Early morning warning……

Just a quick early morning warning for you…..

Normally I’d have a blog post go live at this hour of the morning, but, one of my incredible downline, Han Wilks, has set up a Pootlers (our team name!) Blog Hop!

Pootlers Blog Hop

It has been entirely her idea, she’s created all the banners, headers, the format, running order and completely taken charge.

I’m quite literally a participant in this one, not an instigator or leader or anything like that!

And because Han is very much in charge, she has set the time for all our blogs to go live at 10.30am GMT, so you’ll have to pop back in a few hours time!

In the meantime though, go and check out her blog. She does regular blog posts and video tutorials, and has a fast growing team of her own too!

See you in a few hours!

Sam x

edited to add, this is a One Off for today only, normal service resumes tomorrow at the usual time!




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