The Stampin’ Up! UK & Europe Clearance Rack has been Updated!

The Stampin’ Up! UK & Europe Clearance Rack has been Updated!

clearance rack

Oh this is just so exciting!  I first heard about this yesterday and I love it when super surprises are dropped onto us like this!

Totally unexpected and out of the blue, and for me, it’s a delight to see goodies there that were from before my time! Granted, as I’ve only been a demo for not even 2 and a half years, this isn’t a long time, but still, it’s exciting for me to see things that are pre-Pootles!

That Sweater Trim is so gorgeous! And the Artisan Embellishment kit was in the Spring Catalogue when I first joined. I think I will always have the fondest memories of that one.

Anyway, dive on in.  You know this stuff doesn’t hang around long, particularly when it’s a coveted item! *Remembers the 4 hour sell out last December*

Have a great Wednesday everyone, I’m on my PC today hunting down conference facilities in Manchester… Wish me luck, they’re all on the extreme expensive side right now (but at least I know I have great taste!)

Link is HERE!

Sam xx


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  1. I live in the U.S. you have some better items on the clearance rack. Do you ship to the U.S? or will shipping be too expensive?

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