Online Holiday Class, but with whom…?

So, I have been tantalizing you all week with pictures and snippets on my facebook page about an upcoming international collaboration with someone.

Both she and I have been getting people’s guesses all week, interestingly, most were correct, but…. *drum roll* I can now officially announce that in a fully international stretch across the pond, Angie Kennedy Juda of Chic n Scratch and I have been working together for the last month to create 6 holiday projects for an Exclusive Online Holiday Class!

HolidayClass2013Banner (2)

I feel a little like a kiddie in a sweetie shop as I have seen Angie’s projects, (as expected, they’re nothing short of fabulous!), and we are super excited to be able to open up our Online Holiday Class to anyone, anywhere in the world.

I have loved every minute of preparing these projects, coming up with ideas, making something gorgeous that is just for you guys, and of course, working with Angie has been a total pleasure, and an absolute honour. She really is a darling, and a magnificent fountain of knowledge!

However, because you’re all so supportive of me, we have a little 72 hour Pre Order registration slot for you.

Our class, which is 6 projects with videos and downloadable instructions, will normally be £8 ($12.95), but from now until 2pm GMT on Monday 21st, you can Pre Order your class access for £6.25 ($9.95)

So, we both really hope you’ll join us, please do click HERE for the registration page and whoop whoop, Christmas just came that little bit earlier…!

Sam xx


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