Stampin’ Up! UK Ribbon Storage Tip VIDEO

I’m appallingly behind with my blog posts. Blame the internet. Blame my husband. He’s the IT crew around here!

Pootles Stampin Up UK Ribbon StorageHowever, I was able to get a few videos uploaded in advance, so at least that’s been keeping me going…







But today, I’m giving you the link and details to my ribbon storage box tip. I’m such a fickle girl, or perhaps one with a short term memory issue? If I can’t see it, I forget I’ve got it, and forget to remember to use it!

Pootles Stampin Up UK Ribbon Storage 3

Ribbon, bunged in a box and all tangled up would really wipe out the ‘Monica’ in me, and as I said, if I can’t see it, I don’t use it.

So this is what works for me!

Enjoy the video!


Sam x


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