Pootlers Design Team My Hero Week 2

Pootlers Design Team My Hero Week 2

Pootler's Design Team

Stampin' Up! Ronald McDonald House Charity Stamp Set My Hero

Click the pic to see more about the stamp set and the charity

And we are back with another week of the Pootlers Design Team. I love how these ladies have all created such beautiful projects and they’re so totally ‘their style’ so to speak.

This is such a great stamp set with so many different seasons and events covered. I can’t wait to see their projects in more detail. Click on their names to see more if you’d like to too!

Anna Krol

Jillian Selwood
Joanne Dibb

Suzy Elliot

Suzy Elliot Week 2

Anna Krol Week 2

Jillian Selwood Week 2

Joanne Dibb Week 2



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  1. I love these designs. They give ideas and inspire on how to use this cute set.
    Thank you so much for posting ….

  2. Wonderful projects – I hadn’t even looked at this set!

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