Watercolour Card ‘Live’ with no pre prepared sample!

Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Pootles – Watercolour Card ‘Live’ with no pre prepared sample!

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Pootles - Watercolour Card 'Live' with no pre prepared sample!

Well that was scary!!! I never film without a pre prepared sample. I always know what I’m going to make and pretty much how it will look after I’m done. But no no, not today.

Eeek! I made a card in a tutorial (that’s a rarity in itself!) and then did it without knowing what the finished result would look like!

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Pootles - Watercolour Card 'Live' with no pre prepared sample! close up

But heck, I had fun and this is my reality when I’m making cards. And to be fair, I don’t overthink my cards really, I do just create on the fly and go with the flow….

Do you do that? I’m not the greatest thinker really, although I do have a list of things I’d like to create and have that to hand if inspiration goes off on its travels. But not really for cards, they’re definitely a case of ‘look at the stamp shelves, pick one, stamp it and go with it’ kind of ideas.

However as a newly converted watercolouree (yes, it’s a word….) I’ve embraced it fully and am sort of hoping you will too!

So enjoy the video, and have some fun too!

S xx

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  1. Excellent – clever you xx

  2. The final effect is very nice…I love how you blended the blue…

  3. Sue Allen says:

    So glad you are enjoying watercolour. I love it too. Just for fun try sprinkling some salt in the wet paint and let it dry. It is a great effect. Also if your paper buckles just use your craft iron to press them out. Keep experimenting and enjoy.

  4. Pattycakes says:

    Great video…love the card.

  5. just lovely

  6. What a fabulous card! Masculine cards are harder to make, but this one is perfect! Looking forward to trying this.

  7. Awesome card, Sam! I usually have a general idea in my head of what my finished project will look like, but I never make prepared samples first. Then again, I don’t record videos for my blog either. 🙂

  8. Gloria Westerman says:

    Excellent tutorial…love it…love watching you “craft by the sear of your pants”…no not really…I absolutely love this card…going to case this for sure…thanks for sharing….

  9. Beverly says:

    Well done Sam. What a pretty card. Love it. Thanks for being so brave. 🙂

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