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The amazing 14 day once-in-a-lifetime-never-seen-before joining deal has arrived! This runs from now until October 21st only

We have an amazing ‘deal’ when you join Stampin’ Up! anyway, but from today, for 2 weeks only, you can join for just £25 and choose up to £26.95 worth of products, as well as getting a free business starter pack (catalogues, order forms etc) and free shipping.

It really is a no brainer when you realise that Stampin’ Up! doesn’t slap on ridiculously unachievable targets (£225 net per full calendar quarter, which as of now, ends on March 31st so you have almost 6 full months to achieve this), never asks for anything back if you don’t meet that target, and offers you a no risk way to buy Stampin’ Up! products at at least 20% discount.

It’s a no obligation deal. The old adage of ‘it’s too good to be true’ in NO WAY applies here. And believe me, I know. I’ve worked with another demonstrator style company, and if Stampin’ Up! was in any way shape or form like that, I’d have run a mile a long time ago! If you don’t want to buy anything else after joining, or only buy a few things, then you don’t need to return anything, just enjoy the products you’ve bought.

There are many ‘types’ of demonstrator, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts;

Discount demos – those who want to buy for themselves at a discount, to fund their own crafting hobby/habit!

Hobby demos – those buying mostly for their own needs, selling occasionally to friends and family to help meet minimums

Part Time demos – those who perhaps have a family or a full time job and want to earn some extra cash by hosting parties and/or holding classes when time allows

Career demos – those who want to build their own business by selling products and hosting regular craft classes and workshops.

So there really is a ‘demo’ status out there for everyone.

And for you guys, my customers, supporters and inspiration crew, who want to continue buying, but at an even better price than Stampin’ Up! already gives, this is where it really is a no brainer.

I don’t set targets, unless you want me to and you ask me to. I don’t set goals, I work WITH YOU to set your goals WITH YOU, and help you achieve them.

What I will do is support you no matter what you want to do, and how you want to enjoy your experience with Stampin’ Up! and if that means you only buy 3 things after you’ve joined my team, then I will be just as delighted as if you want to build a team and make a career out of Stampin’ Up!

I have a thriving Facebook group that is exclusively for my team and their teams; they are hugely supportive of one another, there is no posturing and jostling for ‘top dog’ status, and I see myself very much as their peer, not as their ‘leader’. The encourage and inspire me more perhaps than they realise.

My team are currently all located in the UK, but I am welcoming new demonstrators in The Netherlands, Austria, Germany and France!! And I would look forward to leaping onto a jet-plane to work with you and your own team, like the UK these are brand new markets, The Netherlands and Austria have only been open for 12 months, and like us here in the UK, the same offer is available, so you too are in a prime position to recruit and rapidly expand!

I actively keep everyone updated with the latest offers that Stampin’ Up! puts out for us as demonstrators. As a full time Mum and full time Stamper, I know that it isn’t possible to get online every day, so knowing that I’m there to keep them upto date with all offers is crucial for some members of the team.

I keep in contact with all members of my team regularly on a one to one basis; whether by email, Facebook message or by phone. And both by their contact of me, and mine of them.

The communication is a two way street, and I make myself available to the whole team whenever they need.

And the ‘perk‘ of being part of Stampin’ Up?

Immediate 20% discount on all purchases, or if you’re selling, an immediate 20% income on all sales.

30% discount on your first order if over £150 within the first 45 days.

Upto 15% extra commission paid on a monthly basis if sales (aka purchases!) are over £200 per month.

The chance to purchase products from ALL catalogues BEFORE the public – that’s worth £25 straight off, particularly if you’re like me and need to be FIRST to try a new product…!

The chance to earn FREE stamp sets if you decide to work on the bonus sales and recruiting targets within your first 6 months (now is a fab time to recruit, why not get your friends and family to take advantage of this offer too!).

There’s also an opportunity to earn cash and product bonuses too.

The opportunity to attend regional training and convention (registration for this closes in a few days on 10th October) where meeting other demos is beyond inspirational.

So whatever demo you want to be, whether actually going out to demonstrate or just to buy for yourself, I will welcome you happily into my group of demos.

They’re scattered around the country, there may even be one in your area, so if you want to work with an upline close to you, please do let me know, and I’ll find the one who’s closest to you. Being in their team, you’ll still be in my team!

So, what are you waiting for?

Buying £25 of products that you’d probably buy anyway, and the added bonus is that while you’re active, any further purchases get 20% off!


Get in touch! Now!!!!

Or if we’ve already been chatting and you’re waiting for the ‘go live’ post from me, click HERE now, and don’t forget to make sure that it’s my name in the top right hand corner!

Sam x


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