Rich Razzleberry Birthday Giveaway #ImBringingBirthdaysBack

Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Pootles – Rich Razzleberry Birthday Giveaway #ImBringingBirthdaysBack

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Pootles - Rich Razzleberry Birthday Giveaway #ImBringingBackBirthdays close up

It’s my birthday today!

I adore March, I think it’s because I have my birthday slap bang in the middle of it, and at the time of writing, we’ve got snow predicted, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed…..

Now, have you heard about the movement that’s sweeping the crafting world? Started by Shannon West from our Stampin’ Up! home office after she realised that not only was she sending fewer birthday cards, but she was receiving less too.

So she created a hashtag and just ‘put it out there’ on her facebook profile. 1000+ requests for a card later, Stampin’ Up! got involved. It went to their local news station and press and Shannon’s hashtag has now been made into a wood mount stamp!

It’s not yet available in the UK, although I did hint to her that today would be a perfect launch, but we’re hoping very soon!

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Pootles - Rich Razzleberry Birthday Giveaway #ImBringingBackBirthdays

Anyway, rather than offering to send out cards throughout the year, because I have a frankly dreadful memory and have only just remembered that it’s my nephew’s birthday today as I type these words, that’s a no no for me.

Instead, I have a whole stack of cards here that I’d like to put in the post to you, whether it’s your birthday or not. They aren’t the same as this one, they’re the cards that have featured on my blog over the past few months aswell as some that are yet to be published!

I have 42 of them. that’s a funny number, but that’s because I’m 42 today! I’m not shy to share it, age is simply but a number.

All I ask is that you pop a note on here telling me what you like to do on your birthday – ergo, what I ought to do tomorrow. Yes, I know my birthday is today, but with 4 small boys here, a leisurely lunch isn’t really going to be hugely leisurely.  So instead, I’m taking the day off work tomorrow and will have from 9.15 am until 3.30pm to do whatever the heck I like.

What would you do….?

Anyway, hoping you have a good Sunday wherever you are.

I’ll draw 42 names at random on Wednesday!

S xx

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Sam Hammond

Stampin’ Up! UK Independent Demonstrator

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  1. Kerrie Rootsey says:

    Hi Sam, I know you get your nails done regularly but what about treating yourself to a manicure and pedicure? I love to spend time with family and friends on my birthday.

    • Happy Birthday, Sam. I am a US fan fram Colorado who thoroughly enjoys your posts and videos. Have a beautiful day. Having friends surprise me for my birthday is what I enjoy most when it does happen.

    • I am a fan from USA and enjoy your site so much. I love snail mail and would enjoy a card from you —–thank you for the easy to understand videos

  2. Hello Sam.. thanks for all your inspiration, I would also like to wish you a very happy Birthday.. mine is on the 5th April, I will be spending the day with my friends playing cards,.. we always play on the first Tuesday of the month, this year it falls on my birthday and its my turn to host the card day so its going to be a lot of fun.. we are doing a sausage sizzle for lunch then its playing cards all day.. that’s how I am spending my birthday this year.. kind regards Hanny

    • oops I forgot to say what you should say 🙁 Sam go shopping and spoil yourself.. enjoy your special day…

    • Cindy Bailey says:

      Hanny, What is a ‘sausage sizzle’? Something we should know about here in SC, USA? I think so! Care to share recipe etc?.

  3. Jeanie Stark says:

    Happy Birthday to you! I love March as well…spring is in the air and it’s my birthday in two weeks. I love birthdays and in our family we always go out to dinner and the birthday girl (or boy) gets to choose the restaurant. If I lived closer to the ocean (where I grew up) I would choose my favorite seafood restaurant, but nowadays I am no where near the ocean so we go to the hibachi grill for a delicious Japanese dinner and entertainment. Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

  4. My dear sweet Sam,
    I wish you all the best in the world to your birthday. I hope that you received both pieces of happy mail. What I would do on my birthday would be to go have some delicious sushi and meet with friends and family to have a nice dinner together.
    Big hugs and lots of love
    Maria 🙂

  5. Charlotte says:

    On my birthday one year I went pottery painting and shopping x

  6. Paula Reid says:

    I enjoy having the day off work and spending it with my husband – we share the same day (26 May). Often we go on holiday at this time.

    I hope you have a good day off as well.

  7. Dianne Watson says:

    Morning Sam!
    First of all a very happy birthday to you! Hope you have a great day today and tomorrow! x

    What would I like to do on my birthday?
    Well, this year it’s my 60th and plan to have a nice holiday to celebrate.

    But for other birthdays, I would love to go to Manor House and spend my time having pamper treatments and attending craft sessions! 🙂 xxx

  8. Penny Robertson says:

    Happy Birthday Sam. I was lucky enough to go to the spa in Batn for an 0 birthday couple of years back but the best bit of the day was simply spending quality time with my best friend and her daughter who is my god-daughter. So suggest some time chilling with people who matter

  9. Penny Robertson says:

    Happy Birthday Sam. I was lucky enough to go to the spa in Batn for an 0 birthday couple of years back but the best bit of the day was simply spending quality time with my best friend and her daughter who is my god-daughter. So suggest some time chilling with people who matter

  10. Denise Murdoch-smith says:

    Have a great day Sam – spoil yourself. I love going out for a special meal on my birthday with some good friends


  11. Clare Eich says:

    Happy Birthday Sam, I’m sure your little boys will spoil you rotten in their own way!

    Just doing what I want with the people I love makes for a great day! I’m not one for shopping, unless of course its for craft supplies! Whatever you do, do it for yourself and because you want to! Whatever you decide have a great day because you deserve it! Love & hugs xx

  12. Carol Walters says:

    Happy returns of the day.
    What did I do on my 60th, spent it with my hubby of course…………..
    We went to Norfolk for the weekend, my sister bought me some beautiful opal earrings and a mug with a cat on. Hubby bought me a iPod nano family bought me jewelry etc. It was a warm and fuzzy feeling day.

  13. Kate bodle says:

    My greatest pleasure is to have a day with nothing planned! I can then decide how I feel on the day & do something spontaneous which is a treat in itself!! Could be a walk, day time trip to the cinema, lunch out, massage, nails being done or a spot of crafting! Sometimes it’s going back to bed with a magazine & a cuppa! It’s the not having to plan that is the main treat in my world normally run by timetables & to do lists!!! Have a really lovely treat filled birthday whatever you decide to do!

  14. Carol Wilshire says:

    Happy Birthday Sam. May your Birthday be as special as you are.

    My birthday is in December. I enjoy doing the same as my parents did when I was growing up. We put up our tree and outside lights. Then we had a nice dinner. I have 3 sons and they are always with me on my birthday, and my 3 granddaughters help decorate my tree. That’s want I love for my birthday. They also put up thier tree on my birthday.
    Enjoy your special day.


  15. Happy birthday, Sam! Today is my father’s birthday, too. One of my favorite birthdays yet was one I spent at Disneyland. So much fun!

  16. Bee Gelder says:

    Good morning Happy Birthday to you, hope today and tomorrow are special. My birthday was Mothering Sunday so extra special this year, spent with my two grown up children. Hugs Bee.

  17. For 65 years I always shared my birthday with my mom who really made it all possible, but, now that she is gone, I would love to gather up two of my dearest friends and find a beach cabin to invade for the day . . . with huge windows to watch the surf, where we could build a cozy fire, sip on tea and watch embers as we catch up on past, present and future dreams. Soul talk creates an environment for shedding burdens and recharging. Birthdays are that passage in the year where we come full circle in our lives. Whatever you do, bring back a happy heart!

  18. Birthday wishes to you Sam. I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that the hashtag is #imbringingbirthdaysback. I have to think twice when writing it, as I feel the urge to write #imbringingbackbirthdays, but its the other way around! Enjoy celebrating your day, and tomorrow!

  19. For the past 8 years, my oldest daughter and I have gone to a chocolate fest. We sample all kinds of chocolate and wine. Hard to do with young boys but something to look forward to o.k. the future. Enjoy your day and do what you want to do.

  20. Sue Gates says:

    Hi Sam

    Happy Birthday hope you enjoy your day off tomorrow
    I had my 60th last year and went to my friends monthly wellbeing day. I treated myself to a couple of massages. Left feeling very relaxed.

    Sue x

  21. Happy birthday Sam

  22. HI Sam.
    Hope you have a lovely day off..doing just what YOU want to do!!!
    I would love to suggest that you gather a couple of close friends or family members…….sit by a lovely toasty warm fire…….with copious amounts of hot chocolate and just relax……….and keep warm. Have a lovely birthday!! And keep up the excellent gorgeous work that you do!!!!

  23. Ruth Butler says:

    Happy Birthday Sam!
    On my birthday I like to do something I don’t normally do, visit a museum or art gallery, meet friends for brunch or a long lunch. Do something that keeps you smiling even after 3.30pm when your boys are running round the house. Have a great time what ever you decide, Rx

  24. Hi Sam,

    Happy Birthday to you! Enjoy your day tomorrow.

    On my birthdays I love to meet with my best friend for a nice dinner, chatting, enjoying the food, and just having fun overall.

    Take care!

  25. Hayley Woolnough says:
  26. alison gibson says:

    my special day would be couple of beauty treatments to make me feel pampered followed round by a potter round a few shops then a lovely lunch of course then I would think in your case back home for the kids and normal service being resumed!!! have a very happy birthday Sam

  27. Elizabeth Finnie says:

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday today. Enjoy your day with your boys. On my birthday, I enjoy just having a relaxed day ….. anything that doesn’t involve housework. Usually, either have a lovely lunch out at a favourite venue or one of lovely daughters makes a special meal for the family. Whatever you do tomorrow Sam, I hope it’s special. Every blessing for year 42 x

  28. Hayley Woolnough says:
  29. Debbie Evans says:

    One year on my birthday my husband took me to the zoo and we had a fabulous day!

  30. anne marie says:

    Joyeux Anniversaire!
    Bonne journée.

  31. Barbara Nash says:

    Hello, it just turned to March 13th here in California and I too am celebrating my birthday. My 18th anniversary of turning 39!!

    I love your work and your ideas! Your card today has your signature all over it!!

    Happy birthday!! I will actually celebrate my birthday on Monday with my best friend and we’re going Outlet shopping!!

  32. Anne Lumsden says:

    Happy Birthday Sam. Birthdays are special and made so by doing what makes you the happiest. Just embrace the day tomorrow and be impromptu! I have no doubt you will be inspired by something, as you inspire so many of us.

  33. Isobel Sykes says:

    Wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays Sam in whatever you decide to do on your special day. My birthday is just two days before Christmas my husband and family make this day so very special I feel very loved indeed. Enjoy your special day All the Best

  34. Heather Bourke says:

    Hello and Happy Birthday from Canada…last year on my birthday which was May 13, and my thirteenth year with Stampin Up, I decided to have a Stamping party, so I put out the word…13 projects on May 13th for $13.00. I asked another stamping friend to make me a CHERRY cheescake and some ladies wanted to bring some snacks…we had a wonderful time, although we only did 8 projects. This year we are going to do a High Tea and stamp some tea cards and projects from our great new set…and use my Mom’s Royal Alberta China set that I inherited…I hope you have a wonderful day…I love your blog as do millions and always look forward to seeing your posts. .

  35. Shirley gallagher says:

    Hi Sam ,
    Happy birthday enjoy the day weather you do something or not the boys will I’m sure ,but tomorrow when the head of to school is when the pampering will begin.
    When it’s my birthday it begin with a nice coffee brekkie , open pressie shower then pop to the local girl who does the messages then to the hair dressers for a wash and blow dry home more coffee then head to town for retail there meet some friends for a light lunch /coffee and cake then home go for dinner with the hubby and I’d any of the kids are around home then a bottle of wine watch telly relaxing with my feet up . Just basic stuff but enjoyable happy 42nd birthday
    Shirley xx

  36. Hi Sam Happy Birthday ! I’m also a mad March birthday girl, celebrated mine a few days ago and one of my grandsons has his birthday today. Use your special day to be pampered in any way that makes you happy I say, I love a massage especially with aromatherapy oils and of course a nice drop of bubbly. Maybe a catch up chat with girlfriends ? Whatever you choose to do I wish you a wonderful day. I only found you recently but you’ve inspired me with all your fab projects. Hugs Wynneth x

  37. Good morning Sam
    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday
    Just pamper yourself you deserve it.
    Crafty hugs to you and your boys
    Gina xx

  38. Tricia D says:

    If it were MY birthday, I would definitely want to spend my day stamping; but, since you spend all your time crafting already, I’d say you should go to a spa. Have a mani, pedi, and a massage. Pamper yourself crazy! Have a wonderful birthday, Sam! Thanks for always brightening my day with your blog posts.

  39. Julie Harris says:

    Happy birthday Sam, it’s my birthday tomorrow (14) I will be working but we’re going out in the evening! A day to yourself, well while the boys are at school, you could meet a friend and gave coffee and cake, and a catch up. Which I’m sure you don’t get much of a chance to do on a regular basis!

    Or someone retail therapy!

    Whatever you decide enjoy x

  40. Growing up with 8 people in your family (mom, dad, 1 older brother & 4 younger sisters) there wasn’t lots of $$ for big events & presents. Regardless, “our” day was extremely special as we were made our favorite breakfast (before school), our favorite dinner & always “our” very own special, homemade cake (usually only made on our birthdays as our Mom was a baker & supplemented our family income by baking & decorating birthday cakes for other people which just never made the traditional birthday cake extremely special). Basically, we were “queen for the day” & when you had as many kids as we did that was a pretty big deal because there was too many of us to get pampered on a normal basis!

    As an adult, single & never married, I do tend to carry out the same tradition and make it “my” day to treat myself special!

  41. Linda D. says:

    A very Happy Birthday to you, Sam, and wishes for everything that will create an amazing year to come. Whatever you choose to do today & tomorrow, may it bring you extra smiles. You certainly inspire us all and make us smile every time you post; for me, it’s like a present every day. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  42. Joy Mose says:

    Have a lovely day Sam. Why not book yourself on to a craft workshop, something messy and bright, journaling or using a canvas. Just to get lost in the mess can be very liberating. That’s for later, so today, take your boys out and enjoy the day. By the sea, to McDonalds, whatever.
    Happy Birthday.
    Love Joy x

  43. Elinor Roberts says:

    Hi Sam,
    Happy Birthday!

  44. Every day I enjoy your blogpost! Today I like the little flowers in raspberry, my favorite color.
    I wish you a very Happy Birthday!
    Just over one month it is my turn! Than I just like to spend the day with my 4 lovely children. Cook together a nice meal at home, make a walk in the park and like today, here in Belgium a lot of sun!

  45. Christine Reid says:

    happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

    Read The paper or magazine over coffee, have lunch out then go shopping and treat yourself. Bob into a friends to have a chat and show your purchases. Enjoy your boys. Cx

  46. Happy birthday Sam hope it us a great one today.
    On my birthday I like to have a lovely meal with family. The day after I have a girly lunch – well say lunch, it starts lunch time and ends whenever

  47. Daggi Mosler says:

    Happy birthday, dear Sam! Enjoy your day tomorrow – maybe with a brunch with good friends? Having special time with friends is what I like most on birthdays! xxx Daggi

  48. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Saa-aaam, happy birthday to you! Whatever you do tomorrow, I hope it’s as fabulous as you!!! xoxo

  49. Susan Miller says:

    Happy Birthday Sam!!! On my day I would love to go to a really good classical concert. And be close enough to see the musicians playing their instruments.

  50. Hazel Armstrong says:

    I just adore the card with the lace and I’d love to win it for my birthday which is not until the end of May !!
    On my birthday I’m going to climb Withernsea Lighthouse with my friend. It’s in the middle of the town a long way from the sea so despite the rapidly eroding coastline it has a good few years to go yet and it also hosts the ‘Kay Kendall’ museum – those old enough will remember she was a famous actress who came from Withernsea – Hope my poor old knees with survive the climb..

  51. Christine says:

    Good morning Sam and lots of birthday wishes today. Enjoy today with your boy’s and enjoy doing what you love tomorrow. I love to spend time with my family and hoping to have afternoon tea somewhere nice this year.
    love and hugs
    Christine xx

  52. Happy birthday Sam!
    Snow sounds great, it’s humid and rainy here in my part of Australia. I would grab my stash of yummies and curl up with a good novel and maybe a tutorial or two and enjoy having quiet and no responsibilities in comfy clothes – until I had to get up!
    Look forward to hearing what you end up doing.
    Hugs from down under!

  53. Sandy Salazar says:

    Happy birthday Sam! My birthday suggestion is SLEEP. With 4 little boys, I imagine a good amount of sleep has been fairly elusive. Then, if there’s any time, a nice quiet, calm lunch at a place YOU like.

  54. Marthea W Aust says:

    Happy 42nd Birthday Sam.
    The best thing is to spend today with your husband and boys all spoiling you.. I bet the small boys enjoy it. Have they made you breakfast and birthday cake? A day to make memories.
    Tomorrow spend the day with your best friend, and if he has to work, spend it catching up with a couple of girlfriends, coffee, lunch, chatting. Time out to smell the roses. Time goes so fast.
    Cheers Marthea

  55. Gina Nathan says:

    Have a wonderful couple of days for your birthday. I always go away for a long weekend as my birthday (and one of the friends I go with) is around the May day bank holiday. This year we’re going to Yorkshire. Not practical with your little ones, mine flew the nest long ago. Whatever you do, enjoy!!!

  56. Happy Birthday, I might be too late for this draw but I would say that the time will race by so make the most of it, I would kick back and just relax. No tidying up or answering the phone. Have some special food, chocs and relax.
    Hope you enjoy your day xx

  57. Happy Birthday Sam!

  58. Connie Turner says:

    Wishing you a wonderful birthday…..

  59. Chris Wood says:

    Happy Birthday Sam.
    Have a great day tomorrow xx

  60. Happy, happy birthday Sam!

  61. Happy birthday Sam

  62. Happy birthday Sam

  63. Happy Birthday Sam, have a wonderful day! I like to eat at my favorite restaurant on my big day, and eat cake of course!! 🙂

  64. Happy birthday Sam, for my birthday I would drop my boys at school go and get my hair done, then go and do some shopping and spoil myself. Xoxo

  65. Christine says:

    Happy Birthday! Do something relaxing. But have fun!

  66. Lisa Lane says:

    Hi Sam!!
    Happy Birthday! My Birthday is today also, I’m going on a hike at a local park, I’ve been busy getting healthy and fit this year down 15 pounds so far. My perfect day would be paper creating at home close to my puppy Lucy, my two kitties Frank and Jessie and husband Aaron. I hope you have an amazing day!
    Happy Birthday

  67. Norma rennie says:

    happy birthday,
    One of my favourite thIng I like to do on my birthday is having cake. Cake makes it really feel like it’s a cleberation. guess that started as a child so it’s just not a birthday with out cake!!!
    Enjoy your day and your time. Norma rennie

  68. Happy birthday! I would have to take myself out of the house so I am not tempted to work – I am sahm. I would go into town and get hair my cut and brows done. Then I would choose a non family cafe and enjoy peace and quiet with tea and the paper.

  69. Happy Birthday Sam!
    Since I work on my birthdays more often than not, my idea of heaven is freshly laundered sheets, fluffy pillows, takeaway and a good book. Enjoy the silence for a bit and don’t feel guilty for napping off and on for 6 hours

  70. Elaine Holland says:

    Happy Birthday Sam!!
    Mine is Sep 2 and the while I was school age my birthday fell on, just before, or just after, the first day of school. I love to Stamp to my hearts content for my birthday and be with my stamping friends for a day, or two. I usually work on projects I have cased from your wonderful blog when we get together. Thank you for your great inspirations.

    Happy Birthday again, enjoy your day

  71. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Ah, it is only a number!
    I would recommend a mani/pedi, lunch with your BFF, and perhaps a little shopping thrown in! OR as I do…Do absolutely nothing. Another could be to relish those wonderful little children you bore! An uninterrupted Mommy! No cards, blogs or anything…take them to McDonalds for Happy Meals and a salad for yourself! NO cooking! Whatever it is your heart desires…do it!
    BTW I do not need the cards…I just want you to have a wonderful Birthday!

  72. I have done nothing special for my birthday (Jan. 15) for many, many years. I get a call from my parents and my son, but that is all. No special gifts or dinner out–single mom, turn 60 next year.
    For yourself, do ANYTHING you want, even if it is just enjoying the quiet for the day!

  73. Happy Birthday! If weather permits, I always try to take a nature walk with my family. Regardless of the day, spend special days with special people! When your kids are gone, you will have these lovely memories!!

  74. Laura Banks says:

    Hi Sam, happy birthday to you, hope you have fun celebrating the day

  75. Dee Browning says:

    Happy Birthday, Sam. I hope you have a great few hours to do what makes you happy. I’m not a party girl so just a nice lunch with my husband, son, daughter-in-law, and seven year old twin grandchildren is good for me. Maybe a gift card for Stampin’ Up supplies would make my day!

  76. So many lovely things to do, but I think the perfect day would be a shopping trip to IKEA with a large trailer in tow (the nearest one to us is a 1000km drive), then filling all my new storage units with a very large delivery from Stampin’ Up!


    Hi Sam.
    I’d like to spend the whole day in my greenhouse. Light lunch. Nice big icecream knickerbocker glory, for desert then the evening crafting. Possible walking for on the beach (60 miles away) then have my hair cut n a facial. Me me me day… …….. yeah maybe … nic thinking it though .

  78. Marlene O says:

    It’s different when one is retired like I am, and every day is a blessing. My 69th is at the end of May and my favourite thing to do is to pack a picnic lunch, get in our canoe with DH, take off from our island cottage and spend the day paddling and exploring, stopping along the way to enjoy our picnic lunch. All the best to you on your special day.

  79. Cindy Bailey says:

    Happy Birthday Sam. For me a day to spend catching up on my card making and straightening out the jumble in my craft room. But for you….celebrate with friends, lunch and a little shopping (in specialty shops is always fun) and just plain sharing good times.

  80. Happy Birthday and my you have many more happy and healthy birthdays. My birthday is the 15th and for the last 50 years my hubby has always made it a special day. Pick whatever I want to do and where I want to eat (all 3 meals). Birthdays are just a number and I thank the Lord I am still counting.

  81. I have a little tradition for my birthday where we go out and buy lobster then cook it at home to eat that way we can be as messy as we want.
    Have a great day today with your boys and tomorrow enjoying yourself!
    stamping sue

  82. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a blessed day!
    My perfect birthday would be a day of shopping at thrift stores and playing in my craft room! And maybe a couple glasses of wine!

  83. Happy Birthday Sam! Go back to bed and sleep until you feel like getting up. Once you’re up, treat yourself to what you like to do .. manicure, pedicure, shopping, lunch, or even just crafting for a bit while it’s awhile while

  84. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    Happy Birthday Sam! Lovely card.

  85. On my birthday I get to take a break off from cooking :0)

  86. Happy birthday Sam! Enjoy your day with the boys. For my birthday I like to spend time with my family and then stamp, of course. Love your blog and inspiration!

  87. Beverly Benson says:

    Happy Birthday Sam. Wishing you all the best on your special day. For my Bday, I love having nothing on the agenda. Like many of the other posts treating yourself to pampering – get nails done (including toes), getting a massage, facial etc is a lovely way to spend the day. A couple of years ago, my sweet hubby took me horseback riding which was quite the adventure. Scared me to death but we had a great time and created fun memories. Wishing you all the happy things in life. Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us. Much love. Beverly

  88. Happy Birthday Sam, I spent the afternoon of my birthday with my Crafty Ladies, they are a brilliant bunch of retirement home ladies who get together to do knitting, crochet, card making and sewing and any other craft we think of having a go at, they very kindly let me and another friend (we don’t live there) join them and we have a ball, so it’s tea/coffee and cake on everyone of our birthdays, so get your special friends together and have a ball doing exactly what ever you want and enjoy, we do!

  89. Claire V says:

    Happy, happy Birthday!!! Relax, enjoy, have fun!! Go out to lunch with your favorite girlfriends – eat, drink and be merry!

  90. Amy Drake says:

    Happy Birthday, Sam!! I love to have my hair done, sort of like a mini spa day! Or go out for a champagne brunch & enjoy mimosas! Have a wonderful day! Love your posts & cards!

  91. Eat you favorite food , drink your favorite beverage and so the one thing that makes you happiest!
    In other words “Eat, drink and bee merry!”

  92. Happy Happy Birthday Sam! A shopping trip with a friend is always a treat for me on my birthday and then dinner out with my hubby. I hope you enjoy your special day!

  93. Half the fun is in the planning so however the day turns out you’ll relish in the fact that you’ve made another safe trip around the sun and have touched so many lives in such a positive way!! We celebrate you, Sam, and thank you for sharing your many talents with us, and your delightful sense of humor!!!

  94. Kathy Thomas says:

    Happy Birthday! My favorite day would be getting up leisurely have a nice bubble bath and spending the day junking/antiquing with my husband. It also would involve me not cooking 1 single meal all day. Lol.

  95. Pam Hartung says:

    Happy Birthday! My favourite thing to do on my birthday is to spend it with my hubby and my sister and Brother in law at their cottage. My BIL’s bday is the same day as mine. We relax, eat, drink and always have a good time.
    I think you should do whatever your heart desires….!!

  96. Angela Edwards says:

    Happy Birthday Sam… hope you have a super day with your four boys… they are the most important people in your life at the moment… treat yourself to a meal out if possible… 🙂 xx

  97. Kathy Skinner says:

    Happy Birthday Sam! I enjoy checking in with you via your blog every day! Love your projects and my daughter (who will be 40 in September) LOVES your boxes! My favorite birthday is a leisurely day with mani/pedi, lunch out and a visit to my favorite yarn shop

  98. Angelia Vogt says:

    Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you Sam!!! I hope your day is WONDERFUL and you got the snow you were hoping for!! My birthday is in April and it just doesn’t seem like my day unless it rains!
    I really enjoy your cards and projects and ALWAYS look forward to your posts and Facebook posts!! Again, Happy Birthday from Murfreesboro, Tennessee !!

  99. Nadine Motes says:

    Happy B’day to you Sam!! Why not take a walk, read a book, play with your cat and do only things that you like talk with an old friend–just ENJOY your time and make it FUN!!! The cleaning and all the other things you think you have to do will always be there so just put them out of your mind–again Happy B’day after all you are only 42 once and all year long now so just embrace life!!

  100. Happy Birthday to you, Sam! When my children were young, I took every oppportunity that I got to get out of the house to do shopping and have a cup of coffee. It doesn’t matter weather it was for 2 hours or more – the most important is to do something for yourself and enjoy! Hope you will have a fun day tomorrow and we will more from you of what you did….

  101. Happy Birthday Sam!! When mine was little, I would go and do something I wanted to do that she couldn’t go to as well. For example a quite day at an art museum, lunch or coffee with a friend, watch a movie by myself that was rated too highly for her to attend. Settle in a cozy chair and read a sultry book? Something you can’t do with the littles on a regular basis something that is fun for you! Enjoy!! be well -Vanessa

  102. Happy Birthday Sam!!!!! I hope you have an extra special day.

  103. Happy Birthday! Have cake. Keep it simple and enjoy with your family! 🙂

  104. Hi Sam!
    I would spend the day leisurely window shopping and then I would have a long lunch (including dessert) with a friend. Hope you have a great time whatever you decide to do.
    Happy Birthday!

  105. Hi Sam,
    I follow you from the US (Washington), love all you ideas. Thanks for sharing. Have a great birthday!! Just spending time with family & friends has to be the best.
    Enjoy, Happy Birthday!!

  106. gina mcveigh says:

    Hi Sam, Happy Birthday hun hope you have a lovely day with your boys, I’m sure they are looking after you. I love going out with my family, whether it be a meal, going for a walk or just chill out time at home with everyone

  107. I hope you have a birthday that is as wonderful as you are! 🙂
    I have followed your blog for some time now and the first thing I do every single morning is go and read your post! So my birthday celebrations begin with that! I like to relax and often spend time crafting. And because I live away from my family and many of my friends (having just moved)… I spend lots of time on the phone, talking to everyone so it seems (almost) as if they’re here, celebrating with me!
    Have a wonderful day.. and whatever you do, celebrate YOU! 🙂

  108. Lesley ilbury says:

    I would like to wake up on my birthday and find there has been a cure for the life-threatening Type 1 Diabetes, Insulin Dependents, as our youngest daughter has this awful condition. thankyou xx

  109. Je te souhaite un très joyeux anniversaire Sam !
    J’espère que malgré tes 4 garçons pour passera une très bonne journée bien entourée de ta famille et de tes amis.

  110. Diana W. says:

    Happy birthday lovely lady! You and my daughter share this day. All the best to the best.

  111. Mary Gaves says:

    Happy birthday, Sam. My favorite thing to do on my birthday is to spend the day with my husband, our son, daughter -in-law and two grandsons. Being retired, I can pretty much do whatever I want whenever I want, so being with my family is very special to me .

    I hope you are able to do something very special for yourself.

  112. Happy birthday Sam!!!!
    One of my best birthdays “on my own” (because it was a weekday): going to have a lovely coffee with all the trimmings….we had such a lovely time just being together!!!
    Wathever you do, enjoy yourself tomorrow!!

  113. Happy Birthday Sam!! Enjoy to the fullest!!!
    #my blog : http://www.craftixblog.blogspot. in

  114. Happy Birthday Sam. I live in New York State here in the states. I just celebrated my 75th birthday on Thursday, the 10th. Like you said, it’s only a number. I usually spend the day with my husband and go out to my favorite restaurant for my “Italian fix” as I call it. Then when my son and dil are both available go there for dinner and usually ice cream cake, everyone’s favorite. Try to stretch it out for as long as I can.

  115. Donna Quick says:

    Hi Sam
    Happy Birthday! I am a March baby to, my daughter and son always invite my to one of their homes and always surprise me with a luncheon, and of course with their home made cards to me. It is a fun way for the both of them to show off their talents instead of mom’s. Love it! I am from Calgary Alberta Canada and love to follow you. Have a good one.
    Donna Q

  116. Happy Birthday, Sam! Celebrations today with your cutie boy foursome I can imagine will be fantastical! 🙂 Life is full, life is good. May tomorrow’s window of time during school hours be filled with what you truly enjoy, for you! Thank you for being you, for bringing me inspiration, admiration, giggles. You’re amazingly strong, funny & smart . . . and a rock star to many. 🙂 Happy, Happy! Xx

  117. Happy Birthday Sam, i hope you still managed a relaxing day, and tomorrow too. You share your Birthday with my husband!
    As for what i like to do on my Birthday….just chill…and a nice meal out! xx

  118. Sylvia Johnston says:

    A perfect birthday would be for my two dearest friends and I to drive down to the coast for a seafood dinner and watch the waves, birds, and shrimp boats coming and going. Hope your birthday is so wonderful that you’ll have lots and lots more!

  119. Judith Dee says:

    Hi Sam, Happy Birthday. It is my husbands birthday too today and we spent it walking around the shops in Cardiff. Whatever you choose to do tomorrow enjoy it. I personally would spend an hour with my head in a book, go for a coffee with a friend and eat a really big cream cake!

  120. rosemarie c says:

    Happy Birthday Sam!! Birthdays are for doing what ever brings joy to you! They are the day to do whatever your heart desires. Mine normally includes a stop at the beach to recharge and let the waves take away the bad and bring in the good! Always leave ready to face the world again even if there only a few minutes between the endless to do list. Yes I am blessed to live by the ocean. Have a beautiful birthday Sam!!

  121. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Sam and may God bless you too! I hope you have a lovely day today with your boys. I live in Idaho USA and shortly after I joined in 2015 I was watching the last Leadership live on the SU website and your name was mentioned by one of the presenters and I absolutely loved the box that she created using your design. I started following you on your blog that day and shortly after I started following your facebook and just recently started following you on periscope. I don’t always catch those periscopes due to the time difference, but I love all the projects, ideas, cards, boxes and information you share and want to say thanks for gifting all of us with your creativity. I hope this does offend you but I was sad to hear about your split from your husband. I am sure being a single mom is tough, so I’ve been praying for you. I thought you were very brave to share that with all of us but I have come to see how open you are about yourself and I love that about you. Your idea for a long lunch sounds grand to me maybe grab your mom or a good girlfriend and have a long chat over lunch or go have pedicures together. Whatever you decide to do I hope it makes you happy. God Bless!!!!

  122. Happy Birthday Sam, have a wonderful day with your loved ones… Hilda

  123. Sherry Lowmaster says:

    Happy birthday!!! go spoil yourself!! usually we go out to eat at a favorite restaurant.

  124. Happy Birthday! So far I’m loving my 40s. Sounds like you have the same attitude 🙂

    Birthday ideas – a perfect cup of a tea about 10:30 with a nice pastry and a good book. Uninterrupted reading time can be at a premium when you have young ones. I have friends who like a long, hot bath with a glass of wine when they pamper themselves. I think going for a some professional pampering is also a great idea, followed by lunch.

    Having committed to a day off work you’re well on your way. Can’t really go wrong if you spend the time doing whatever you want in the moment.


  125. Happiest birthday Sam! I would fly to the UK and have tea with my mum for my birthday. Maybe get my hair done first 🙂
    Wishing you a wonderful day tomorrow, whatever you do!

  126. Hi, Sam and happy birthday!!! We share a birthday! I just started to stamp and make boxes and gift bags about 6 months ago, and discovered you on YouTube. I love watching and learning from your posts and tutorials! You are a natural at it, plus I love to listen to your accent too! 🙂 I made jewelry for many years, but due to neuropathy in my hands from cancer treatment I could no longer do it…that’s how I found stamping and paper crafts. With what I have gone through medically, my birthday just makes me more aware that EVERY day should be special and surrounded by those you love, do things that make you happy, let go of the things beyond your control and count your blessings, always…not just 1 day a year!!! Hope your day of birth and everyday are filled with joy!!! Kris Baer

  127. Gaylene Clarkson says:

    Happy Birthday Sam. Hope you have a great day with your family today and then tomorrow maybe watch a chick movie and go out to eat (whatever you want). Just enjoy your day. You work so hard it is time to treat yourself. I am a demonstrator in Colorado and I am absolutely in awe of the things you do. I love getting on here everyday to see what you have done. I use your inspiration to make gifts for my hostesses every month. They love them. I especially love your bags and boxes. Have fun tomorrow doing whatever you decide to do.

  128. Treat yourself with those things you don’t normally do…special treat at lunch, shopping for a little trinket or clothing item, time with a friend or time alone (with 4 little boys, I’m guessing that’s definitely in short supply), leisurely coffee at your favorite shop while you read a magazine or book….in short do something or several things that make your heart smile. Happy Birthday and thanks for all the effort you put into your projects and videos. I love them!!

    Kentucky, USA

  129. Happy Birthday, Sam!!!!!

    You must do something tomorrow for yourself, rule number one!

    One birthday, many years ago, I’m only 55, but it was about 20 years ago, I met my partner (sadly, he died in 2009) for a delicious, and not expensive meal in French restaurant in Soho. I had a couple of glasses of wine and I was very happy. After that, my idea to make our way to John Lewis and there I bought myself a very nice bag under the influence and without any guilty feelings!

    Go shopping and buy yourself something very nice. Go have a speciality coffee with cake.

    Make the day special and make it yours!

  130. Cynthia Cole says:

    Happy Birthday Sam! To answer your question, I would spend my birthday with my mom and go shopping! She will turn 80 this year and I feel blessed each and every day I get to spend with her.

  131. Christi Waite says:

    Happy Birthday Sam! I just recently celebrated my birthday too and enjoyed a lovely lunch with friend and saw a movie together. Supper out with my hubby at night. I was spoiled!

  132. Christine St.Clair-Smith says:

    Better late than never. Happy Birthday. Hope you got thoroughly spoilt.

  133. Happy Birthday, Sam! Have a delightful time however you spend it! I personally like to spend my birthday crafting!

  134. Alison Haynes says:

    Hi Sam, happy birthday! A nice glass of something cold and fizzy with family and friends, either at home or out is lovely and so relaxing! Hope you have a good day xxx

  135. Deanette says:

    Hi, Sam! Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a WONDERFUL day today and just as wonderful day tomorrow doing whatever it is that you decide on! You do so much for others all the time…it is YOUR time to enjoy doing for YOU! Happy Birthday!

  136. Sam, i love your videos and your ability to laugh at yourself as things happen unexpectedly. I hope you have a lovely birthday and do something you like. For me a trip with the family, like a day drive to some where different and eating some place along the way or coming back to our favorite place to eat. Do what you like and since your boys are young take them and make it a fun day, no phones, or computers just a fun time.

  137. Fay Marie Gardner says:

    I really like this card! It is so you!! Happy 42nd Birthday to you tomorrow! Enjoy doing whatever you choose!

  138. Best wishes for a wonderful birthday. I hope you have a nice relaxing time doing whatever you want tomorrow.
    Growing up birthdays were pretty special at my house. You see, Mom, Dad and I all shared January 3rd as our birthday. What fun that always was. Birthdays are much lower key for me now that they are celebrating together in heaven but it is still special.
    Love your blog. You always have such fun and interesting projects.

  139. Tammy Mack says:

    Happy Birthday Sam! I so enjoy your posts and your videos!! I have made many of your 3-D projects and enjoy spending evenings in my craft room. As a busy wife, mother and full time nurse manager, I don’t often get much free time, but when I do, shopping is my number one past time, especially on my birthday. Cheers to you on your 42nd year!

  140. Brooks Beasley says:

    Happy Birthday Sam!! For my most recent birthday I turned 30! I wanted to do something big so my mom and I went skydiving (my husband was too chicken lol) Seeing as that’s probably not an option for tomorrow I would probably go shopping or get an pedicure or a message something to treat yourself!! Hope it’s a great day whatever you chose to do!!

  141. Rebecca V. says:

    Hello, Sam! Happy 42nd Birthday! I’m loving some of the wonderful birthday ideas above. I enjoy getting a pedicure, going out to lunch, maybe seeing a new movie, and if time permits, maybe even try to squeeze in a little shopping. Hope you have a fabulous day, whatever you end up deciding to do.

  142. Penny G. says:

    Happly Birthday, Sam! My birthday is right before Christmas, so I usually end up spending the day with my daughter. We go shopping and then go out to dinner. Have a great time tomorrow!

  143. Happy Birthday Sam, you have a wonderful day tomorrow and enjoy it, that is the best gift ever is to enjoy. I would go shopping and buy me something fabulous regardless if it was a scarf, shoes or a pretty dress. Something just for you. Enjoy your day.

  144. Short of exporting yourself to my little corner of the world, in beautiful Oregon state, where we could entice you with wild salmon from the Pacific Ocean, sweet Marionberries from our Willamette Valley plus truffles and hazelnuts from our rich orchards and forests, I think you should curl up with a yummy latte (smoked butterscotch is a favorite here), a lovely book or movie, and birthday cake!! Well, at least that’s what I would do. 🙂 Happiest of birthdays, Sam! You bring a smile to my face every day!

  145. Toni Campana says:

    Happy Birthday, Sam! FaNfrom the US and I kve your blog :). On my birthday I love to get a massage! It’s totally ‘me’ time and it’s lovely :). Hope whatever you decide to do its special to YOU!

  146. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day. I like to spend my birthday with family and friends having an old fashioned cookout, equipped with card playing and plenty of laughs and giggles.

  147. Happy Birthday Sam.
    Since you have 4 young boys, do the one thing you can’t usually do when they are around, take a long bubble bath and then a nap. Life doesn’t get any better than that. Regardless of what you do, have a very blessed and peaceful year.

  148. Happy birthday, Sam! We’re always on vacation for my birthday in late June. This year for my 50th, we’re in a car for 8 hours. Great times this year! I hope that you enjoy your time to yourself this year–Live it up!

  149. Dorcas Bowers says:

    Hope your birthday was great. I would grab a book, find someplace comfortable and read. Don’t imagine you have much time with your boys and job. Love your blog!!!

  150. Jamie Deming says:

    Birthday greetings from California! Last month I turned 50 and was able to cross off a bucket list item by swimming with dolphins! Since my twin sister and I celebrated in Cancun, it is doubtful you will be able to arrange to do that today. In years past, I have enjoyed spending the day with my sister. Have a wonderful day!

  151. Happy belated birthday!!

  152. Happy happy birthday Sam – may the year ahead hold many blessings for you. I never work on my birthday but make sure that I have a spa booking ready for the occasion – definitely need to treat yourself. Regards Jane

  153. i normally take to to reflect and sometimes i go out with friends .

  154. Sam – a very Happy Birthday to you from Canada!
    Really enjoy your whole year – not just your day.
    I enjoy being with my family on my Birthday and we enjoy good music, a walk in the sunshine (or liquid sunshine) and then, of course, birthday cake!
    happy inky smiling hugs

  155. Rosaline Chan says:

    Happy Birthday Sam. Hope you had a lovely day.
    On my birthday, I just like to spend my day with my husband and my 2 gorgeous daughters and have a lovely meal together.

  156. Happy birthday.
    I hope our day Will be perfect with the one you loved

  157. Diana Neeley says:

    Happy Birthday Sam! I hope you had a very blessed day. I am a fan of your talent here in the US.
    I think a dream day would be able to spend time with family that I love that lives both near and far away . I guess you could say a family reunion.

  158. Diana Neeley says:

    Even a message sound awesome.

  159. Carol fairbanks says:

    Happy Birthday

  160. Heather Sherry says:

    Hi Sam hope you had a lovely birthday, I like to get together with my family as there are so many birthdays between 27th march to 27may 7grandkids, brother. 2 sister-in-laws, 1 brother-in-law, 2 friends,1 son-in-law 1 daughter and me thanks for all you insperation it has helped to make all the cards though am having trouble with idears for Eldest grandkid turning 18 and male, love him to bits but is hard to make for so if you have any ideas would appreciate it. thanks for all you inspiration Heather SU Demo Australia

  161. Happy Birthday to a very sweet and generous soul who keeps so many of us so inspired to create. I live in Oregon, USA and have been following you for almost 2 years now. You have brought me much joy. I even signed up to be a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator.

    My birthday is usually a nice dinner out with family and friends. No little ones left at home. All grown and gone. Even the grandkids a all grown. I will be 66 in May this year. Just enjoy those little ones as much as you can. They will be gone before you can blink and you will miss them much. Hugs to you!!!

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