip though, panic not.

Okay, trust me. It feels good, looks good, cuts well, closes down to flat, but stands up for use.


I love it. And I shall be completing my collection soon. I hope!

Sam x

Stampin’ Up! UK Independent Demonstrator


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