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Hi Everyone, well it seems that the company that delivers my blog posts via email and social media have decided to do an upgrade that clearly hasn’t worked…. And they’ve gone away on conference….

For the last 2 days, my emails haven’t been arriving in your inboxes as usual and it’s as frustrating to me as it is to you.

I have a fantastic web guru who manages the background stuffs on my site and she is working on a solution for me as we speak. This may mean that there will be a small blip in activity, but we are hopeful that the emails will be back up and running asap.

Ironically, this blog post won’t be shared into your inbox either, but I’m hoping that with enough shares everywhere, the word will get out. So for those of you who have read it, can you hit one/some of the buttons down at the bottom to keep sharing for me. There’s one for twitter, facebook, email etc. Hit one or any please, I’d be so grateful.

If you haven’t seen the last 2 days posts, I’ll add the links here.

Sunday – Tea Bag treats using so much DSP!

Monday – Fat Squishy Sloping Box using Petals & Paisley DSP

While I’ve got you here though, Stampin’ Up! is also having routine maintenance done, so they online shops will all be down today (Monday) til about midday. So please don’t panic if you can’t get your orders in!

Anyway, I have a full day of clearing my emails and pms and then blogging ahead of me but I’m on my phone should you need me at all!

Have a great week everyone. Now who’s got the coffee?

S xx




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  1. Daggi Mosler says:

    But the ‘Cosy Critters’ did arrive today! Thank you so much – it’s a nice set! If only I had more time to spend with my crafting goodies…..
    Have a great week! Love, Daggi

  2. What a way to start the week! Things can only get better, right?

  3. What à Monday! I am in Hospital since a few days and I first thought, my smartphone did not work correctly. Let’s hope the Best for your “new internet life”.
    Best wishes

  4. Elinor Roberts says:

    Hi Sam,
    I had an email this morning (Monday)to say you were having technical trouble, but I didn’t get any yesterday or the day before. Hope this helps.

  5. ann sheppard says:

    HI SAM,
    Like Elinor above I Had an email to say you were having tech problems but I didn’t get any yesterday or the day before . Hope this helps xx

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