So Grateful to my new Stampin’ Up! UK team members!

Stampin’ Up! UK So Grateful to my new team members!

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POOTLES Stampin' Up! UK So Grateful to my new team members!


10 days left!

Wow. This fantabulous (it’s a word) promotion has mere days left to go.

I have had an amazing number of ladies join my team during Sale a Bration. 14 of them. And they have joined me for a variety of reasons. Some to enjoy their hobby at a discount. Some to supplement another crafting business. And many of them to start their own businesses.

One of the greatest things about my ‘job’ (and I deliberately put that in inverted commas!) is that I get the absolute pleasure of crafting as often as I like, with the best quality products I’ve come across in my 10 years of creating. I get to do this, I get to share my creations with you all, and as a bi-product of that, I earn an income from those of you who’ve been inspired by my projects to make them aswell and come to me to buy those supplies.

What an awesome position to be in!

Getting to craft and share, while making some money to help my husband support our family.

And in fact, I’ve just booked and paid for a holiday for the 6 of us. And I’m proud to say that I have paid every single penny of that! (looking forward to a week in a lodge with our own hot tub – sheer bliss!).

I have always maintained that I simply Tell not Sell Stampin’ Up! products. I tell you about them, not sell at you. I hate being sold at, and will generally walk away from any kind of sales patter, and as a result, I couldn’t do that myself. I just share pictures of the things I’ve loved making, and share a little bit of myself in my posts while I’m at it!

I think perhaps this is why I have a great team of demonstrators around me who are also like me. They don’t go out to hammer home every single last sale. They just share their beautiful creations and inspire others to make.

Of course, I’m not going to hide the fact that I do make an income from Stampin’ Up. I have always maintained 100% honesty here, and in the not-quite-12-months since I joined Stampin’ Up!, our life has changed, not least because I’m delighted to be able to say that earlier this week, I earned the Stampin’ Up! European Vacation Incentive Trip where Chris and I get to take a 5* all expenses paid trip to Madeira.

Yes, it’s hectic and crazy, but with 4 small sons under 11 years old, it wasn’t ever going to be any different. And actually, it’s slightly less so than it was when I joined. At least I don’t have to scramble to film videos during Oliver’s naps. He is at least at playgroup each morning now!

We have a bit more money in the house now, meaning it’s not quite such a struggle to cover school trip costs anymore. And it’s fabulous to fill the cars up with petrol each month. To the brim!

So I have a happy business, one that is successful and growing very well.

I have 44 amazing ladies in my direct team, and they too are growing their teams. The time I get to spend with them is invaluable. They inspire me every day!

So this is my ‘thank you’ to all of them in my team, and the 14 lovely ladies who’ve joined me in the last 6 weeks.

They have all joined Stampin’ Up! as a business, and it’s amazing to watch them grow, and I look forward to meeting future Pootlers in the coming days, weeks and months. I don’t know who you are yet, but I’m waiting to meet you!


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Don’t forget, Sale a Bration is on until the 31st of March. There is an awesome offer for every £45 spent (get free stuffs!) and an amazing joining offer (spend £99 and choose £150 worth of products of your choice, a great way to kick start a new business doing what I do!)

Sam xx

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I hope you enjoyed this project, please do use the hostess code to support Pootles! (hostess code shown in the top right of my blog for the current one!)

Sam Donald

Stampin’ Up! UK Independent Demonstrator

If you’d like any of the supplies, to shop, or to get a catalogue, please feel free to contact me, and of course you can shop online with Stampin’ Up! UK directly through me by clicking the ‘shop now’ button above. And if you’re thinking of joining Stampin’ Up! and want to join my team of Pootlers (that’s them over there in the side bar!) I’d most definitely like to hear from you! I have a YouTube channel (over there on the right!) and you can find me by searching PootlesPapercraft, Pootles Paper Craft or Pootles Papercraft! (I like the variety!)


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