Stampin’ Up! UK Sweetie Treat Cup Favours VIDEO

I love the polka dot parade paper. I did predict on video recently that I may have become slightly addicted to it, and these images prove that to be right!

And who doesn’t love the bright sunny colours of skittles?!

With having 4 children, it can sometimes feel like we’re preparing for or attending a birthday party all the time. Even preparing afternoon tea at home is only just shy of most birthday tea parties! So, it’s now almost instinctive to make little treats and goodies for my boys, but I’m not hugely keen on overloading them with sugary stuff. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not a saint, and I absolutely will give the boys sweets, but I had a big bag of skittles, the 245g bag and decided that rather than splitting it 6 ways, I’d see if I could make it go further.


These treat cups used up a little under half a bag, so most definitely they went further.

And in conversation with my husband who said they looked fabulous, his instant thought was for wedding favours. And he’s right. They don’t have to be filled with sweets, one of my downline makes wax crumbs for tart burners to scent your house. Some of those would look fabulous in one of these cups. Or a miniature soap? Perhaps even a lottery ticket that had been beribboned?

So the possibilities are endless, but we very much enjoyed our ‘Friday-afternoon-favours’ and for me it is lovely that my whole family get involved in experimenting, experiencing and idea creating with me.

Sam x

Stampin’ Up! UK Independent Demonstrator

If you’d like to shop and buy anything, please let me know, the online shop is still down across the UK, but hopefully will be up soon. In the meantime, I can place orders direct for you.

Stampin Up Sweetie Treat Cups 2



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  1. Debi Atkins says:

    Hi Sam – let me first off say how much I truly enjoy your videos for crafts. You make the projects easy to understand and follow especially since I am new to this stamping thing. Thank you for sharing the special crafts with us. On to my question – I just watched your video on the sweetie treat cup project. They are so adorable and I want to make them however, I realize the video is older and am unable to find the treat cups through Stampin Up. Any ideas of where I can now find something like it that will work for these darling treats. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work. Your inspiring. Thank you.

    Debi Atkins (Peoria, Az)

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