Sponge Dauber Storage Solution

I have to make a confession.

I don’t remember ordering sponge daubers. At. All….

The first I knew about them was when they arrived, approximately 6 days after I’d had a general anesthetic for an operation. You know where this is going don’t you.

GA apparently takes longer than expected to leave your system, and apparently, I really really needed to place an order. And apparently really really needed sponge daubers. 36 of them to be precise.

Goodness only knows what I wanted them for, as I’m normally a sponge girl, but clearly it was a crucial part of some great plan my anesthetic-pain-killer addled brain required.

I also at the time ordered 23 packs of cardstock and roller wheel handles too, but we’ll brush over that. Particularly as I remove the wheel stamps from the wheels….


POOTLES Stampin Up UK Dauber Storage Solution 2


Anyway, because I’m an orderly type, I decided that well, in for a penny, in for a pound, and ordered more daubers, so that at least I could have one for every colour. There’s logic in there, right?

So, with that in mind, when they arrived, I had slight palpitations as to how I could store them, use them, and not have to rummage to find the colour I wanted. Seriously, it was panic stations here!

But I had also recently received a pack of the new wood mount cases for some of my stamps, and had one spare.

Oh happy day!

A little test and ta da! perfect depth for sponge daubers! So, a little bit of back and forth with a ruler, and I discovered I could fit 50 daubers into one box, in rows of 10 and that made this girl very happy!


POOTLES Stampin Up UK Dauber Storage Solution 3


Check out the video. No, I don’t make a new set, and no, I haven’t shown the action of making the colour charts (too messy) but I have shown how I set it up, and obviously you can get a better idea of how it’s laid out.


POOTLES Stampin Up UK Dauber Storage Solution


And the measurements for the dividers are as follows –

4 lengths of cardstock measuring 7 x .75″ (17.5 x 2cm)

9 lengths of cardstock measuring 5 x .75″ (12.5 x 2cm)

Enjoy the video!


Sam x

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  1. Oh My Goodies!!! I should have checked here first. I’ve been looking for dauber storage for ever. I finally went on pintrest (sp) And what should I find but a link to your web site. This is too funny as I’ve followed you for a couple of years now but never came across this post. Any whoo, to make a short story long…Thank you for this idea and the measurements. Debie from sunny California

  2. I DO hope you see this as I see that the last entry seems to be from 2 0 1 6!!! Please tell whether I can find the too cool Wood Block Storage CASES in the USA. Love the idea of the cheat sheet in the lid!!! MANY thanks. — KR

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