Stampin’ Up! UK 25% OFF 25 STAMP SETS

Stampin’ Up! UK 25% OFF 25 STAMP SETS

How very very (VERY!) exciting!

Another incredible promotion from Stampin’ Up! to celebrate their 25th Anniversary! The actual anniversary is October 25th, but for 6 days, these 25 stamp sets, yes TWENTY FIVE of them, have had 25% taken off their price!

This is such a stonking deal (that’s a good thing) and I’m chuffed to bits that I’m part of Stampin’ Up! while such amazing celebrations are going on.

I love deals that are 25% off, cos I can legitimately buy 5 because that 5th one’s essentially pretty much free, well, it roughly is in this case, because the stamp sets are differently priced, but you know, I’m my own best enabler and justifier of essential purchases!

And besides, I love my stamp sets. You’ve seen my craft room tour, you’ve seen my collection, these little babies make my working life, they make my day, they make me happy. I create with abandon, my children create with ease, and those beautiful stamp sets are what have introduced me to you all.

So here you are, 25 stamp sets that have ALL had 25% knocked off their price! I’m listing each one here, each has a clickable link that WILL open into a separate window, but if you open up any number and add them into a basket, each will total into one basket at the end. or you can view all here, including the German and French variants (but I’ve done the hard work and pulled out all the English ones!)

Was NOW!!
A Dozen Thoughts  WOOD Mount £23.95 £17.96
A Dozen Thoughts  CLEAR Mount £18.95 £14.21
A Gift For You (CLEAR ONLY) £4.50 £3.38
Apothecary Art WOOD Mount £30.95 £23.21
Apothecary Art CLEAR Mount £24.95 £18.71
Betsy’s Blossoms WOOD Mount £25.95 £19.46
Betsy’s Blossoms CLEAR Mount £20.95 £15.71
Bright Blossoms WOOD Mount £14.95 £11.21
Bright Blossoms CLEAR Mount £11.95 £8.96
Christmas Star (Clear Only) £8.95 £6.71
Crazy, Mixed-Up Love WOOD Mount £17.95 £13.46
Crazy, Mixed-Up Love CLEAR Mount £13.95 £10.46
Cuddles & Kisses WOOD Mount £22.95 £17.21
Cuddles & Kisses CLEAR Mount £17.95 £13.46
Gently Falling WOOD Mount £35.95 £26.96
Gently Falling CLEAR Mount £28.95 £21.71
Gifts of Kindness WOOD Mount £22.95 £17.21
Gifts of Kindness CLEAR Mount £17.95 £13.46
Gorgeous Grunge WOOD Mount £21.95 £16.46
Gorgeous Grunge CLEAR Mount £17.95 £13.46
Happy Day WOOD Mount £19.95 £14.96
Happy Day CLEAR Mount £15.95 £11.96
Hearts a Flutter WOOD Mount £22.95 £17.21
Hearts a Flutter CLEAR Mount £17.95 £13.46
Hello Lovely  WOOD Mount £29.95 £22.46
Hello Lovely  CLEAR Mount £23.95 £17.96
Itty Bitty Banners WOOD Mount £13.95 £10.46
Itty Bitty Banners CLEAR Mount £10.95 £8.21
Jewish Celebrations WOOD Mount £22.95 £17.21
Jewish Celebrations CLEAR Mount £17.95 £13.46
Label Love WOOD Mount £21.95 £16.46
Label Love CLEAR Mount £17.95 £13.46
Lots of Thanks WOOD Mount £20.95 £15.71
Lots of Thanks CLEAR Mount £16.95 £12.71
Morning Post Alphabet WOOD Mount £41.95 £31.46
Morning Post Alphabet CLEAR Mount £33.95 £25.46
Oh, Hello WOOD Mount £22.95 £17.21
Oh, Hello CLEAR Mount £17.95 £13.46
Ornament Keepsakes WOOD Mount £30.95 £23.21
Ornament Keepsakes CLEAR Mount £24.95 £18.71
Snowflake Soiree WOOD Mount £26.95 £20.21
Snowflake Soiree CLEAR Mount £21.95 £16.46
That’s the Ticket WOOD Mount £20.95 £15.71
That’s the Ticket CLEAR Mount £16.95 £12.71
Yippee Skippee WOOD Mount £16.95 £12.71
Yippee Skippee CLEAR Mount £13.95 £10.46
Zoo Babies WOOD Mount £24.95 £18.71
Zoo Babies CLEAR Mount £19.95 £14.96

Sam xx

online shop buttonThis week’s Hostess Code for week ending Sunday is 6RTY3XWJ and you could win all the hostess £££s that accumulate during the week! One winner will be named at random

Sam Donald Stampin’ Up! UK Independent Demonstrator If you’d like any of the supplies, to shop, or to get a catalogue, please feel free to contact me, and if you’re thinking of joining Stampin’ Up! and my team of Pootlers (that’s them over there in the side bar!) I’d most definitely like to hear from you! I have a YouTube channel (over there on the right!) and you can find me by searching PootlesPapercraft, Pootles Paper Craft or Pootles Papercraft! (I like the variety!)


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