Pootles 100th Video and a Craft Room Tour

POOTLES Stampin Up Craft Room Tour

So, today I have a special video for you. It is my 100th video, which has shocked me, as I’ve been filming videos less than 6 months. Who knew I had so much to share and talk about?

But I decided that this needed to be a different type of video, and what better than you getting to see where I work and create in, and where I film my videos!

POOTLES Stampin Up Craft Room Tour 2

I’m very particular about organisation, I cannot create at all in a messy space. At the time I filmed this, it was somewhat spur of the moment, but I genuinely work like this. It’s rare for there to be anything on my desks, except when I’m actually working.

And even then, as I say in the video, I clear up between each project; everything goes away. Stamps, inks, paper, card. Everything!

I hope you like the tour around my craft room, yes it is a little long, but you know me, I like to chat…!


Sam x


online shop buttonThis week’s Hostess Code for week ending Sunday October 13th is GN4H79AH and this week’s prize is the BANNER GREETINGS AND SWEETLY FRAMED STAMP SETS! These are both hostess exclusives, and are usually only available if you place an order over £150 or host a party over that amount. I’m giving 2 sets away to the winner of the hostess code 

Sam Donald Stampin’ Up! UK Independent Demonstrator

If you’d like any of the supplies, to shop, or to get a catalogue, please feel free to contact me, and if you’re thinking of joining Stampin’ Up! and my team of Pootlers (that’s them over there in the side bar!) I’d most definitely like to hear from you! I have a YouTube channel (over there on the right!) and you can find me by searching PootlesPapercraft, Pootles Paper Craft or Pootles Papercraft! (I like the variety!)

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