Stampin’ Up! Weekly Deals are amazing this week!!!

Stampin’ Up! Weekly Deals are amazing this week!!!

3 blog posts in one day! Wow, wow wow!

I’ve just seen the weekly deals and while they’re always brilliant, I nearly fell off my office chair when I counted up 14 of them!!!

Normally it’s between 5 and 7 products that get a discount, but this is double that!

We have punches, ribbon, my most-favourite-of-all-time DSP, and dun dun dah (that’s a trumpet sound…!) the Magnetic Platform has been slashed in price. Slashed I tell ya!

Anyway, this is just a flying visit as I really ought to be packing to go away for a week (don’t panic, all blog posts are filmed, photographed, written and scheduled!)

So, as you were, carry on crafting

S xx




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  1. Hi Sam, I know these deals are great – I placed my order at 7am, but I forgot a few things so just off to place another one! 🙂 I have just received my Thank You Gift – ooh it’s lovely, the card is gorgeous (even better ‘in real life’) and the Gift Bag and the Kit are a bonus. Thank You Sam – you are amazing!!! x

  2. Gill Lee says:

    Hi Sam – just got home from a shopping trip to Shrewsbury and postie has left me my March thank you gifts. They are lovely, you have been very busy so thank YOU for all your hard work, I’m sure everyone who received a package this month will have been as delighted as I am.

  3. Vicky Leathwood says:

    Hi Sam, received my March thank you gift today which was a lovely surprise I will be putting it to good use! The card is gorgeous and I love the gift bag, thank you so much Sam! xx

  4. Fay Marie Gardner says:

    You are awesome…always thinking of us! I hope you have a safe, successful trip. Enjoy!

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