Gorgeous Grunge Words of Truth

Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Pootles – Gorgeous Grunge Words of Truth

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Pootles - Gorgeous Grunge Words of Truth Close Up

As you may know, I have 4 young sons. They are Jack who’s coming up to 13, Luke who’s 10, Jacob is 7 and Oliver is very-nearly-5-Mummy-actually (well, he’s 4, but you know….)

Anyway, I love to leave them little love notes and messages. They don’t have packed lunches for school, but they do come home from school and pretty much scatter to their bedrooms immediately. I love it when I know I’ve left something for them and I hear a peal of excitement from one that causes the rest to thunder like a herd of elephants to their rooms!

It’s not something that I do so frequently that it becomes assumed, but often enough for them to know that I’m thinking of them, even when they’re at school.

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Pootles - Gorgeous Grunge Words of Truth

So today’s card is made using the Words of Truth stamp set with Gorgeous Grunge as the background. Without wanting to stereotype my sons, they are the rough and tumble variety and come home far less clean than when they left home. Either it’s paint or ink, usually mud from playing football at lunch… But yes, they can be a bit grungy, yet still gorgeous!

I hope you like my card, and perhaps you’ll drop a love note to someone today.

S xx

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  1. What a lovely idea Sam – you sound alot like the type of Mum I used to be when my boys were still at home and even your boys seem to be like mine – you have the heart in the right place xxx Love your work especially your boxes
    Love Iris

  2. Val Peacock says:

    That is a lovely card Sam, l will have to get that stamp set, I can see all sorts of encouragement cards. TFS.

  3. Love your card Sam. I also enjoyed the story which goes with it. You are obviously a very caring Mum. Thank you for encouraging us to add something special to the lives of people we love. You are an inspiration.

  4. Hi Sam! I, too, bought this stamp set with my kids in mind–both my own children who are grown (21 and 19) and my students! I love it! It is a great set! Thanks for the card and sharing your story about your sons! I love to hear about them! 🙂

  5. Angela Edwards says:

    Love your card and the colours you used… love that Grunge stamp set as well and use it a lot… thank you… 🙂 x

  6. Marilyn from TX-USA says:

    HHi Sam
    How are you & your family
    I woke up to see your latest project. How warn and thoughtful. I plan to purchase both stamp sets. Your card projects are simply wonderful. Plus making cards and projects for boys and adult males is grand.
    Thank you for sharing your gift and talent

  7. Oh Sam, your boys are simply beautiful and happy and totally normal, coming home from school muddy and grungy it’s a sign that they are doing what boys do best, this is just precious.
    I didn’t have sons, I had two daughters but believe me when I tell you that, they got dirty and muddy playing with the neighborhood kids all the time, or going to their paternal grandma’s house in the Summer to spend a weekend here, a week there and so on.
    I was blessed with two grandsons, the oldest will be 16 in September and my little one will be 9 in July, so beautiful and sweet this boys are.
    I make them cards for every occasion during the year and they all have the cards made by me in albums.
    I know you are enjoying your boys completely and I’m sure they enjoy having such an amazing mom.
    Hope all is getting better, my dear.
    Big Hugs from Crown Point, Indiana. USA.

  8. bet they love you to bits Sam, what a lovely idea….

  9. Nannie Annie says:

    Lovely idea Sam. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Debbie from Indiana says:

    Sam, I love hearing about your boys. i had 1 daughter and she is a true delight to me even at her age of 38. You are so caring and thoughtful. what a blessing you must be to your hubby and extended family! I love your designs and ideas. they are very similar to mine but I am not creative as you are. I am a demonstrator also so I depend on your designs to give me inspiration. thanks so very much for your generous and compassionate nature.

  11. Grunge background is amazing…as much as leaving love notes to your kids!

  12. Hi Sam, love your card. And just wondering if you give cards to your hubby. I very seldom do to mine because he leaves them lay, and I always feel it’s a waste, like I should try and use it again. Ha!

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