Stampin’ Up Customer Thank You Wrapped Pencils

Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Pootles – Stampin’ Up Customer Thank You Wrapped Pencils

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Pootles - Stampin' Up Customer Thank You Wrapped Pencils Selection

Well today’s project isn’t what I’d originally planned. Well it is for the blog post, but it wasn’t the gift I’d planned for March at all. I’d started the prep for a particular gift and then had a flash of inspiration after a conversation with my eldest son and that spawned the idea of pencils with my website on!

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Pootles - Stampin' Up Customer Thank You Wrapped Pencils My Detail

He’d said about ‘useful’ gifts in terms of notebooks, scissor charms, stationery etc and it occurred to me that I’d never sent out any writing tools in the 3 years I’ve been making gifts! Well I was on a mission then to do something and really, before I lost my train of thought, I was off and getting pencils specially made!

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Pootles - Stampin' Up Customer Thank You Wrapped Pencils

I went with Silver because its an easy colour to mix with and I knew I wanted to use our Paper Basics supplies, but really almost until I finished them off a few weeks ago before I went on holiday, I was still unsure about the finished decoration….

I had a lovely time with pretty much all my family getting involved. Jacob put the pencils into their sleeves for me, Oliver kept me company while I punched my tags and flags (he was more into the playdoh on the table, but it was nice companionship!) and then I spent a lovely Saturday afternoon with my Mum when I sat and beribboned them all!

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Pootles - Stampin' Up Customer Thank You Wrapped Pencils Tag Detail

And for the other members of the family, well Luke took a few off me and then did a giveaway to his classmates. Bless them, I think because I’m on YouTube they think Luke has a famous Mum. I’m hardly Stampy, but I do get their enthusiasm! Oh and Jack? Well aside from the idea initially, he dominated the TV one night for half an hour longer than he should have done, forcing me to step away from the exploits of Austin and Ally and into my office where I sat and finished them all. 4 days ahead of schedule!

So I hope you like them all, these are just a few of them, but they are all gorgeous!

S xx


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  1. Love watching all of your you tube videos!! Very cute idea for your customers!

  2. Hihi, you ARE a YouTube star, Sam!!! (-:
    I always enjoy watching your videos, thank you so much for all of the inspiration.

  3. Cheryl Taylor says:

    Your videos are amazing!! You are very generous with all the videos you do AND all the gifts you send out!! xo

  4. I am in love with your pencils!

  5. Brenda S. says:

    Love watching all of your you tube videos.

  6. Great idea for your customers, love the silver combos.

  7. What a clever but effective thank you gift but with a lot of attention to detail
    Great work
    Fingers crossed I’m one of the lucky 12

  8. Velda in California US says:

    You are a

    • Velda in California US says:

      Ack message cut off! I said you are a star in my world but everything after the star icon cut off! Anyhow love the pencil idea and packaging. Warm hugs from sunny California.

  9. Christine Reid says:

    How fab!! Lovely idea and you pulled it off superbly.
    Christine x

  10. I received my pencil in the post yesterday, it’s going to come in very useful with the lovely welcome pack I received as well yesterday.
    Thank you Sam.

  11. Yes! It is official! You are now totally mad! Obviously it runs in the family if your mother was involved. Lol no one can say you don’t take your job seriously. Well done on pushing the boundaries of good manners!

  12. A bit more interesting than Stampy for me, not sure y kids would agree though!

  13. Wendy Beebe says:

    Love anything personalized! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Penelope barrow says:

    Such inspiration ✂️✂️✂️✂️

  15. What a brilliant idea – could use one as next month I have a BIG birthday and have told my hubby what I need, want, desire etc haha so a pencil displaying your web address would be perfect to leave on the coffee table, just as a little reminder.

    Keep up the excellent demos Sam – they keep me inspired xx

  16. Hi Sam
    What a great idea! I would love to be one of the 12. Why? Because I really write a lot with pencils! Shopping lists, notes, what ever you mention… I just like the smooth writing. And as always thank you for all of your ideas and videos. With love from Scotland Nessie

  17. Terry Molineux says:

    Omg how cute great idea for my grandsons daycare classes!! Can you share where you got the pencils?? I love your videos and have used several thanks for sharing!!!

  18. Doreen McGowan says:

    How cute are these – ideal for little presents or table sales
    Look forward to your daily videos and have used several of your designs for our group.

  19. Anne Lumsden says:

    Loving my gift thank you. As always the colourways are brilliant…..

  20. Such a cute project Sam. Your boys are very clever with auctioning your pencils off lol

  21. Wow, Sam they are lovely. Love reading your posts, and great idea I use pencils a lot,and you can never have to many.Well done boys as well.

  22. Mine arrived yesterday.
    Lovin Pencil to nice to use. Card & tag lovely too.
    Thanks Sam.

  23. Great idea Sam! Would dearly love a “Pootles” pencil!!!!

  24. Oh Sam, all I can say is WOW – you clever girl you. I love this idea. I make for charities and this would be a great idea for them. Also a healthier alternative for my grandchildren. As ever thank you so much Sam for sharing. Take care.

  25. Brilliant job Sam…….pencil-Pootles-perfection!!!! ooxx

  26. Cute gift idea, love personalized writing utencils! How cute of the children to auction them off at school, so precious!

  27. Great idea! Something different for gifties. I am curious how you mail them to keep them affordable. I read your post daily and always look forward to your creativity. Thank you for your inspiration and good humor.

  28. Nannie Annie says:

    Great gift idea. I also love your utube videos and read you posts everyday. Love all your projects

  29. Mieke Vis says:

    Lovely gift! You definitely are a youtube star!!

  30. What an excellent way to promote your business also! Have some on hand to give out those who you’ve come in contact with throughout the day.

  31. You are such an inspiration. I love watching your videos and your projects are very easy to follow. Love this gift for your customers.

  32. What a cute and wonderful idea. Love to watch your videos.

  33. This is such a thoughtful gift. We as mothers can learn from our children. Your son had great insight to give something “useful”.
    Thank you for sharing your procedure of creating this “useful” gift.

    Have a great day.

  34. Loretta Worsham says:

    Love these – so pretty! Perfect teacher appreciation week item to leave in a basket in my kids’ teachers’ lounge. I love how you include your boys – one of mine is expert at putting M&Ms in the 1×8 bags! Thanks for all your inspiration-

  35. Carolyn S says:

    I would LOVE a Pooltles pencil from a famous YouTube star!! Your videos are a sensation to the paper crafting world.

  36. Patricia Owens says:

    Such a clever idea, I love them. They turned out beautiful and so special with your website on them. Anyone would be proud to have one.

  37. love to watch your videos and enjoy all your ideals that you come up with would like to have one thanks

  38. Barbara Felece says:

    Hi Sam!
    I’d say you are a You Tube Star! This is such a cute gift and what a great idea to have your website on the pencils – well done!

  39. Maggie Little says:

    I truly am in awe of you, not because you are a YouTube star (LOVE your videos and yes, we very much think you’re a YouTube Sensation), in awe because you got your kids to help!!
    Please share with me how you made that happen, it never happens at my house.
    Keep making your amazing projects,
    Maggie (from Texas)

  40. Greeting from Canada! Love all your videos Sam! I have learned a great deal from you! Your pencils are adorable and would love to have one! 🙂

  41. I got home last night to find mine waiting for me! Such a nice surprise and I can honestly say that these look even better in real life.

    Thank you so much Sam 🙂

  42. Cute project. I would love to have you send one of them to me in Minnesota! Here’s hoping! Thanks for all your inspiration.

  43. Janice Nolfi says:

    Omg! Your printed pencils bring back memories of when I would buy printed pencils with a birthday wish for my son’s birthday and attach a chocolate lollipop to them for his classroom at school, and oh by the way he turns 20 tomorrow 🙂 So thanx for your project.

  44. Dianne Massie says:

    Love everything you do!
    Would love a Pencil!

  45. Marina from Florida says says:

    Hi Sam,
    I have been watching your videos for a year and am blessed by your creative mind, enthusiasm for life and making things for all who are in your life. You challenge me to think outside my creative mind.

  46. Melissa says:

    I love the pencils-what a cute idea!! I would love to win one 🙂

  47. Annie Jasper in NH says:

    We all have our stamping roles in life. Yours is to go through the torture of deciding all the details of color, position, size and texture. Mine is to gleefully watch your videos, copy your hard work, and impress everyone including myself with how beautiful the projects come out. I always give due credit, telling my loved ones that I am personal friends with a YouTube star from over the sea named Sam! That impresses them even more! Love and thanks, Annie in NH usa

  48. I’m a Texas demo, but I would still order from you if I could –would love to own a “Pootle” item to display in my craft room!
    Thank you for sharing you talents with all of us!

  49. Your videos are so fun and you have fabulous inspiration! I’m in Illinois, but I would love one of these pencils. What a great idea!

  50. I have been watching your videos for some time and love your ideas.
    I have made several of your boxes. Keep up the wonderful ideas.
    Thank you so very much. Linda

  51. Marina from Florida says says:

    Sorry, the rest of my comment was cut off, I thank you for sharing all of your great ideas. Marina

  52. Gloria Westerman says:

    Oh Sam these are so cute!!! so funny about your boys and school…and I think your a YT sensational….love your work and personality….and I would love to have one of your pencil…but I don’t think you’ll pick me because I live in the USA and the cost of shipping is probably to much to ask…but I would still love to have one…tfs

  53. I love your site, Sam!! I have CASED many of your projects, mainly your boxes, the most recent being the faceted box. I love it!!! You are so creative & enjoyable to watch. You are my daily inspiration!! Thank you!

  54. Brenda Blum says:

    Hi Sam…Thanks so much for all your videos and the info you post on your blog. I’ve copied lots of your projects, especially the boxes – which I love! I’m a SU! demo in Saskatoon, SK Canada – so the cost of sending me a pencil would be out of this world. However, could you tell me where you ordered your pencils from? I think these are a great idea! I’ve done pencils in the past – but just the “kids” ones from the Dollar Store!! I watch your posts/videos everyday, so yes…I, too, feel like I know you and know a YouTube Celebrity! Trust everything is well with you. Thanks for sharing these – they are adorable!

  55. What lovely and useful gifts!!! I am a teacher and would love to make these for my students and co workers. You always have such great ideas. THanks so much for sharing!

  56. Oh my gosh Sam! What a cleaver Pootles you are! That is great unique Thank you gift. I think you have the best ideas! Absolutely wonderful videos, I have learned so much from watching you!!! I would be totally honored to receive a Pootles pencile if you picked me! Thank you for all you do for paper crafters! Hugs to you

  57. Jennifer Newell says:

    What a great useful gift. Enjoy watching your videos. Thanks for the chance to win.

  58. To us in the USA you are a You Tube star

  59. Renate hansen says:

    So cute i have got to try this just for the Fun of it.

  60. You are a star Sam…and now your boys are following in your footsteps and becoming so creative. It made me smile to think of them selling your pencils at school…way to go boys!!! I’d love to receive one of your pencils but as I live in Australia it probably won’t happen…oh well a girl can have a dream. Hugs from Alison xxx

  61. Your children our right you are a Youtube sensation! This is such a good idea and a blast from the past, I remember when everything had a printed name on it, matchbooks, pens you name it. Love your videos and wish you sold to Australia.

  62. Hi Sam, I’ve been using pencils a lot lately so it’s such a great idea to gift a pencil with your website on it! Not only is it practical but also personalized. May I know where you got them from?

  63. Nadine Motes says:

    Pencils are a thing of the past –just wonder how many people even use pencils nowadays–unique and clever idea with your name on them and such clever packaging!!!

  64. Hi Sam, I love pencils and use them all the time. Your creation is marvellous, it’s a great idea for a present and I enjoyed your video. I specially liked the way your family helped you with this project. Give a huge hug to all your sons and regards to your Mum for helping you.

  65. Oh my goodness…to have a lovely pencil that has been touched by Pootles! What a treat that would be. Of course, I’d never be able to use it, but it would hold a place of honor on my desk!

  66. Hi Sam, your work is so inspiring. Courious, if one of the pencils finds its way to me 😉

  67. How cute these are,great for table gift,or just a small gift. Love your Videos and the boxes you make. I have made a lot of them for gifts. Also shared the video with a friend. Thank you for sharing.

  68. What a clever idea —–if you have any extra I would love to see one up close and personal. I love the tag idea —-my address is Nancy Hjortness —–89 Brandywine Lane —–Great Falls Montana —-USA

  69. Charlotte says:

    Hi Sam

    just wondering where you got the pencils from as they seem like a great idea x

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