Pootles’ Stampin’ Up! Hostess Code Club

Pootles’ Stampin’ Up! Hostess Code Club

Pootles Hostess Code Club

I’m pleased to announce the unveiling of the Pootles’ Hostess Code Club.  In June and July I trialled this with the ladies and gents who regularly use my hostess code when they’re placing their orders and it seems that the code club is a resounding success, with 33 stamp sets being sent out in June and 44 being sent out in July!

But how does it work….

Well I always send out a hand made thank you card and hand made thank you gift each month, whether you’re a code user or not, but, this is a Bonus extra!

If your order is UNDER £150, you simply use the code in the top right hand of this page at the end of your check out page.

Pootles Hostess Code Club

Your order is processed as normal, with it being delivered to your house as usual, so nothing changes there.

But, at the end of the month, I close off the code and work out how many people have placed orders and divide the total Stampin’ Rewards between them all, making sure that everyone has exactly the same products.

However, the more people who join the code, the higher the rewards go because everyone is pulling together towards a common goal!

It’s super simple, and if you’re canny with the maths, you can work out how well our ‘team’ is doing to get 40+ stamp sets out in the mail!

Oh, and I cover that cost for you. There are no additional postage fees, just sit back and enjoy the goodies that come to you!

S xx

PS, please make sure that you haven’t clicked ‘no contact‘ because by law, I won’t be able to send you the parcel of goodies…..


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  1. Sorry we are unable to receive goods from you in aystralia

  2. Dee Copus-Read says:

    The Pootles Hostess Club is fantastic. I received free stamp sets in June and July and the ones Sam picked out were fab, Sam has great taste when choosing the free gift.

    Thank you so much Sam for doing this, a brilliant idea. Dee x

  3. Belinda Litsch says:

    I received my hostess reward today (for the month of September) the Faboolous …. what a pleasant surprise! a surprise indeed….. cheers Sam, I’m having a wine right now and watching pootles videos!!!

  4. Juanita Zavala says:

    I love your idea – do you ship to United States?

  5. Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas that you share. I am a demonstrator in the US and am wondering if you would mind if I used your idea for this Hostess Code Club. I think it’s a great way to say “thank you” to my customers.

  6. sherry schroedel says:

    Sam I just love all your great Ideas i make almost every one of your great crafts. I look every day on pintrest for new great things you make and i make them. I also love your accent.

  7. Janice Borrell says:

    I live in the US,can I order from you?

  8. penny goument says:

    I do love your posts and follow you every day however living in South Africa I don’t think we can purchase Stampin’ Up stamps unless the policy has changed.
    Do you perhaps know. Regards Penny

  9. I don’t see the code

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