Ribbon Rose Tutorial VIDEO

Okay, I’ve promised it, so here it is! In follow up to the Long Slender Fold Flat Box tutorial and Blog Hop posts from a few days back….

The Ribbon Rose Tutorial Video

Pootles Stampin Up Ribbon Rose Tutorial 2

I’ve been making these for about 10 years. I went to a craft exhibition and stood absolutely mesmerized as a lady whipped these up in seconds. She wasn’t actually really showing us how to make them as such, it was more a case of dazzling us with the magic of what you can do with ribbons. So I came home and fiddled about until I worked out what I think is what she was doing (although I’ve never seen this style since, so I may have invented my own!), but I love this sort of mystical ribbon art.

Pootles Stampin Up Ribbon Rose Tutorial

I do a lot of ribbon work away from papercrafts, but less often with fabric, so I have to put in a little more work to adapt those techniques for our Stampin’ Up! ribbons, but I do hope you like this one.

My advice is, don’t use a ribbon narrower than about .5″ or about 1cm. You’ll just end up with what appears to be a knot, and this works better with a wider ribbon.

I hope you like it, there are no specific dimensions to it, just keep working the ribbon until you’re happy with the number of layers (petals!) that you have, then cut and go for it!

Sam x

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