Oliver’s Epic Alphabet Card. Aged 3…

Oliver’s Epic Alphabet Card. Aged 3…

oliver making his card 3

So some of you who are in the Pootles Craft Forum will know that my youngest son Oliver has been off school all week. He started with a spiking temperature and ended up with a little rash and although he’s better now, I decided to err on the side of caution and keep him off all week.

However, I had to keep working when I could and during the moments when the Disney Channel caught his attention I got bits done, but like most 3 year olds the world over, he was curious as to what I was doing.

It was right after I’d taken shared some photos on my business page of a gift my friend had given me that used the Epic Alphabet Stamp Set.

Well he decided he wanted to make-letters-too-please-thank-very-much-Mummy-you’re-lovely-you-know….

Who could resist that!

He chose his 6 colours (I did guide him away from all orange and pink…) and got stamping.  Well we must have had about 6 of each one! He had a lot of fun, and eventually he understood not to squish the stamp plus block plus fingers into the ink pad…

oliver making his card 4 oliver making his card 5

I did punch the letters and backing cardstock out, but he stuck them together and I helped him on the placement (he was determined his V ought to be the other way up), but the rest is all him!

oliver making his card oliver making his card 2

He was remarkably restrained with the rhinestones, and given that I had passed him an entire packet, I think this was extraordinary!

So I hope you like all the photos, he did have a good and inky time!

Have a good day, Friday is our Movie Night!

Sam (and Oliver!)


Oliver's Epic Alphabet Card. Aged 3...


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