Overseas Ordering, Stampin’ Rewards Explained, Last Shipping Date

Overseas Ordering, Stampin’ Rewards Explained, Last Shipping Date

Oh I have so much to tell you!  I’ve been away for 8 days out of the last 16 and I’ve been playing catch up for the last 2 weeks, but I’m home now, and not going away again until the end of January. I didn’t realise how tired I’d got until I stopped this morning and just sank into a bit of a comfy heap on the sofa, with coffee in hand. Ah, bliss! But I’m sat in my office right here and now, at 8.30pm and I’m about to hit my craft desk for the first time in what feels like years (it’s really only been a week or so!) and I’m going to play. Yes, just play. Stamps, paper, ink, anything! I don’t know what I’m making, what will be the end result, but head to my facebook page and group as I will be sharing there throughout the evening (ooo, I feel funny writing a ‘live’ blog post!)

But back to the news, there’s lots to tell so I shall break it down into 3 parts!


Stampin' Up! European Online Shopping Hearts



Firstly, I’m excited to share that we now have online ordering for those of you in Germany, Holland, Austria and France aswell as here in the UK.

This means that you can shop through my online website, in Euros, without having to get in touch with me first and have me manually place your order (which is what previously happened!)

This is across all 5 of the European markets, but each demonstrator has to opt IN to have this facility available. I opted IN….!!!

The link to use remains the same, nothing has changed, just the speed and ease for you placing your orders! Still shipped direct to your door, still the same rate for shipping, just the efficiency of the order-placing process!


This now leads me into part 2, the Stampin’ Rewards programme.

The simplest way is to show you the visual first, then explain it.

Stampin' Up! rewards explained

If your order is over £150/200€ then you will get a bonus £25/30€ to spend on anything you like, including the exclusive sets as shown here.

There are various increments as shown in the photo, but also, when your order reaches £300/425€ you will not only get £50/70€ to spend, but you’ll be able to purchase any item at half price. And then again, it too goes up!

I love this, and clever shoppers make full use of all of these!


And then finally, I want to share that Monday is the last day for guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas, so if you’re shopping for someone else, or you’ve passed your wishlist onto someone, make sure the orders are in ASAP!

Sam xx

I hope you enjoyed this project, please do use the hostess code to support Pootles! (hostess code shown in the top right of my blog for the current one!) If your order is over £150, please do not use this code as You become the hostess and get the Rewards!



Sam Donald

Stampin’ Up! UK Independent Demonstrator

To shop online, please click the link above or below! To join Stampin’ Up! and my team of Pootlers, please either click the links in the menu bar at the top, or send me a message!

YouTube account is set at PootlesPapercraft but you can find me most places as Pootles!


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