Pootles 2014 a Look Back – 12 Deals of Christmas

Pootles 2014 a Look Back – 12 Deals of Christmas

POOTLES Stampin Up UK Ultimate Party Week. The Cone. Boys Party

Yay, it’s back! The 12 Deals of Christmas from last year was so popular that I couldn’t not bring it back to you again this year….!

Details are down at the bottom…!

POOTLES Stampin Up UK Ultimate Party Week. Bunting. Girl's Party

I kind of don’t really know where to start with this look back… last year, I only had to think about 9 months of ‘life’ as a Stampin’ Up! Demo, but this year, well, I have a whole 12 months to share!

I think my main highlights are the themed series that I had at the start of the year – Spring Watch and Ultimate Party Week.  I’m definitely going to be bringing Spring Watch back again, but because the Ultimate Party Week was to also celebrate turning 40, I’m not sure that 41 has quite the same ring to it.  I’m also not sure I’ll get Tiffany Jewellery from my husband for a 2nd year….

What else has happened?

Well I stood up in front of 350+ fellow SU demos and spoke for 20 minutes at an SU event in May. For those who know me in ‘real life’, well, shy would be a good word for me. Not keen on being in the spotlight is also very much me. Totally ironic given how ‘public’ my blog is… But that’s also been a learning curve for me too. My blog and videos are bringing me out of myself!

At the same event in May that I presented at, I was thrilled to find myself winning the Top Newcomer awards for both sales and recruiting. I was stunned and delighted, and all but ran on then back off the stage…

That was a recurring theme really because at our annual European Convention, I found myself the Number one UK demonstrator in the same categories, although this time, not as a newcomer, but as a fully fledged demo!  Our European Director had been the person helping us ladies onto the stage, and the UK Business Manager had been there as we stepped off. When the announcements came for those demos who’d achieved a Rising Star status, and they called my name for achieving it 3 times, I practically sprinted across the stage, to the amusement of Paula, our UK manager, who just whispered ‘breathe’ into my ear as I stepped off the stage and the subsequent times I was called up, Axel, the European manager kept telling me to slow down and enjoy it…

I also took time out this year to fly out to the USA to join South Hill Designs at their annual conference. I’d joined SHD only a couple of months before, but the opportunity presented itself, and when I found that it was perfectly timed for me to fly over to Utah for the Stampin’ Up! North America Convention, there was no way that I was missing out on that!

I had the greatest time with the SU ladies and gents that I met. I was a little star struck by a few faces that I recognised, but it was lovely to meet them in real life. These are people that I watch, that I see and who’s reality are what I dream of achieving!

I got arm ache from taking selfies, although I have to say, I still haven’t mastered that one yet…. But I have a camera bursting with pictures, all fond memories and ones I will treasure.

And to cap it off?  Earlier this month, I checked on my Stampin’ Up! back office reports and was thrilled to see that there are now over 100 active demonstrators in my direct team.  These ladies, that’s you who’s reading this too, you know who you are, and the gentleman in my team are incredible. I’m watching their journeys unfold in many and different ways. That they all joined SU, and me, for different reasons is what makes their bond and friendship so tight. None of them compete with one another, they just cheer each other on and champion their blogs, projects and videos.  And when someone new joins me, it’s a little like waiting for a butterfly to emerge, you know it’s going to be spectacular, you just don’t know what their pattern will be!

So have a look at today’s Deal – it could only be Gorgeous Grunge really…. then look towards the bottom for my highlights of this year!

S xx

gorgeous grunge

12 Deals of Christmas.

So, what’s this all about? Well, I don’t do sales, and I don’t do discounts. In my professional opinion, Stampin’ Up! offers the best quality products at the best prices around (and with over 10 years crafting experiences, trust me, I’ve tried ‘em all!). So you won’t ever see me offering to reduce the prices of products, or sharing my discount. But what I want to do, as a one off, just for Christmas, is offer 12 extra goodies that go into the regular Thank You Gift Pack that I send out to all my customers.

Each ‘deal’ will only be available for the stated day, and will vary in price, product and value.

I get an immediate email notification of all orders that come in, so you don’t need to worry about getting in touch, or emailing to say you want to take advantage of the deal, I’ll send it out automatically.

Today’s Deal is –

All orders over £150 will receive a Gorgeous Grunge Stamp from me, inside their regular Thank You Gift Pack. It will come direct from me, as this is an offer direct from me. It will not come with the order you place.

Fine Print. This is not a catch, there is no single winner, this is not a competition. Please do not add it to your order, (unless of course you want duplicates!) as I will be sending this separately.

All Thank You Gift Packs will be posted after the 12 Deals of Christmas have finished.


January, the Tic Tac gifts!

January, the Tic Tac gifts!


February the Triangular Treat Box

February the Triangular Treat Box

March - Tea Bag Holder

March – Tea Bag Holder

April - Marker Storage

April – Marker Storage

May - Twisted Linen Thread Cards

May – Twisted Linen Thread Cards

June - Envelope Punch Board Petal Pot

June – Envelope Punch Board Petal Pot

July - No Stick Box Tutorial

July – No Stick Box Tutorial

August - An Element Of Hopeful Thoughts

August – An Element Of Hopeful Thoughts

September - Scribbling Blendabilities, who knew this would be so popular...

September – Scribbling Blendabilities, who knew this would be so popular…

October - Convention Pins

October – Convention Pins

October - Convention!

October – Convention!


November - The I Love Lace Box

November – The I Love Lace Box

December - Nordic Noel Reinforced Box Top

December – Nordic Noel Reinforced Box Top

Sam xx

I hope you enjoyed this project, please do use the hostess code to support Pootles! (hostess code shown in the top right of my blog for the current one!) If your order is over £150, please do not use this code as You become the hostess and get the Rewards!



Sam Donald

Stampin’ Up! UK Independent Demonstrator

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