Advent Countdown 25 Ribbon Candle Wraps

Stampin’ Up! UK Advent Countdown 23 Ribbon Candle Wraps

POOTLES Stampin Up UK Advent Countdown 23 Ribbon Candle Wraps

Well, it’s December 20th today. Christmas is mere days away, and if you’re like me, at this stage, you’re ready to throw the towel in at the shops, you’re upto your ears in pastry and mincemeat or diving head first into a vat of mulled wine.

Okay, this isn’t strictly true. I don’t like mince pies….

However, I’m still feeling quite jolly and ready for the festivities to start, but it’s about this time, the week before Christmas that I suddenly come over all ‘quick, the house doesn’t look wintery enough, decorate some more, quick quick’ and it was that floating around in my head, the last minute nature of December’s days slipping by and the need to decorate on a budget that caused the wrap around of a set of Ikea candles.

Simple? Yes!

Inexpensive? Yes!

Make them with stuff around your home? Yes!

Giftable? For sure!

And super quickly, because my Candle Making Downliners would throttle me if I didn’t mention it again, for safety reasons, do NOT ever light a candle with decoration on it.

So here’s the super quick video, made using a trio of candles from Ikea, Burlap Ribbon and Crochet Trim!

Ta Da!

POOTLES Stampin Up UK Advent Countdown 23 Ribbon Candle Wraps 2


Sam xx

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