Pootles’ Buy One Get One Free Stampin’ Up! Sale

Pootles’ Buy One Get One Free Stampin’ Up! Sale

flash sale

It’s the first of it’s kind! This is the crazy Pootles’ Buy One Get One Free sale! Super dooper simple, all the products listed on these pages are supplies that I have bought myself. They are all now retired and frankly, they’re taking up space!

So in order to get some space, I’m selling them to you. But here’s the fun part! Read on…. For every £1 you spend on THESE products here, I will then buy you £1 worth of product from the CURRENT catalogue.

Yes, that is Buy Retired products and get Free New products!

IE, if you choose 3 stamp sets and a couple of dies and your total comes to £100, I will then buy you £100 of ANY products YOU CHOOSE from the current catalogue. Yes you’re choosing the new stuff yourself! I’ll be emailing you so don’t worry about that!

All the prices you see below are the last known retail price of them, regardless of whether they are new or used. I’ve marked them New simply for your information.

Anyone want to grab a bargain? Please note, there’s only 1 of each item, when it’s gone, it’s gone.

There’s more information on the pages linked below, so please click on the names for the relevant products and photos, prices and more!




This sale ends on Friday 12th, and so you need to be in it quick!

S xx


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  1. Chris Grosh says:

    United States residents can participate or no?

  2. Hi Sam thanks for the buy one get one free offer. Will we be able to add to our money in order to buy an item we want. I would really like Mixed drinks but would need to add the difference as well as the postage. Is this possible please? Many thanks xx

  3. Of course Wendy!

  4. Oh, man. I wish I could participate. Being on the other side of the world means I’m out. The freight alone would cost twice as much as the items, plus we have to pay a huge tax to import

  5. Is this open to the USA?

  6. GREAT! Oh my gosh, when I checked your blog today I was so excited to find out about this! I haven’t ordered my 2nd hand stamps yet, but when I do I will buy current Stampin write markers. However, I’d like to ask you- should I start my collection with the brights or subtles? I love pastel colours and hot pinks. Once I choose a colour collection, it will determine what I buy in the futre! I would really appreciate your help!
    Ps- there are no punches in this sale?

    • All the punches went in about an hour and a half!!!

    • And I’d go for Brights!!

      • Wow- an hour and a half? You must have some enthusiastic customers! I came back from work ready to order- but my chosen stamp had been sold! But, thanks for your colour advice. Soon I’m going to have my very first Stampin Up! shopping spree. But I must make sure not to go very over the top! The products are quite expensive!

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