Pootlers Design Team Lovely Stitching Week 3

Pootlers Design Team Lovely Stitching Week 3

Stampin' Up! Lovely Stitching

So once again, we’re back with the August Design Team and once again, they’ve come up with a huge variety of different projects all using this same stamp set. I love how varied they are – the joy of having creative minds!

Have a look at their sneak peek photos here, then of course, head over to their blogs to see more!

S xx

Angelina Clark

Karen McDonald

Keren Howell

Sally Shaw

Angelina Clark Week 3

Angelina Clark

Karen McDonald Week 3

Karen McDonald

Keren Howell Week 3

Keren Howell

Sally Shaw Week 3

Sally Shaw



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  1. Val Peacock says:

    Another great set of inspiration thankyou all.

  2. Nannie Annie says:

    Lovely cards, thank you to all.

  3. Sheila Klimas says:

    love all the color combinations….and styles.

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