Extra Large Lidded Box Using Birthday Blooms

Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Pootles – Extra Large Lidded Box Using Birthday Blooms

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Pootles - Extra Large Lidded Box Using Birthday Blooms Island Indigo, Tempting Turquoise

It feels like a big box kind of day today! I love to make miniature things, but I also like to make them big! So today’s box is definitely on the big size!

Finishing at 7 x 4 x 2″ (18 x 10 x 5cm) when completed, it’s a great size for packing up those larger gifts and goodies.

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Pootles - Extra Large Lidded Box Using Birthday Blooms

I wanted to use blue today because our Stampin’ Up! arrangement of colours includes a huge 9 different blues! Yes 9! I hadn’t realised quite how many we had because I tend to skip past that section on my colour caddy unless I’m after a specific shade. But because I rearranged last week to include the new in colours, I took some time to admire them all!

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Pootles - Extra Large Lidded Box Using Birthday Blooms Wink of Stella

So with one being Island Indigo and the other being Tempting Turquoise, I broke myself out and definitely got the blues! But in a good way!

I hope you like the oversized boxes, and perhaps you can let me know what you’d put inside them!

S xx

Cardstock BASE – 8 x 11″ (20 x 28cm) Score at 2″ (5cm) on ALL 4 sides

Cardstock LID – 6 x 9″ (15 x 22.5cm) Score at 1″ (2.5cm) on ALL 4 sides using the shim as shown in the video


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  1. Julene says:

    I love your larger projects. It’s always nice to see fennel in your videos

  2. I just Love watching your vedios, and this box is just looking fantastic love it. I will try and do it, hoping it will come out as good as yours. Thank you for sharing your great ideas.
    Sheila x

  3. Phoebe says:

    Hehehe, I love it when Fennel decides she wants in on the videos. My dogs tend to nudge my side when they’ve been sitting beside me for a few minutes and I haven’t stopped whatever I’ve been doing to get them their doggie treats.

  4. Hi Sam! Great project! Love that Fennel stopped by to be a co-star! She just wanted some extra Mummy love! 🙂 I always get a smile from your posts and videos and got an extra one today from Fennel! Thanks, Fennel!

  5. It looks very elegant with the satin ribbon and bit of shimmer! tfs!

  6. Love the project -and the cat! We have 4 inside cats and yes, they do “help me” craft! Got to watch tails with the guillotine cutter’. Had one cat who could find my lost things-if I set something down and then couldn’t find it o could ask him and he would meow and look directly at it! Miss him a lot!
    Have a great day! Blessings, Sharon

  7. Renee McClintock says:

    Really enjoyed the size of this box. Thanks Sam! Thank you fennel. You are so cute!!!

  8. Dianne Massie says:

    Another beautiful box to try!
    And yes my 32lb Cocker Spaniel has to sit on the corner of my desk looking out the window when I’m crafting.

  9. Beverly Benson says:

    Sam & Fennel Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful box project. I love the size too. So pretty and elegant. For the record, my Bijou often sits in my chair with me when crafting. (Bijou is a Maltese).

  10. Dear Fennel,

    Please tell your mom that when I first got my envelope punch-board, your video was the first box-making video I watched. Now, months later, she’s still my favorite video demonstrator of all. But I have to admit, when you decide to make an appearance, you’re the highlight.

    Your fan,
    Beth from over the pond in the U.S.

  11. P.S. Katya, Luka and the cat Mandu are the resident cats. Katya’s and Luka’s job is craft-interference. They just turned 15 years old, so can’t leap onto the table, but insist on sprawling on my lap so I have to work around them. (We have specially built cat steps so they can get up to their favorite places.) Our beloved dog passed away last Fall, but Luka mimics dog behavior the best that he can, so is a true comfort.

  12. Gloria Westerman says:

    Prefect gift box…can’t wait to make one…thank you so much for sharing this with us…I don’t have any cats…but I do have a couple of dogs that love to hang out with me in my craft room…I love that they want to be with me…tfs

  13. Love the box, Sam. Ideal to put in a lovely silky scarf which would make a very elegant present. And what a beautiful bow too…
    xx Bettina

  14. Hannie says:

    Nice box Sam! I like the larger sizes as well! As far as fastfuse, I despise mine, it always manages to stick unto itself while it’s whinding around

  15. Mary Jo says:

    Pretty box Sam! That stamp is just the right size!

  16. Absolutely love this card. In fact I like everything you create

  17. Sam, I love your boxes and I can’t join your team or order but the other day I made your tall skinny box and used flowers as decorations and put three of the coffee pods in for my grandson to give his Mom for Mother’s Day. Love Love Love you videos. Suzy from Ontario Canada

  18. Annie Jasper in NH says:

    If you could see how my box came out you would have a good laugh. I was having a conversation while cutting my pieces and cut the bottom an inch too short. My husband teased that my box has an overbite haha So the obvious solution is to go cut another bottom to the correct size and another top too long, and bingo! I will have not one but two lovely boxes!
    Thank you for the wonderful shimming idea, Sam!

  19. Barbara Felece says:

    Hi Sam
    I haven’t commented much of late. I have developed some serious health issues and I want you to know how much your voice and videos have cheered and lifted me on some dark days recently. Love this larger box too and Fennel is such a pretty pooler!
    Barbara xx

  20. Another great video. I love this box, so simple and elegant. TFS!

  21. Judy P. says:

    Since I live in a condo that does not allow pets, I cannot comment on how much these little guys enhance my life and help my crafting. All the more reason why I find joy in viewing your crafting-assistant, Fennel. Since I can’t comment on pets, I will comment on your tendency to skip the blues in your projects. Blue is my favorite color (or colour,); wish I lived closer to you — then I could trade all the blues you don’t use very often for the colo(u)rs I do not use very often — like the yellows/oranges/golds. Projects large or small- I love them all. JP

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