New Team!

It’s the beginning of the month, okay, so I’m a couple of days late, but a quick post to introduce you to the 4 lovely ladies who joined my team, The Pootlers, in July.

Suzanne who is based in Liverpool, a talented crafter of many a variety, including cards, soaps and other beautiful things.

Anne who is based in Stalybridge, also a remarkable crafter, though she hides her light under a bushel!

Irene who is based on the Isle of Man and has a wealth of crafting experience under her belt. Like Suzanne, is a soap maker and papercrafter combined.

Natalie who is based in Halesowen and is rapidly developing her paper crafting skills. She has a brand new blog, and her first post of a darling favour box shows that there is loads more to come!

So these are the newest members of the team. I think we’re going to need a map soon….!

Sam x


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