Diary Planner Insert Window Tutorial using Project Life

Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Pootles – Diary Planner Insert Window Tutorial using Project Life

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Pootles - Diary Planner Insert Window Tutorial using Project Life Open

So today on this fine Monday morning, when my diary says ‘Pack for holiday’, I’m sharing a planner video.

It’s not my usual sort of crafting project, but following on from me posting a phone video in my facebook craft group of my diary and how I work in it, it has spawned this video!

I know that decorating planners is a big thing right now, but in reality, my diary is too full to overly decorate, however, in the quest to have extra ‘notes’ space, I came up with what I think is a pretty cool idea!

And of course, being a Stampin’ Up! purist, I have great fun utilising my Project Life by Stampin’ Up! stuff in this!

Diary Pages

Diary Pages

Window Insert open to Left

Window Insert open to right

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Pootles - Diary Planner Insert Window Tutorial using Project Life 2

Window Insert folded to right, but closed in!


Window Insert folded to Left but closed in

Window Insert folded to Left but closed in

Window Sheets are a must, as is a selection of Project Life cards and accessory packs.

The video explains the fundamentals of how to create, so I won’t go into sizing specifics as I know we all have differing size planners and diaries, but I hope you find the video useful.

And of course, as promised, the A4 page that you cut in half to create a diary for A5 planners is here Diary You will need a printer that does double sided printing for this.


S xx

I hope you enjoyed this project, please do use the hostess code to get free product! (hostess code shown in the top right of my blog for the current one!) Learn more HERE. If your order is over £150, please do not use this code as You become the hostess and get the Rewards!



Sam Donald

Stampin’ Up! UK Independent Demonstrator

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  1. Maxine Payne says:

    Sam, is it just me? Can’t get the link for the diary inserts to work?

  2. Love this idea. Enjoy your holiday.

  3. Sand Kamelgarn says:

    Hi, love ur work. Check u out everyday. U might I have a Sam on my back. LOL
    Would it be too much of a bother for a left and right blank of ur diary, no months or day numbers. It’s a fabulous format to track that all too illusive “time” and make the most of it.
    Thanks bunches,
    Sand K.

  4. Ahh!! so that’s your secret weapon, eh? Sam, WOW!! Amazing, fabulous, super organized, beautiful and functional, I think I will spruce up my little planner like yours, with 5 grandkids doing all kinds of activities all year round and ME being the one taking them to their sports and music practices, I have to write everything down so I don’t forget who needs to be taken to swim practice or be picked up from Orchestra practice, I write down dates and times and places, I’m a very busy grandma, I tell you what!! but I love it.
    Thank you for this fantastic video, I’m going to start working on beautifying my daily planner today!!!!!

  5. Patricia Lapish says:

    I love the layout of your diary along with the ideas to make it more personal!
    I would like to make it for a full year, at this time going into 2016. Would you be able to give a tip on how to do that? Thanks!

  6. Gayla Hunt says:

    Good ideas! I don’t keep track of calendar events on the phone like others might. I still track appointments with a paper and pen. Overlays are a good idea especially for not only notes but telephone numbers in case you need to move appointments around.

    I have a new box idea for you. I saw this pop up gift card box in the recent Current catalog. With the holidays fast approaching, this box is a wonderful idea. Here is the link:

  7. Sam!
    Thank you so much for the planer pdf.
    Hope you will share 2016 with us, too!
    Your an inspiration not only in creaivity but in getting everything in line with a bunch of kids, a hubby and every days utter chaos.

  8. Hi Sam
    If I print out the diary (double sided) the second side print automatically ypside down, so I cannot use that as is.
    Do I do something wrong?
    Thanks, love the diary by the way

  9. Kelly Anderson says:

    Love your dairy idea the only thing is that you are missing the rest of January through june I would love to have the rest of these if you could make this happen I would be one happy person. You have the best project and you make it so easy to follow you directions

  10. Christine Geary says:

    Hi Sam!
    I was wondering what brand of planner you are using. I love this idea and have searched and searched for one similar to the one you are using but with no luck. I particularly like the elastic banding around the center to keep it closed. Thanks for sharing everything you do! You are so talented and I am so grateful that you do share.

  11. Hi Sam!
    For some reason the numbers of your calendar are not in order.
    I have successfully been able to print back to back, with perfect front and back matching and the correct amount of room for hole punches to be made.
    But the dates are out of order on some of the pages.
    Are you able to check this out and update them?
    I, too, would also love to have all of January, not just start from mid Jan.
    Is this possible?
    Thank you all the way from Melbourne, Australia for your continued inspiration and enjoyable videos.

    • Hi Ramona. I printed one off and added it to my planner before I shared it and I’ve just been back and double checked it. It’s absolutely fine for me…. are you printing top to bottom or left to right? S xx

      • Sam – thanks so much for your prompt reply.
        I have discovered that I was looking at the pages incorrectly and thus thinking the dates were out of whack!
        I have noticed that different printers were causing upside down back to back printing. I am pleased to say I found a printer that printed our your diary pages exactly as they should be. I am excitedly putting my 2016 diary together now. Is there any change we could have earlier dates – as far back as December 2015? I really want to get organised now for next year – and this will mean I need to do some December planning for Jan 2016. Thanks for sharing such a brilliant resource with us all! Bless you – Ramona xx

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