Stampin’ Up! UK shops error… important, please read

A super quick post, but I wanted to reach as many people as quickly as possible, hence the blog post

The online shops have got an error at the moment and it’s not accepting some people’s sign in details or its booting you out.

Some of you are managing to get through, but a large number have been having problems for a couple of days, so if you’ve tried this and been kicked out, please do phone before frustration kicks in…

I am able to manually input orders though,  and have been doing so today, so please feel free to email me or phone me 01745 585786.

And I’m very sorry. It’s a problem across the whole of the UK, but the support team are aware of it.

Sam x

Ps, photo is just to say I’m grateful for your patience and I couldn’t write a blog without sharing a pretty picture….



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