Stampin’ Up! UK Demonstrators…

I have to confess, I’ve wondered on more than a few occasions if ‘demonstrator’ is the right term for people who join Stampin’ Up! because not all demos actually demonstrate anything.

Many demos, and many of my team, join in order to fund their own craft hobby, or to supplement another craft business.

Stampin’ Up! Actively encourages this; a no obligation way to join a company, enjoy the perks of discounted products, with no obligation to go and sell your soul in order to meet targets. Of course, in order to remain ‘active’ and continue to receive discounts, you’d need to buy/sell £225 net per quarter (about £70 net per month), but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Although, I could/would/do quite happily spend that per month without too much trouble….!

But I want to write this blog post, partly for those who are thinking of joining Stampin’ Up! but also really to alleviate ‘fears’ that once you’re in, you’re sucked in for life.

It’s no secret that I worked for a cosmetics company about 10 years ago, and that although I enjoyed it, there were ridiculously high and almost unachievable targets. It was pre facebook, twitter, social networking, and all selling was done face to face only. So very hard, and nigh on impossible to fulfill targets from just a couple of friends. It was a very active selling role.

What I adore about Stampin’ Up! is that there is no pressure at all. Of course, for those who want to make a career from Stampin’ Up! there are certainly amazing rewards along the way, great incentives, fabulous perks etc, but if you want to chill and reign it back for a bit, have a holiday, perhaps maternity leave, then you’re not obliged to keep up a high paced career style sales pitch!

So, it’s lovely that my team is a mix of ladies who want to enhance their other crafting creations by simply purchasing supplies and materials for their own usage, as well as ladies who are actively demonstrating and hosting parties.

We have a fabulous facebook group that is exclusively ours, the late night giggles are fantastic for support, and the creativity shared never ceases to amaze me.

I adore being a part of Stampin’ Up! for many and varied reasons. I have 4 small children and I work around them. I work at a pace I want to. I get to flex my creative wings in my own unique way, and enjoy the outlet that YouTube gives me. I have made, and am constantly making new friends through the power of facebook and other social networking. I get to make an income while still feeding a crafting addiction.

And best of all? I get to work with pretty much, the best quality products on the market, all in the name of research!

So, just because Stampin’ Up! is a stamping and papercraft company, doesn’t mean you have to be a stamper or a card maker to join… Just check out my team’s websites on the left hand side!

If you want to hear more, I’m really happy to call you, or text you, tweet, natter through facebook. Location isn’t an issue, my team are far and wide, in Scotland, East of England, Central England, the South and the North West. Pretty much everywhere…

And because Stampin’ Up! lets you choose your OWN products for your kit AND gives you another 32% of products on top for FREE, aswell as FREE shipping, the £99 is quite obviously not a joining ‘fee’ but a purchase of whatever you want, and an open door to discounts, free products, incentives, perks, socialising and a wealth of crafting knowledge!

You can even go and read all the legalese now!

So, please do get in touch, I’d really love to hear from you, and hope that you join my Pootlers soon!

Sam x


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