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Good morning everyone!


I am writing today with an update on shipping and our warehouse move.

About 10-12 days ago, our European warehouse in Germany moved its location. As a result, there were no shipments for 4 days while the move happened.

That firstly meant that orders which normally ship pretty much immediately, were delayed. However, orders continued to come into the warehouse and essentially, a pile up happened.

Over the last few days, while I’ve been away from my desk (typical!), I’ve had a number of calls to and from head office trying to clarify the situation. A situation made worse because while the move happened, a glitch hit the update system so unfortunately, even though orders were making their way out, the back office that you can see was still marking orders as ‘picking’ instead of ‘shipped’.

What I can say as of Monday, 2 days ago, all orders upto and including 23rd had been processed and shipped and that many of you have now received your orders.

I’m awaiting an update today, but will add here as and when I can find out.

I’m still away from my desk, but if it’s any consolation, I have 3 orders caught up in this aswell, including this month’s Product Shares, envelopes for all your thank you cards, and some decorations for your thank you gifts.

I feel your pain.

So I’m ever so sorry that your orders are delayed by a few days, as a guide, if the money has left your account, SU only take the money once the parcel has been packed and is ready to be shipped. So that may be a guide also.

However, what I can see is that most of the orders are now being marked as Shipped, including some from 25th and 26th, and as I type this, my email has just pinged with 2 shipping notifications for my parcels!

Again, I apologise again for the delay, I’ve explained to our support team that I’m doing continual damage limitation to try and sort this situation, but please know, this is not normal SU activity!

Sam x


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  1. Hi Sam,
    Thanks for the update.
    Just to let you know my email pinged! at me this morning to say my order is on its way. One now happy customer.

  2. Hi Sam

    Agree with Elinor, big thanks for the update, nothing more annoying that not knowing what is going on let alone waiting for an order! All good and happy in the knowledge that things are getting back to normal.

    Thank you again for your continued customer service! xx

    • Clare, I’m so sorry. It’s been so frustrating, but I like to think that SU will make sure that they communicate it all a little better in future xx

  3. Val Peacock says:

    Hi Sam thanks for update. I have another problem my Watercolour Wings stamp set does not stamp clearly. I met one of your stamping sisters and she advised that I contact you.

  4. Chrstine Bettany says:

    Thanks for your update Sam, just hoping I will receive a text from UPS to say it will be here soon. Christine x

  5. Sandra Ronald says:

    Hi Sam and all the other ladies, this morning at 9.30 a.m there was a knock at my door. You will never believe it, I opened the door and it was a lovely UPS man with my very long awaited parcel. I said to him “oh, I’m so glad to see you”. He looked at me and smiled then run off quickly. I hadn’t realized the significance of what I had said until my husband said “ooh, I bet you scared him with that comment so that’s why he ran off. I burst out laughing and said oh well, I meant I’m so glad to see my parcel”. So that’s my day! My parcel was all present and correct and I can’t wait to start using the lovely things I ordered. Thanks so much Sam for the updates you have been sending. X X

    • I adore you Sandra!!!!! One of our girls though, she’s actually offered to kiss her UPS chap, and he accepted!!!

  6. Isobel Sykes says:

    Hi Sam Many thanks for your update I have an order almost ready to send shall I wait a few days or can I just order Isobel x

  7. Mine just changed to shipping as well, so I’ll see when it gets delivered 🙂

    Thanks again for the update 🙂

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