Stampin’ Up! Cotton Paper – Strange Stuff…

Stampin’ Up! Cotton Paper – Strange Stuff…


Stampin' Up! Cotton Paper - Strange Stuff...


Well good morning!

It’s a fine Friday here, and today, well, normally a ‘tutorial’ day on the video channel, it’s not so much a tutorial as it is a chatter about the new Cotton Paper.

This is possibly the most bizarre stuff I’ve ever worked with, and not at all what I was expecting!

When it was available to us demos as a pre order product, I bought it immediately. I was kind of thinking it was going to be a fibrous sort of paper. Perhaps a little like mulberry paper?

Well no. It’s nothing like that at all….

The video will explain to you in the spoken word than I could ever do in written format, so I hope you do take a moment to watch it.


Stampin' Up! Cotton Paper - Strange Stuff... Wrapped Tea Lights


And of course, see me wrap my Daddy’s father’s day present in it (yes, I know Father’s Day has passed, but I filmed this a while back!)

And don’t write off the paper because it sounds weird… it’s not. It just takes a bit of getting used to!

S xx


S xx

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Sam Donald

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  1. Good morning ! You’re right, you cant explain this paper written. Its a wonderful wrapping paper. The green one can be used as grass in a card or the flowers you had made a year ago with the frige scissors !!! These are my ideas so far ! I hope more come up LoL Thanks for sharing them with us ! mwah

  2. Karen S says:

    Thanks for sharing that – it sounds very ‘crinkly’, I am not very good with papers that crease and crinkle easily, as I tend to ruin them, just removing them from the packaging!?! I will take a look though, and see what people are doing with this paper. Hmm, interesting! x

  3. You are so right, Sam! When I ordered this paper I also thought it would have some type of fibers in it. Not so…. and I was quite confused when I opened the package. It does cut like butter in the SU paper trimmer and I have made 1 flower with it. It curls well with a bone folder, to make your petals, but you have to be careful, and go slowly, because I did rip a petal right off. But Tombo Green glue to the rescue, I just added some and tucked it in the flower and no one can tell. The jury is still out; I like the bright colors, just not sure what else to do with it other than wrap gifts and make flowers…. maybe grass with the fringe scissors like Joanne mentioned.

  4. tonilea says:

    My local SU rep shared some of this paper with us yesterday. We made flowers. She used a die to cut the paper for us. We used 8 layers of the die cuts and attached them in the center with a criss cross of staples. They turned out pretty. I think I would probably use a brad in the center next time though.

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