Pootles’ Awesome Stampin’ Up! UK Giveaway!!!

Pootles’ Awesome Stampin’ Up! UK Giveaway!!!

Pootles' Awesome Giveaway!!!


Well this is possibly the most unexpected video I’ve made in a long while.

There story of how it came about is all there in the video (along with what ended up being loads of captions….!), but I love it when my head goes off on a tangent and ends up with something pretty fab!

So do watch the video, but the details of the Giftaway are here – It’s got TWO options!


Option 1

Orders placed from now until midnight November 30th will all go into a draw.  You can place as many orders as you like, each one will get an entry

New members of my team will also go into a draw. (details of joining offer HERE!)

9 names will be drawn at random and will receive one of the (rather prettily!) wrapped parcels in the picture above.

Countries this is open to are – UK, France, Holland, Germany, Austria

*note, every person who places their order with me gets a handmade gift and card from me, this will not change during this promotion*

*note, all people who join my team get a welcome pack too. Again, this will not change during the promotion*


Option 2

One parcel has been set aside for the amazing people who support, follow, chat, comment, love etc from outside those 5 countries.  All you need to do is leave a comment INCLUDING your country. You can leave it here or on my Video. Up to you!

Again, one name will be drawn at random and will receive the 10th parcel.

All countries are open to this

*Final Note. This giftaway is supplied by me and will be sent from my home address*



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