Stampin’ Up! On Stage Live Thanks, Swaps and More!

Stampin’ Up! On Stage Live Thanks, Swaps and More!


About to go into the Opening Session


Oh my goodness, well I have been back for a little over a week now, and I’m still on a high!

Brussels and our On Stage Live event was an amazing event, marred by the events in Paris, but we took a few minutes on Saturday morning to just stand silently in respect of those who had been affected. We were with French demonstrators and many of them had had sleepless nights while they checked in with family and loved ones back at home. At one moment I looked up and saw people stretching across aisles to hold hands with people near them. A touching and remarkable moment in time.

But Sara Douglass and the Stampin’ Up! events team decided that the atrocities weren’t going to stop the event and it carried on regardless.

© Heidi Smith

© Heidi Smith

When we get together as Stampin’ Up! demos, one of the biggest parts is swapping! We all take a number of craft projects with us and swap them away to other demos. So you take say 50 identical projects and come home with 50 different ones to use as inspiration and ideas!

My video mostly showcases the swaps and gifts I received, but alongside the swapping and training we received, I got a chance to spend time with some of my team who were able to come out to Brussels too. We had a great time together and very much missed the rest of the team who were with us in spirit!

Walking Dinner Reception. I brought Mum as my guest!

Walking Dinner Reception. I brought Mum as my guest!

On the Thursday evening I attended a reception for demos of a certain leadership title. We had a walking dinner on a stunning boat and took a 2.5 hour journey along the canal. My parents had joined me in Brussels for the 5 days we were there, so I brought Mum on the trip with me. Dad found himself a restaurant that had a TV screen and he had an evening of football!



After the day events on Friday, I invited my team to join me for drinks and canapes, however that seemed to get lost in translation to the hotel when I’d rung them…. I had called them a week before to arrange the drinks and canapes and was assured ‘yes, that’s fine’ in a strong French accent…. However, when I got there it turns out that their idea of canapes was crisps and popcorn. Cue a great chap called Daniel who spent a day calling round outside catering companies, numerous emails back and forth to me during the various training sessions and he came up with this for us!

Unusual Canapes...

Unusual Canapes…

There were two of these huge bread loaves. They looked like giant cottage loaves, but when opened, they each housed about 20 small soft buns with so many different fillings! Not quite the canapes that I was planning, but for the 7 of us, with Mum and Dad, we ate almost all of them. And enjoyed a few glasses of wine too!

The roll inside

Dozens of tiny rolls inside!


Top 5 Sales ©Clare McDonnell

Top 5 Sales ©Clare McDonnell

And finally I want to end on a huge high. As part of the November annual event, Stampin’ Up! recognises us for our achievements in the previous year (which ends on September 30th). I was thrilled and delighted to feature in all 3 of our Top Performance Categories for the UK with the #1 Sales, #1 Recruiting (mentoring my direct team to their first promotion) and #2 in Leadership (mentoring my direct team to their 2nd and subsequent promotions).

It’s a wonderful moment to take a walk up on stage to stand with the other 4 top achievers, but I’m a very nervy girl and very shy, so for me, it takes all my courage to not run straight off the stage again afterwards. Head down and run off is my mantra, but I did manage to stand long enough for a few photos.

I’m endlessly humbled that people choose to join my team, and to shop through me. I hope you hear that in the video. I believe the spoken word can enthuse way better than my written one, but for all of you, thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

So I shall leave you with some photos and thanks to the other demos who shared them with me for me to then share them with you!

S xx


1st place sales ©Margriet Tournier

1st place sales ©Margriet Tournier

1st place recruiting ©Annemarie Nussbaumer

1st place recruiting ©Annemarie Nussbaumer

Leadership ©Annemarie Nussbaumer

Leadership ©Annemarie Nussbaumer

I hope you enjoyed this project, please do use the hostess code to get free product! (hostess code shown in the top right of my blog for the current one!) Learn more HERE. If your order is over £150, please do not use this code as You become the hostess and get the Rewards!



Sam Donald

Stampin’ Up! UK Independent Demonstrator

You can buy Stampin’ Up! online easily through my Stampin’ Up! shop link on the right hand side, or within this blog post.

You can also join Stampin’ Up! through similar links too! I have various FAQ and joining Stampin’ Up! pages on the blog, so do click around! 

And of course, you can find me on facebook, instagram, pinterest and on YouTube as a Guru with my account name as PootlesPapercraft, however, I’m scattered everywhere as Pootles!


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  1. Teresa Nystrom says:

    I would love to attend the convention in Europe. It would be so much fun to meet demonstrators in other countries. Might have to pretend I’m a Pootler next year.

  2. Hi Sam,
    Thank you so much for this great post and the time you spent going through all the swaps you received (I’m the one with the hot chocolate stick and the mug cake recipe, hope you will enjoy a comfy moment). Thank you also for your kinds words for French demonstrators.

  3. Belinda Litsch says:

    Wow, wow, wow!… There are few people that whatever they touch, they can turn it into magic and you are one of those few Sam… CONGRATULATIONS..

  4. Congratulations Sam well deserved. Love all your projects xoxo

  5. Hi Sam, I’m Sophie,
    I did the little black and gold tea box with glitters on it.
    I just spray paint glitters on the lid, it’s not SU but i liked the way it looks at the end!
    Hope you liked it too!!

  6. April Masson says:

    Very well done Sam. You deserve it all, I love your demo’s. You have such a relaxed and easy style that never grates.

  7. Marie Campagna says:

    Congratulations to a great lady, Mom and wife. Thank you for your daily videos. Blessings from Michigan

  8. Congratulations Sam

  9. Congratulations Sam. What a shame, I do not get your posts anymore…

  10. Congratulations Sam! You deserve it all!! Thanks as well for your tutorials and willingness to help us all grow in this fabulous world of papercrafting!

  11. Sam I really enjoyed seeing all the lovely swaps you recieved, thank you for sharing it with us all.
    Congrats from me tooo.

  12. Ann Anderson says:

    Congratulations Sam, well deserved. I don’t feel that my day has gotten off to a proper start until I have enjoyed your post. Thank you so much for all your inspiration — I am a Pootler in spirit, if not the flesh.

  13. Marlene Salvato says:

    CONGRATULATIONS SAM! I don’t know how you do it with 4 little boys + South Hill – you are amazing and very deserving of these awards…xoxo Marlene

  14. I love all of the boxes and bags you got. Especially the one with the bottle inside. I would loe to know how that is made.

  15. Congratulations! How exciting. You must be so proud. What fun you seemed to have. Bravo!

  16. Oh Sam, a HUGE congratulations for the recognition you received! You really do deserve all the accolades. Thanks for sharing your experience with us all. And don’t you look like your Mum? How lovely.

  17. Hi Sam. It doesn’t surprise me that you have been recognized for your performances. You are a very talented and considerate demonstrator. I have had the privilege of finding your videos and enjoying them. Thanks for sharing

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