My 3rd Stampin’ Up! Anniversary! Pretty Friend Card

Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Pootles – My 3rd Stampin’ Up! Anniversary! Pretty Friend Card

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3 Years ago today I joined Stampin’ Up!

I’d bought some papers and fallen hopelessly in love! I wanted to get more and more, and as a total bargain hunter, knowing that I could buy them, but at a discount, well that sold me!

I wasn’t a stamper at all, and paper & punches were my go to medium for crafting. I never ever put sentiments on the fronts of cards, I used to keep them more generic, and then I had plenty to hand when I needed them.

Our family was rapidly expanding at the time I joined, my youngest son wasn’t quite 2 years old and it felt like we were constantly buying new clothes for all of them! Still seems that way now!

We’d had a frugal Christmas a few months beforehand where we’d had to really consciously consider every purchase, to the point where the monetary gift we were given every year as a couple was used to buy food for Christmas. I’d handmade as many gifts as I possibly could – my poor Dad ended up with about 5 notebooks! Each time I got out my papers and cheap notebooks to decorate, I’d think “oh that’s a great paper, Dad would love it” and it was only on Christmas day that I realised how many I’d made him!!

Anyway, with this frugal Christmas in mind, and my reignited passion for papercraft (I’d crafted when my eldest son was a baby), I started looking on pinterest and YouTube more and more.

When I joined Stampin’ Up! I hadn’t planned to demonstrate in the traditional way. I just wanted cheaper supplies to then sell at craft fayres to help support the family a little, but the reality of craft fayres kicked in. People always wanted a colour I didn’t have, or a size I didn’t have. I found myself making hundreds of different items to try and meet all possible needs and then lugging them all to the fayres to find I’d maybe earn £10 after paying for stall fees. And then with childcare becoming an issue and weekend availability becoming less and less, I decided to switch gears a little and braved taking on YouTube!

Fast forward 3 years and my Stampin’ Up! life is very different to how I ever envisioned it. I’m thrilled to have been the number 1 selling and recruiting (mentoring) demonstrator in the UK for all the years I’ve been able to, and people regularly ask me how I do it. I wish I had a magic formula, but there really isn’t one.

As you all know, I blog daily and have 3 video projects a week coming out. Yes, other than Christmas Day, that amounts to 364 projects a year, of which there are 156 video tutorials. I don’t know if that makes a difference, but for me, I just want to share. I share everything whenever I can and I love it. I don’t sell anything, I tell! I tell you how excited I am about a product or a project. I don’t buy things for myself that I won’t genuinely love and use. I’m excited about paper and stamps and ink, and I love that this has brought me so close to so many people.

And of course, with my homelife situation now totally different to how it was 3 years ago, I’m forever grateful that my business now supports me and my 4 wonderful sons. It feeds us, keeps us clothed and in our home. It has taken us on a little holiday this year (we’re there right now as you read this!). I can still buy them their essentials and the odd little luxury. And of course, because papercraft is my hobby, I get to keep that too.

So as I wipe a couple of happy tears from my cheeks while typing that last paragraph, I want to dedicate my card today to all of you. My Friends. My dear, dear friends.

Thank you.

Sam x

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Pootles - My 3rd Stampin' Up! Anniversary! Pretty Friend Card

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Sam Hammond

Stampin’ Up! UK Independent Demonstrator

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  1. Happy Stampiversary, Sam! I only discovered your blog and YouTube channel recently, so I loved reading your story. Thanks for sharing it and your lovely card!

  2. I loved reading your story, thanks for sharing. I’m a year in with Stampin’ UP! and crawling along be it ever so slow but I love card making. Lovely card. Congratulations on your success!

  3. Congratulations Sam on your 3rd Anniversary with SU. What achievements you have made and still make. You amazing me with how organised you are! Have a great time away with your boys, hope to meet you one day x

  4. Rosie reynolds says:

    I’ve been following you for a while now and I love the work you do. I live in New Zealand and as such we don’t get all the same ‘things’ readily available that you put in some of your boxes. In saying that I may have been known to order biscuits, lip gloss to name a few things off the net just so I can make the box they go in. Keep going love your work!

  5. Elisabeth says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful adventure with Stampin’Up. Anh happy 3nd Birthday! I am too far in France but I follow you with great pleasure.I love so much your creations !

  6. Doreen Collins says:

    lovely to read about your journey Sam..all your hard work , dedication and sharing has paid off.I wish you continuing success x

  7. Penny Caird says:

    Dear Sam, such an inspiration to us all, where would we be without your lovely personality, lovely doable projects and ideas. The first thing I look for when I switch my iPad in in the morning!!! I’m sure we all count you our special friend! X X

  8. Happy annivesary! Love following your Projects and watching your videos! Thank you for sharing them and your story!

    Hugs Jess xxx

  9. Lorraine says:

    Counting myself as one of your early followers back 3 years ago and a recipient of your friendship and advice. ..your success couldn’t have happened to a nicer person . Xxx

  10. Julie Harris says:

    Happy anniversary Sam, I love your projects and would buy every week if I could, as Penny said I too look for your post every morning when I switch my iPad on, I usually watch it whilst having my breakfast, thank you!
    Julie X

  11. That is great that you are able to be supported by a craft you love! You have a lucky star, or maybe a hard working one! Happy Anniversary and I hope all gets better and better for you each year! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story…I guess one day I’ll make the BIG jump…

  13. Congratulations Sam
    Good luck with all that you do in the future
    And thank you for the wonderful ideas you do for us


  14. Congrats on your SU! anniversary! You are and have been blessed! Sweet card, thanks as always for sharing!

  15. Chris Wood says:

    Congratulations Sam
    I know the charities I support have made lots of money with the things I have made through watching your video’s, so once again I would like to say a big THANKS for sharing your ideas.

    Chris x

  16. Hi Sam

    Your post made me cry. I am so happy for you despite your circumstances and you have overcome so much. Keep up the great work that you do and enjoy your holiday with your boys. They are only little once. You have inspired me in so many ways and I have recently signed up as a demonstrater. I hope to follow your footsteps some day. I hope to have a blog soon if I can ever figure out how to create one.
    A loyal usa reader
    Cammi Waggoner

  17. Happy Anniversary Sam! Thank you so much for sharing all your ideas. You have helped me more than you know with my stamp club and gift ideas. Best wishes for many more years of happy crafting.

  18. Thank you, Sam, and Happy Anniversary! You inspire my crafting which in turn allows me to make goodies for my students…all 100+ of them! And the cards I send to folks to make their day special. So thank you for helping me make my little corner of the world a happier place! Your crafting and kindness spreads!

  19. Hello Sam congratulation. I love Your site and follow it for a couple of months.
    I am a Stampinup demonstratie since a month. I love the products and hope to enjoy more people in my village.

  20. Happy Stampin’ Up! Anniversary to you Sam. I have followed you for nearly all those 3 years I think. Congratulations on all you have achieved. I am so proud of you. 🙂 I look forward to each new project you share and wonder if there is any limit to your creativity. To many more SU! birthdays xx

  21. Dear Sam,
    I became Stampin’up! demonstrator largely because of you and your simply scored 🙂
    And each morning, I wait for your Newsletter and your blog is a source of inspirations 🙂 So Happy Anniversary Sam !
    I m happy for you 🙂

  22. Renee McClintock says:

    You are so fun and easy to follow! Happy 3rd Anniversary! I am so glad I found you on Youtube!!

  23. Angela Edwards says:

    Happy Anniversary Sam and well done! Lovely card as well… if I was younger I would possibly have joined your team but I enjoy doing the little bits that I can and it keeps me out of mischief… 🙂 x

  24. Happy Anniversary Sam. And many more to come. Know you are loved in lots of places and by lots of people. So glad you have such a giving and sharing nature. Love all the videos including the ones with the children and sweet Fennel. Keep up the good work. You truly are an inspiration to many of us and we wish you well in all you do.

  25. Christine St.Clair-Smith says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary with Stampin Up. I hope the future is equally successful business wise and filled wlth loce, warmth and laughter. Thank you for the inspiration, enthusiasm and fun you so joyously give in your videos.

  26. Lee Perkins says:

    Thank you for so generously blessing the world with your creations and how-to videos. I use them over and over again when making gifts for folks and prizes for monthly church groups. People are wowed by “your” creations. You are just so clever and wonderful!!!! Happy Anniversary!

    Hugs from Buford, GA USA

  27. Gloria Westerman says:

    Congratulation my friend…I’ve just recently found your blog as well…but I feel I know you and your wonderful family…and I truly enjoy your video’s , but mostly your enthusiasm you have for each of your tutorials…you have such a giving heart…and you make me feel as if your only talking to me…keep up the good work…hugs to you and your family….

  28. Dear Sam
    Congratulations on both your 3 year anniversary & being #1 demonstrator in the UK for all 3 years. Your creativity amazes & inspires me as gauging by the comments it does others. It must bring you great pleasure to know that your “hobby” is so well received that it now supports you & your boys. I can only hope to one day be 1/2 as talented as you are. Thank you so much for being so willing to share your wonderfully unique ideas with us all. Enjoy your holiday with your boys. Take care & God bless.
    Vickie Sanders
    PS if you ever are in Idaho USA I’d love to have time to visit with you.

  29. Oh heck – you nearly had me in tears at the last paragraph. You are an inspiration and what you have achieved in just three years is outstanding. So looking forward to meeting you at Telford and so grateful you are my upline!

    Here’s to the next three!!! xx

  30. Faye Johnson says:

    Sam, I’ve followed you for a long while and you are such a blessing and positive person. Thank you for sharing your story. You deserve your awards and I only wish I was in the UK to be on your team. I think you could inspire even this ol’ lady! Have a blessed year.

  31. Thank you for sharing! I am in awe of your ability to come up with these videos consistently. I am glad this has provided for you and your boys as well as filling the hobby spot. You inspire me! Happy Stampiversary!


  33. Anne Lumsden says:

    Happy Happy Stampaversary! It has been said before but I too start my day by looking at your post. Your videos are charming and really demonstrate not only your crafting skills but your easy going nature. Long may your success continue.
    Thanks for all that you do to inspire us.

  34. Congrats on 3 years of Stampin’ Up! success! I’ve just celebrated 1 year with Stampin’ Up! Thanks for 3 wonderful years of enjoying your videos, projects, & blog. Cheers to many, many more!

  35. Robbye Hamilton says:

    Happy Anniversary Sam, from the first video I watched I have been a fan. After meeting you I felt like I went from fan to fan-friend. I’m so proud of you.

  36. Christine Holdsworth says:

    Hello Sam,
    Congratulations! I look forwards to your video or project each day. Considering the stressful time you have been under lately you are to be greatly admired for managing to maintain such a positive attitude and ability to keep your business on track.
    I hope you are enjoying your well earned holiday with your lovely boys. Long may your success continue!

  37. Happy Anniversary Sam! You are an inspiration to so many. I actually have a Pootles drawer in my craft space with the boxes I’ve created watching you and your videos!

  38. Congratulations Sam! You have accomplished so much in your SU! career in such a short time! You have worked hard and deserve all the success you experience. Thanks for inspiring us all over the world.
    From a Canadian fan!

  39. Angelia Vogt says:

    Congratulations and HAPPY STAMPIN’ ANNIVERSARY Sam!!!
    I have enjoyed your videos for almost 2 years live and I have binged watched all of your videos at least three times!!! For the last two Christmases my family and friends have enjoyed receiving their Advent packages and I always tell them, “Sam went out of her way this year with her videos!” I too enjoy paper crafting and enjoy the discounts with Stampin’ Up! I don’t do parties, and I am too much of a chicken to do videos at the moment, but you make it look so easy….AND FUN!!! Thank you Dear Sam, for sharing with us your passion for paper and FUN!! Hopefully your holiday allowed for a recharge in your batteries and we look forward to many happy years and videos ahead!!
    From here in Murfreesboro Tennessee to you and your family BEST WISHES!!

  40. Thanks for sharing that beautiful story Sam! The best part about making a card or a package is putting a smile on someone’s face. Well each item you share makes me smile and also very happy that I don’t have to tug at my imagination for ideas! Actually the time I save not thinking makes it possible to do the projects I get to do. So thanks for all the ideas and the fun and friendly way you share them! Hugs!

  41. All of my children & grandchildren received little Easter goodies in boxes you shared with us! I had so much fun making them, though I cannot make them bigger, I have no head for math or figures! I love your videos, and enjoy crafting along with you 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing with us. Congrats on your success, and best wishes for success in the future!

  42. Debra Seleni says:

    Sam, Congratulations on 3 successful years with Stampin’ Up! Thank you for sharing your how you decided to become a demonstrator. I feel it’s the personal touch you bring to what you do that has added to your success.

  43. Dear Sam,
    You definitely changed my days when I found you and your beautiful creations on internet, so Happy SU Anniversary!
    God bless you always.
    Cris B. – London

    PS : I am thinking to become a Demonstrator, but I would will be my own client,
    do you think that it will be ok?

  44. Julie Herring says:

    Congratulations Sam! I love all your 3d creations and your simple but elegant style of cards. I have shared so many of your projects as gifts for my friends and they are received with joy. Your creativity is reaching so many more than the subscribers to your blog or the members of your group. Enjoy many more years of success.

  45. Dianne Massie says:

    Happy 3rd Anniversary. Getting your emails each morning are something I look forward to each day. Love seeing what you have created and watching the videos. If we ever move back to the U.K. I would choose you to be my SU Demonstrator.
    Thanks for all your creativity.

  46. Teresa Nystrom says:

    Happy Stampiversary! Thanks for all your fun projects.

  47. Belinda Litsch says:

    Happy Stampiversary Sam.. I’m so happy for you and the boylets… thank you so much for sharing us your passion in paper crafting.. Looking forward what you bring each day in my mail box!

  48. Happy anniversary Sam. I started following you 3 years ago. Love all your projects and your passion for paper craft. Hope you continue to create many more xoxo

  49. Sam, how I love reading your blogs. I had to wipe a few tears from my cheeks too. Have been following you for over 2 years now and am an avid Stampin Up fan. Totally buy your products and so wish I could join you from Australia. Have a lovely lady here in Toowoomba supplying me sand am definitely a fan of your products and just love the punches with the matching stamps. Hope the future is brilliant for you. Must have been hard to make your decision.

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