Stampin’ Up! European Convention First Part Round Up!

Stampin’ Up! European Convention First Part Round Up!


Top in Sales


So I returned from the European Convention last night, but instead of coming home and resting after a hectic 4 days, my husband had already gone on night duty, my parents were part way through bathing the 2 littlies and although they’d kept on top of all the washing, I still had to immediately step straight into parental mode!

I was too tired to unpack my suitcase, and as at this point in time, given that Chris came home from work this morning, went straight to bed in the room where my suitcase was, and then the painter and decorator arrived to paint the interior of our house, it still remains packed as yet….

So I haven’t actually got any of my swaps out yet to film or photograph, nor have I yet uploaded the photos from my phone to my PC to share, but I have been tagged in oodles of pictures and I am sharing those for you!

I am thrilled to share that I received recognition for reaching a New Demonstrator achievement of Rising Star 3 times over! It’s something you can achieve as many times as you can, but only in your first part OR full year, and I managed to get there 3 times!

I was also stunned, delighted, shocked (any number of words!) to find out that I was the Number 1 demonstrator in Personal Sales and also Number 1 demonstrator in Recruiting (this is more specifically helping my recruits reach their first promotion!).

I knew I’d done well with both those things, but had no idea I was going to come in at the number one spot!!

The incentive trip is always something amazing to aim for, and I earned that earlier this year, but the Awards Ceremony night was the moment to take a walk across the stage!

Finally, I ended up with first level recognition for Leadership (helping my team to reach their 2nd and higher promotions) which I’m thrilled with because they all work so hard, and in reality are even newer to Stampin’ Up! than I am, so massive kudos to them!

As you all know, my goal isn’t to ‘sell’ or entice people to buy or join.  I simply adore all that I do and love to share it and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

To have achieved these things are way beyond anything I expected or chased or sought out.  So just the biggest thank you. That is all….!

Sam xx

(ps, photos are in random order as I pinched them off facebook!!!)


accepting gift from Axel

I was pleased to see ‘help’ to get up on the stage…!

all of us rising stars

The full compliment of Rising Stars for this year!

arriving home very tired

Arriving back at Manchester airport, somewhat tired!

awards night after party

my downline and friend Sam Johnson who is absolutely bonkers, but a great room mate!

big heels!

I wore biiiiiig heels. I’m rather short at just 5ft 4 and scarily, even with those whoppers on, I’m still shorter than Shelli!

big hug from shelli

Getting a hug from Shelli! She was genuinely thrilled for us all!

crazy selfies

I’m part of a team that has a Dutch contingent and we met up over Waffles!

first place name!

I can’t remember where I got this photo from, but having not really ‘seen’ my name, only heard it in a bit of a haze, this is a great photo. x

huge waffles

huge waffles!!!!

incentive trip achievers

with 2 of my Pinkie sisters and our upline, we all earned the incentive trip!

meeting marie

I got the pleasure of meeting the lovely Marie who had no objection to me saying hello to her baby on board!

number 1 in recruiting

Such a lovely genuine lady. x

incentive trip pinkies

the title says it all!


recognition pins! I keep a special SU lanyard on my computer monitor and they’ll be taking pride of place. And the silver star necklace is for reaching Rising Star! It’s very heavy and very beautiful!

recruiting 2

Having a giggle with the other top recruiting demos!

recruiting line up

Shelli, Me, Michelle, Amanda, Natalie, Julie – Recruiting achievers!


I have no idea what happened then!

rising star name

huge thank you to Linda Kasparian who took a string of photos when my name was called for Rising Star!

rising star presentation

I think I was still a little overwhelmed!

rising star

So many of us! These are all European demos with me!

silver 2 evening

This was a special evening event for all demos of Silver 2 and above title (I think that is Senior Associate overseas) and this is a gorgeous shot of the room and with my Pinkie sisters Caroline and Jenny

silver 2 reception room

Feathers were a definite theme!

silver 2 reception

Most of the Pinkies who were at the Silver 2 reception

silver 2 with caro

Caro is a very dear Dutch friend of mine and we’re honorary members of each other’s teams!

sunny selfie

It was so hot! Miranda (at the front!) and Margriet (dark hair) were both huge achievers at the awards ceremony and we enjoyed some time in the sun with Axel and Natalie from the Home Office

Top in Sales

I was the only achiever in this particular category for sales and it was really nerve wracking taking a walk across the stage on my own! But I love the photo, so massive thank you to Anel for capturing the moment!

with maxie

The lovely Maxie! It was a pleasure to meet up with her for a chat!

with Steffi

There was mutual love and admiration between me and Steffi. Neither of us speaks each other’s language, but with a lot of hand gestures and nods, we managed to explain to one another how much we loved one another’s blogs and projects!


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