Pootles Advent Countdown #1 Advent Calendar Tutorial

Pootles Advent Countdown #1 Advent Calendar Tutorial – Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator

Pootles Advent Countdown #1 Advent Calendar Tutorial Outside


Oh I am so excited!

I have been waiting for this series for Months!!!! Yes, I started planning this back in May, and of course, I had no idea what the wonderful Stampin’ Up! crew were going to be bringing us in terms of products and colours, but I had a fairly good idea of how I was going to run the whole series and what projects I wanted to do.

I knew I wanted to start with an Advent Calendar, but it was only in July that I ended up designing it. I was trying to make a kite shape and this is what happened.

Pootles Advent Countdown #1 Advent Calendar Tutorial Inside Pootles Advent Countdown #1 Advent Calendar Tutorial Pockets


Anyway, once I had the design completed, I was thrilled and had a lot of fun using loads of gold, black and white goodies from my stash to decorate it.

One of the key elements to any advent calendar is the numbering, and for those who’ve watched last year’s tutorial or even the previous one, stamping out the numbers is quite time consuming and yes, there are a lot of number 1s required.

Pootles Advent Countdown #1 Advent Calendar Tutorial Cheer

But this year, I went for a different style of numeral…. I whipped the numbers out of the Hello December Project Life Accessory Pack and they then led on to me using other elements from it – the gold glitter wording, gold stars (I punched those, you’ll see on the video!).

Staying with Gold, I kept that as a focal point and used the Gold Cording Trim, Reindeer Paper Clips (oh they’re adorable!), Gold Glitter Ribbon, Black Stitched Satin Ribbon and Gold 1/8″ Ribbon. And of course, the star of the show is the glorious Winter Wonderland DSP. I LOVE IT!!!!

Pootles Advent Countdown #1 Advent Calendar Tutorial Folded Flat

And before you wonder at what this particular photos is all about, you can take all the pockets off your string or cording, or whatever you use to hang it up, and then guess what…. THEY FOLD FLAT FOR STORAGE!!!!

I am not kidding!!!!!!

Oh happy days!!!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed making this whole calendar up, even though it was most peculiar taking out into the sunshine of an August afternoon to get some photos….

Hope you like the video, and that you stick around for the whole Series!


S xx

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Sam Donald

Stampin’ Up! UK Independent Demonstrator

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  1. Shirley Wogomon Myers says:

    Love it, Sam. What size is the frame you used here, please?

  2. rosemarie c says:

    Absolutely love this idea!! Will be adding to my next order. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and fun ideas with those of us less talented. Live in a small house love that it can be folded flat for storage.

  3. This is really unusual but lovely as always and great that it folds flat

  4. I really love this project so much. It would be fantastic for my son in his tiny University room…
    Sorry I am asking another question, but I would love to see how you fixed the ribbon at the back? Is that possible? Pleeeeaaase <3
    Greetings from Scotland

    • Well, I opened the frame and took the glass and backboard out. Stuck the cord Over the glass and taped it to the back of the board then just put it all back together x

  5. Advent Countdown!!!!

  6. Cute shaped boxes Sam, looking forward to more advent projects!! tfs!!

  7. Marthea W Aust says:

    Love, Love, Love it.
    So simple and easy to make and decorate. Really classy.
    Thank for sharing your genius ideas with the rest of us mere mortals.

  8. Absolutely love this idea and will be making a few of these.
    Thanks for sharing and look forward to the rest of the series.

  9. super cute idea! I think I’ll make some these for my Mom’s 83rd birthday party.

  10. Sandra Ronald says:

    Oh Sam, what an ingenious idea. I love, love, love it. Can’t wait to see the other 23 ideas.

  11. Sam, I LOVE THIS !!!!! Your advent calendars are always so unique and this one is a mind blower. It is amazing.

  12. IT’S AWESOME SAM! A totally modern twist (should that be ‘fold flat’) to an Advent Calender – very grown up and sophisticated. Perfect for a daily festive gift of jewelley, individual chocolates, small smellies/cosmetics. Love it – lots!

  13. WOW how do you design such wonderful projects. I can’t wait to order my bits and pieces to make this. Looking forward to the rest of the series TF.

  14. Christine Miner says:

    I love this. Right away I had to get busy-after folding the first dozen or so-having such a time lining up the bottom point I got what I thought was a great idea. Take bone folder and you know how you’d curl up edges breaking down the fibers-do that and it gets into place MUCH easier.

  15. Absolutely adorable. I haven’t done an advent calendar for years. I think I might make two of these for my grandbabies. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!!

  16. Mary Alice Bellis says:

    What a clever project! And, it stores so nicely that you can keep it from year to year, or until we see what clever project you make next year. I cannot wait to make some of these for my grandkids.

  17. I just finished mine, today! I made them 3×3 only because I didn’t have enough paper to do them 4×4 and I didn’t want to have to wait till I got more.
    I love your ideas and find I am always making something that you show. I made those cool Tart candle holders last Fall.
    Thanks for sharing!!

    • Char, will you email me some photos? xx

      • I would be happy to, as soon as I get them up on the string!! I made these for my hubby because I have things for the Granddaughters but he always gets left out 😉 I’ll try to get them up and photographed this week. Thanks SO MUCH for all of your ideas!!!!

      • Sam, I just sent you photos of the one I made for my husband. It took me a little longer than I had anticipated.
        Just so you know, it’s not nearly as cool as yours….but I had a BLAST making it!!! I hope more people give it a try and show you their results. You are an inspiration!!!!

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