Who is Pootles?

It never occurred to me until a demo friend of mine asked what ‘Pootle’ was or rather, what it meant, that I’d never actually explained.

Well, when I decided to ‘set up shop’ with a blog for my papercrafting, I couldn’t use my real name, Sam Hammond Donald. I’ve been a makeup artist and beauty writer working in the cosmetics industry online for nearly 13 years, and as such, I use my own name for my makeup website, and it’s also attached to my other makeup websites. Using it, even slightly, in the name of my blog would mean that I was trying to compete with myself for Google ranking!

Not perhaps the smartest move….

So I decided I needed a ‘brand name’ to work with. And a dear friend of mine, Rachael has a skincare brand that has an unusual name; MyRoo. I asked her once where the name came from, and it is her husband’s nickname for her, and many years before she started her skincare company, he’d bought the domain name for her (awwww, and I wonder if he does training courses for other husbands…?)

Well, I love her ‘back story’ and wanted something similar, but I didn’t really fancy calling my website Babycakes. Okay, now you know the secret, and you in the back, yes you sniggering, enough, or you’re out!

Anyway, Babycakes wasn’t really appropriate, so I went further back in my own personal timeline and remembered the nicknames my Mum and Dad had for me. Dad used to call me Piccalilli, but given that I’ve just had to spell check the word myself, that also got ruled out.

But Mum, well she’s called me Pootle for as long as I can remember. Occasionally she’ll call me that now, often if I’m not very well, and it’s always a name filled with love.

Image c/o
Image c/o

For those that don’t know though, Pootle was a character in a TV show in the 70s and 80s called the Flumps. It was adorable; a family of fluffy creatures – Grandpa, Mum, Dad, and then siblings Perkin, Posie and Pootle. Interestingly Pootle was a boy, but we’ll gloss over that…

But it was a time of innocence and gentleness, and the name for me, makes me feel relaxed and ‘at home’.

And it became my new Brand Name. I love it, it works for me. I have slightly changed it, by adding the S to the end. I’m not Pootle, Pootle is an icon. I’m just a girl with a blog and papercraft business and a Mum with a penchant for quirky nicknames…

However, Rachael herself told me that ‘to pootle’ is “To wander or ramble in a leisurely or indirect manner” which I also rather like!  I hope that people who visit my blog enjoy wandering around, picking up ideas here and there along the way.

So, that’s who Pootle was, and who Pootles is!

I hope you’ll enjoy pootling about my blog, and that if anyone else fancies sharing a childhood nickname, I’d love to hear them.

Sam x


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  1. Maryann Ashton says:

    Just after easter I went to my first Stampin’up Class and I was hooked. One of my fellow class mates suggested looking on the net to discover ideas and as a result I found several other Stampin’up demonstrators on YouTube, including yourself. I really enjoy the boxes and packages you design. Your instructions are clear and easy to follow. Thank you.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Hi Sam
    I’d forgotten about the flumps, I like your friend Rachel knew that pooltling is to wonder gently/ relaxed around & that was what you wanted us to do on your site.. Thanks for so many demos on you tube . Stephanie

  3. Hi Sam just saw your fathers day bottle of sweets can you please tell me which one you bought from amazon please, its such a great idea. many thanks

  4. Rupal patel says:

    Hi.i m a huge fan of yours.your instructions are so clear and specific no one can go india its v difficult to get such beautiful craft tools and specially stampin up…but somehow i manage to creat beautiful boxes.

  5. Renee McClintock says:

    I love reading the backstory to your brand and also the definition of pootling!
    Thank you!

  6. Barbara Chaplain says:

    Hi Sam so silly I have just become a member and would you believe forgot my password already in between looking for my notebook and pen ugh!! how do I reset a new one please…………
    Many Thanks
    Barbara x

  7. Barbara Chaplain says:

    Hope you received my post (not sure)………….

  8. Stumbled across your gorgeous Beehive Box tutorial and then just had to ‘pootled’ around your blog.

  9. Vicki smith says:

    Love that story… my school nicknames were Titch or Smurf lol..
    I’m hooked on your videos.. can’t remember the last thing I watched on normal telly

  10. Love the story and I used to love The Glimpse. Brings back good memories.

    Thanks for sharing xx

  11. Giovanna Restani says:

    Love this story, now I know where your page name come from… and it’s cute and very different.

  12. Diana Wood says:

    Hi Sam,
    What a wonderful story! Your creativity and beauty is undeniable. Thank you for sharing your story and your talents with us. Your personality on the videos come through and so enjoyable to watch and learn from them. Congratulations on your new #1 win!! You deserve it!!!

  13. shari meyer says:

    Love you and your youtube videos… my childhood nickname is Shebbie…or sheb for short. To this day, many members of my family and friends still call me that. When is was about 13, I babysat a little girl who couldn’t say Shari…so she called me Shebbie…and a lifelong nickname was born. 🙂 Been carrying that name around for over 40 years now.

  14. Denise Maynard says:

    When I joined Stampin Up, I had previously been known on Facebook as Abu-Kitty Crafts. Facebook shut down that profile because I had a personal profile as well. I did not know I could not have 2. So I knew that my Stampin Up business would be AbuKitty Creations. The name Abu comes from the movie Disney Aladdin. I had a Himalayan cat that I named Abu. She was my pride and joy. She lived to be 14 years old. So to honor her, I named my business after her. Some of my friends (that I met through Facebook) call me Abu, which is fine by me. I loved reading your story. TFS!

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