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Hot on the heels of my recent post about my team of demos, Stampin’ Up! have just announced an incredible deal when joining up. (what were the chances of that?!?!?!)

Normally the joining cost is £99 and you get £130 of products, free postage, and a brilliant business pack to start with, but for a short time only, you can now join for just £25 and with that you get £25 products and the business pack.

FOR 2 WEEKS ONLY From Tuesday 7th to 21st October, this special offer is on to celebrate Stampin’ Up’s 25th year. It is perfect for you guys who are already shopping with Stampin’ Up! and it means that you can continue shopping, but benefit from the 20% discount all demonstrators get. You don’t have to demonstrate, you don’t have to do workshops, you can simply enjoy the benefits just like everyone else.

As I’ve mentioned on many an occasion before, my team are a mix of active demos who hold parties and classes, and hobby demos who shop purely for their own crafting pleasure. However you want to make use of the demo discount is entirely up to you, and I will support you in exactly the same way as I do everyone else.

I have the dedicated facebook group, newsletters, team incentives, massive support, and a network of Pootlers who are spread from the Northern tip of Scotland throughout England and down to Surrey. We really are spread far and wide, and I’m going to have to get a map very soon of all their locations…!

I’m alerting you a week before the promotion starts, so that you’ve got time to ring me, email me, contact me by carrier pigeon (well, perhaps not!), but get in touch and ask as many questions as you like. Because it’s such a short promotion, time will race by, so getting the chance to ask every question you want before leaping into something is, in my mind, an eminently sensible thing to do, so therefore, my email is switched on, my telephone ring tone is at it’s highest volume and all my methods of communication are on standby!

So come on, what are you waiting for? My Pootlers and I are waiting for you!

CLICK HERE to learn more about joining Stampin’ Up!!!!

Sam x


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