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I love being a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator. I love the opportunity it allows me to explore my creative side. I love how it has introduced me to so many people. Not just locally in the UK, but all over the world. I chat most days to friends (as I genuinely see them as that!) in Australia, Europe, America and so many other countries.


Working with 10 other Demos from around the world as part of an International Design Team

Working with 10 other Demos from around the world as part of an International Design Team


I adore working with products that really are quite remarkable. And I love that I’m able to pass on my enthusiasm to you.

The thing that I really love about Stampin’ Up! as a company though, is actually just how relaxed it is.

If you want to go out and demo at parties, great!

If you want to start up technique workshops, wonderful!

If you want to build a career, and grow a team, fabulous!

If you want to buy to create just for yourself, super!

Stampin’ Up! welcomes everyone, and so do I.

The wonderful ladies who’ve joined my team have many and varied reasons for joining, but I cherish and support each of them equally. They are a remarkable group of ladies, with enthusiasm for Stampin’ Up! products, for working as they want, for supporting each other, and for inspiring me on a daily basis.

To be a part of their Stampin’ Up! journey is such an honour. I’m genuinely humbled that they have each chosen to join my team, and because of that, I delight in helping them build a career if they want, encourage diversification within their other crafting businesses if that’s where they’re headed, and join in the cheering squad when they’ve had success; whether it’s completing a project they’ve been working on, or hosting a first-time-workshop!


Pootles Stampin Up Tall Skinny Treat Pouch


We have a private facebook group, and when someone has a success, in any part of their life, the virtual streamers, noise makers, and banners come out. It’s amazing to see, and be part of!

I’ve had such a blast watching them flex and stretch their artistic wings. Some of them have started off tentatively at first, but all have developed such a fabulous creativity, and their own teams now, that I’m proud to say that I’m part of that same group.

To have a group as brilliant as mine makes life really easy for when new ladies join. I had 3 wonderfully talented ladies join the Pootlers last week, and they were welcomed with open arms by the rest of the team. That to me, is a measure of just how great these women all are. Everyone is welcomed equally. There’s no posturing, no competing with one another, and no jostling for position. Just a genuine extension of the hand of friendship, and they all step forward to take the new ladies under their wings. Truly remarkable.


Inspired by Suzanne

Inspired by Suzanne


I hope I inspire them as much as they inspire me, and I do hope that you’ll take a few minutes to go and check out their blogs/websites. They’re all over there on the right – they’re a really fabulous bunch.

I didn’t want to end this blog post all ‘salesy’ because this has come from the heart, based on something I said to them all this evening, and I felt I wanted to actually stand on the virtual rooftops and shout it, but I will say that my doors are always wide open, there’s always room for new people, men and women, to join us, so if you want to ask me any questions, talk about what makes Stampin’ Up! so brilliant, what being part of The Pootlers is all about, or just, you know, natter for a bit about what Stampin’ Up! opportunities there are, please do let me know (contact stuffs here!). A couple of these ladies will attest to the fact that I’m around and about somewhere online, most of the day. And I know for certain that one will acknowledge that I was there at 10 past midnight one night as she completed her registration details on line…

Sam xx


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