Super Dooper Amazing And Wonderful Competition!

Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Pootles – Super Dooper Amazing And Wonderful Competition!

I do love to come up with fun things and once in a blue moon I do a competition. Now this one has a couple of factors to it, so please read carefully.



Super Dooper Amazing And Wonderful Competition! Many Marvellous Markers Full PRIZE

I have a full set of Many Marvellous Markers AND Both sets of In Colour Markers to give away. The entire collection of Stampin’ Write Markers and the much coveted storage case.

Yes, that’s over £125 of product that I would love to send to someone. However some of you already have the markers, so if you’re the winner and you do already have them, I am happy to swap that for a £125 product spend in my shop.

Here’s how to enter to win.

  • Place an order in my shop over £20 ($26.50) and get 1 ticket into the draw
  • Place an order in my shop over £50 (€66.50) and get 3 tickets into the draw
  • Place an order in my shop over £100 (€135) and get 7 tickets into the draw
  • Place an order in my shop over £150 (€200) and get 12 tickets into the draw
  • Place an order in my shop over £200 ($266.50) and get 20 tickets into the draw

*orders must be placed between 16th and 30th September*

It’s as simple as that.

But I want to let you know that every single person who places an order over £20 will get a prize sent in the post just for taking part. It may be embellishments, it could be papers, but it will be something fun!


However I do have some wonderful people around the world who support me and I want to make sure you’re included in a little competition. I can’t send you Stampin’ Up! product, but I can send you a box of goodies that I’ve made.

All you need to do is leave me a comment telling me a crafty fact about you and which country you’re in.

Best of luck everyone!

Sam xx


  • Product Prize open only to the UK, The Netherlands, France, Austria, Germany
  • Prize will be supplied by me and posted at my expense
  • order total does not include postage which is a standard flat rate of £4.95/€5.95
  • Orders must be placed by 22.00 GMT (23.00CT) on September 30th
  • Orders already submitted to my online store on 16th September will be included
  • Name will be drawn at random and the winner notified by October 3rd 2016
  • All entrants will receive a product prize from me and will be shipped separately from their order by October 7th)
  • Goodie Box Prize is open Globally
  • Please leave your comment by 22.00 GMT September 30th

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  1. Debbie Jones says:

    Sam, I love your blog and all the projects you share. A crafty note about me is that I have a granddaughter that loves to paper craft with me and she calls herself my mini me . I just love when she comes to craft. I am in the USA.


  2. Sam, I have been following your blog for 3 years and love your projects. I use them in my classes, A LOT. I enjoy reading about your family too. THANKS for sharing what you love. I live in the USA, Florida, but visit Maryland often where my children, grandchildren and lots of friends live.

  3. Daniëlle Kassing says:

    Hi Sam, you are great. Thank you for all the projects you learned to make me through YouTube. And thank you for getting me hooked on SU . A crafty note for me is that I like to do things another way and a little bit out of the box sometimes (or is that called creativity). Big greetings from The Netherlands. Daniëlle Kassing.

  4. Hi Sam first of all thank you for the opportunity to win one of your gifts. Believe me I feel so fortunate to follow you on your blog. Your projects are so nice and with all the instructions. I actually have a binder with some of your instructions and measurements that are my favorites. I live in the state of Colorado in the USA. I enjoy making gifts for family and friends especially birthdays and holidays or just a little something for someone special. Thank you for all you share with your blog followers.

  5. Janet Rawluck says:

    Hi Sam,my crafty fact is I became a Demo because of you! I started watching your videos and fell in love.Thank you from Canada!

  6. Kerry Neill says:

    Hi Sam
    Wow what an opportunity. We In Australia love you and your craft tutorials. You are my guru. Love the office staff as well look forward to the furry take on what’s happening around the desk lol. You have a cheeky cat.
    Crafty fact about me: I moved into the backyard to turn my bedroom into my craft room. Best move I ever made.

  7. Hi Sam – Since finding you on You tube I love seeing your demos. You inspire me with your projects. About me – I love to scrapbook and to make cards. I love Stampin’ Up products (they are the best on the market). I love making cards using the stamps, the punches and especially the thin cuts – no more fussy cutting which is not my forte. FYI I have a guiding event coming up – hosting 100+ ladies. I am making your envelope tea bag holder to put at each place setting 🙂

  8. Olivia Liew says:

    Hi Sam, greetings from Sydney! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your tutorials. I’ve found so much inspiration from your sharing. Crafty fact about me – I knew that I like pretty stuff at a tender age of 6 when I was given a beautiful stationery set. To me the set was so pretty that I did not want to start using it and had saved it for special occasions. You won’t believe, until today, 30 years later, it is still brand new!

  9. Hi Sam,
    I love your crafts and easy to follow YouTube videos even my kids (6 & 8 year olds) enjoy watching and creating your projects! My crafty fact is that I’ve had family and friends buy treat boxes from me as favours for special occasions…thanks to you! I am in Canada.

  10. Patricia Preston says:

    Hi Sam! Greetings from Maryland, USA! I read your blog everyday and make your creations all the time. I am a stamping, stained glass, mosaic crafting chick who loves being creative and making people smile when I give them a little piece of my art – whether that be paper, glass or stone! Thanks for being my inspiration!

  11. Sam,
    I love your blog and listening to you talk! I have cased lots and lots of your projects you share so thank you for always sharing. A crafty fact about me is I love to make treats for my co-workers and friends. They always appreciate them so much.

  12. Hello
    I’m Wendy from London, UK. I love colour! I love buying Stampin’ Up products because they specialise in colour. They are experts at mixing and matching colours, beautiful colours – inks, ink pads, Designer paper, matching card, embellishments – I want it all!

    I love Sam’s videos because they are inspiring and calming. Thank you Sam for sharing your passion for colour.

  13. I have a good demo in the USA, but I do love you. Thanks for allowing the rest of us to win some of your product.

  14. Patricia Allison says:

    Hi Sam, I discovered your blog last year, attending a craft show in California (where I live.). A vendor there shared that a lot of her ideas were learned from you… She had a lot of three dimensional items for sale. She carefully spelled Pootles for me, and said, “Her name is Sam.” I went home and found your website and signed up, and now I follow your blog almost every day! Thanks for all of the fun things you share. You are very creative!

  15. Hi Sam, greetings from all the way from the Philippines. I’ve been following your blog and recommending it to fellow crafters for 3 years I’m a huge fan of your Advent Countdown and 6×6 paper series, and my 2 favorites of your novelty boxes to make are the faceted gift box and the hexagonal gift box. I also loved your battery operated tealight projects so much that I bought a couple of boxes of the lights from Ikea all the way from Hong Kong!

    Sadly, the only way I can acquire Stampin Up products is to ask a friend who has a friend in the US to purchase for me, the wait for as long as 3 months before I get my purchase shipped through private post (our postal system is really bad–everything that isn’t registered mail from overseas get stolen!)

    • I forgot to mention one more thing–I’m a big fan of Fennel and I love seeing the kitty cameos

      • Belinda Litsch says:

        Hi Phoebe,
        I’m from Cagayan de Oro Mindanao but a permanent resident in Austria. I’m so glad to see your comments here and that we share same fashion. I bought my Stampin Up products now from Sam but before I found her, I bought from the US as I visit the States often. I go home to pinas quite regular. Maybe we can communicate via email or messenger and share our fashion in crafting. You can pm me in messenger; Belinda Eduave-Litsch
        Hope to hear from you.

  16. sharon singh says:

    Hi Sam,
    It’s because of your Pootleness:) that I’ve gotten into Stampin UP products. I have been a faithful daily Canadian follower for over two years and LOVE just about everything you do! YOU are my inspiration to create gifts and cards all year round for family/friends/teachers/anyone to make them feel special and appreciated. I have waited a long time to receive a Goodie from you and am super excited!!! You have a very generous heart to include us globally, thank you.

    May God Bless you and your boys,

  17. Hi Sam thanks for all the great videos. Like others have mentioned I have cased many of your boxes. Love them!! I am located in Washington State. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  18. Charlene Itamura says:

    Thank you for sharing all of your creative ideas with all of us, we love them. I have an 8 year old granddaughter who is now making her own cards, she loves to craft with me and I really enjoy our time together making things. Thank you for all you do for us.
    Hawaii, USA

  19. Crafty fact about me …. ummm I love to add glitter to my projects and try to use every bit of paper I can. 🙂
    Crafting from USA.

  20. Oh gosh ~ had to scroll down for a while to find this box as you are so popular and everyone would love a little something from your fair hands!! I am an expat Brit who lives in North Texas and have been following your blog for several years. My crafty fact is I love to do 3D projects using SU goodies, my particular passion right now is frame art samplers.

  21. Wow. I just placed an order today – without knowing that I would enter a competition. Just the possibility to take part is such a generous way to treat your customers. Thank you ❣

  22. Sam, I love your blog and follow it since 1.5 years. You have so many great and beautiful ideas and I also love to read about your daily live with your boys. I have two small children and the card and goodies for my daughter’s baptism were inspired by your projects! Thank you! Best wishes from Switzerland

  23. Jannicke Tærud says:

    Hi Sam!
    I need to join this competition:-)
    I’m in Norway and discovered your YouTube channel a couple of years ago.
    A crafty fact about me is that I have made small homemade items since I was a little girl. Now I do paper crafts, make jewellery and sew.
    Love to see your next project 🙂
    Best regards, Jannicke

  24. Stephanie Sheffield says:

    Hi Sam,
    I’ve been a scrapbooker for years but just started making cards with SU products about a year ago. I found your blog and your videos and now I’m a faithful fan! I watch your videos most mornings while I drink my coffee. Thanks for all the inspiration! I live in Spring, Texas.

  25. Lorigale perkins says:

    Hi Sam,
    I have been following you for many years now and I LOVE your projects. I make a lot of your projects(with a little twist of my own) and sell them at our local craft fairs. They are always a huge success. Thank you for sharing your ideas. You are amazing!!! I look forward to many more years following you.

  26. I’m a paper addict from Vermont, USA. Yours is the first blog I read everyday, and have been following you for the 2 years I have been with SU (although I went back to the beginning of your videos and binge watched every thing you had previously recorded!) I had the honor of seeing you present at Lisa Pretto’ s recent Gathering for Greatness. You inspire us all with your creative aesthetic and tremendous enthusiasm. Long may your banner wave!

  27. Love your blog and your videos are fantastic. I’ve learnt so much from you and could watch your videos all day, if only I could x You are such an inspiration and you give me so much confidence. I live on the south coast (UK) and my crafty fact is that I did all the stationary, flavours and other craft items for my son’s wedding. My crafting partner is my 5 year old grandson who loves getting out my stamps and punches and make things for mummy and daddy. If we can’t think of anything to make he will say “why don’t we look at Mrs Pootle” – that’s you Sam. Thank you so much for all you do, you are very much appreciated. Take care. x

  28. Morning Sam. Love Love Love your blog, it’s my go to site every morning at 7am when I get home from night shift to see what new creations you have made. I visit it for inspiration and scroll through old blogs if looking for a certain box or card I’ve seen and want to make. Just finished 40 Wedding favour boxes for a friends wedding in Fiji. All made from your design. Love your videos too. My crafty fact is hopeing my creations turn out as beautiful as yours. Cheers Jenny, New Zealand

  29. Cheryl McAskill says:

    Hello Sam! from North Carolina, USA! Your Blog is one I do look forward to, everyday! I have made many of the adorable bags and boxes that you have demonstrated…the recipients are happy! The crafty thing about myself is that I am a big CASEr of many cards…but, I do HAVE to change one or two things up to totally make it mine…but credit IS given where credit is due! Thank you for your wonderful shares and I have told many to go to your blog and to sign up for your tutorials! I do hope they have signed up! Blessings to you…

  30. Caroline Cabral says:

    Hi Sam! I’m from Brazil. I love your blog and ideas. Unfortunately we don’t have SU here, I buy it online and send to my sister’s house who lives in USA and she sends me. A crafty fact… I love paper, and sometimes is so hard to use the DSP ones, but I love to make treats to people I know.

  31. Melissa Vuckovich says:

    Hi Sam!! I’m from the USA. I love your tutorials. Crafty fact about me: I never made a single box until I discovered your Youtube channel.

  32. Jeanette_Norman says:

    Hi Sam, I’m in Australia and love using your blog for fun ideas for a small craft class a friend and I hold for a lovely group of ladies.

  33. Greetings from Kamloops,British Columbia, Canada. I watch all of your videos and have learned so much from you.I really love making treat boxes. They are quite addicting aren’t they?You make it so easy to follow and understand. Thanks for all you do Sam!!

  34. Sandra Meynell says:

    Hi Sam. I am from Wellington, New Zealand and have been watching your YouTube channel for ages. You are the reason I became a Stampin Up Demonstrator and the first thing I ordered in my starter kit was the Simply Scored so I could make your boxes.



  35. Jennifer Newell says:

    Hi Sam, I’m from Illinois, USA. I stumbled across your you tube videos about a year ago when looking for a box to make. I’ve been hooked every since. I love your videos and how easy they are to follow along. Crafty fact about me is that I’ve become known for making unique boxes/bags for gifts all because of you, from watching your videos. Thanks for your inspiration.

  36. Marthea W Aust says:

    Hi Sam,
    I am another of your very devoted (& grateful) international followers.
    I live in Western Australia and I have been following almost since you started with SU.
    Being 8 hours ahead of GMT I read your blog every evening from the comfort of my bed.
    Love your videos and clear measurements & instructions and like many others really appreciate your generosity in sharing your ideas and talents with us all. Your boys are also talented it is lovely that they help you with your crafting.

    I love to make cards and your 3D items and so do my grand daughters who are now 5 & 7, but they have been busily crafting with me for 2 years.

  37. Hi Sam, I LOVE your blog and look forward to reading it every day. I especially like your 3D projects and have a very thick binder with instructions on how to make most of them 🙂 . Crafty fact about me – I live in Florida and love to make beachy sea things. When I started on my stampy journey, it was making your boxes. I quickly graduated to cards and all manner of stamping creativity. I have been a hobby SU demo for the last 2 years and have a hard time not buying it all when a new catalog comes out. Stampin’ Up is the best.

  38. Hi Sam – crafty thing about me – if you’d asked me 2.5 years ago, I’d have said that I have the creativity of a brick and am terrible with colour. Then I found Stampin’ Up! I started playing with colour and really, it’s changed my life. I am no longer scared of colour and I create most days. I love it! So much so that I even started my own blog. I’m a Brit now living in Randolph, New Jersey.

  39. Christine Grosh says:

    Hi Sam, I am a stamper from the U.S.A. I work at a small gift shop in PA and I make gift boxes to sell. I have used a couple of your videos to help me with some new/unique boxes – so thanks so much for sharing your talents with us all.

  40. Hello Sam, I am in Wyoming, USA and I love stamping. I started out as a scrapbooker, but love making cards as well. It warms my heart when someone enjoys one of my handmade items.

  41. Sarah Crankshaw says:

    Oh WoW ! What an incredibly generous prize ! I actually ordered my first markers from Stampin up in my last order lol they haven’t arrived yet but I’m eagerly awaiting , I would be super excited if I won a pack of four . Thanks for the opportunity and good luck everyone

  42. Hello Sam,
    That you for all your wonderful tutorials. I have learned so much from you, and my family and friends have received some awesome goodie bags and boxes because of it. Crafty fact: I’ve recently gotten into cutting vinyl with my Cricut, and now nothing is safe. I’m in Michigan in the United States.
    Thanks for this opportunity to win some of your craftyness.

  43. Kath Cherrie says:

    Hi Sam. I love your work. We have quite a group of crafters in New Zealand who follow you and talk Pootles often.
    I love doing Granny mail with some of my darling grandchildren. This week I have tried some using my luscious Project Life kits. They now have to make something with the goodies I have sent them and post it back. Live this way of sharing my crafting
    Thanks for all your support encouragement and wonderful ideas.

  44. Hello from Las Vegas, Nevada USA!
    A crafty fact about me is I’m fairly certain I get my crafting itch from my father. Apparently he had a creative epiphany when I was born and named me “McCine” (Mac-seen) – spelled like that with the “little c in the air” as I’ve explained countless times thruout my life. ☺️ Currently, I’m in the midst of moving my crafty cave downstairs, he likes to make comments about my not having it done when he comes over. To which I reply it’s his fault I feel the need to craft, hoard supplies and express my creativity in some form since I couldn’t bring myself to bestow names such as mine on my children as a testament to my creative genius.

  45. Hello San! I love the amazing optojects you make, your videos and that you willingly share how to make beautiful gifts and things! Just had my own retreat this past weekend with 22 crafters and prepared a number of your project for pillow gifts and more! Stampers were all thrilled!!! I am from Canada and love to tell friends and Stampers about you!

  46. Gay Lynn Morrison says:

    Hi Sam,
    Hello from Alpharetta, Georgia.
    Anytime I want to make anything 3D, I head to your blog. You are incredibly talented and I love your projects and cards. Thank you for your videos; they help so much! I love to craft and give handmade/ homemade cards and gifts to others as a way to show how much they mean to me.

  47. Hi Sam. Greetings from the beautiful city of San Francisco, California. I just love making your boxes and have many of them in my craft room holding the many eyeglasses I need to make wonderful projects. I am in love with your contagious laugh..especially when something you are doing goes slightly off. I find myself laughing alongside you. I enjoy crochet and I make scarves and eyeglass holders and my family and I go to the streets and hand them out to unfortunate homeless people. Keep up your food work and thank you for sharing with us

  48. Cynthia Cole says:

    Hello Sam. A crafty fact is I make Pysanky eggs! A few years back I was looking on Youtube or maybe it was Pinterest, not sure which, for a cute container for an egg and stumbled upon your name. I’ve been following you ever since. I live in Ohio, USA. Thanks so much for all the great videos!

  49. CherylFillers says:

    I love everything u make . I have to check with u everyday somtimes 2 and 3 times a day. I love all Stamping Up. Hooked on it now .thanks for giving us the chance to win these markers . I sure could use them. . I love watching your videos. On Youtube.

  50. Ellen Aronson says:

    “Commenting from the USA- love your blog and I plan to show three of my crafty friends several of your fab creations at our crafty reunion in Colorado next week. Four of us craft together and I can’t wait to share some of your great ones! Thank you for your creative creations!

  51. Hi Sam , I am from Australia. I love everything that you make and do . I have been following you from when you had started .All your instructions are so very easy to follow and they work out too. I have all of the instructions written down in a book and when I need a present to be made I can always find one .
    You really are an inspiration and I thank you from my heart ,all that you have done ,please keep going and dont stop what you are doing!! It really is such good therapy which helps me so much.You are the very best

  52. Jenae Stonefire says:

    Hi Sam!
    I love your posts and videos! I am currently catching up on about 2 weeks of posts. I am a school teacher and have had trouble keeping up with you and the start of school! My method of dealing with stress, is to craft, so when I get stressed out, my coworkers get cute handmade projects! Covered notebooks are very popular! This year I also did post-it note holders! Thank you for all the inspiration and fun times!

  53. Fay Marie Gardner says:

    Hi Sam!
    I have been following your blog for a few years now and I love it. I love that many of your projects are 3-D items, (bags, boxes, etc.)! These are my favorite craft items. I am impressed with your ability to create new items on the envelop punch board. I wish that I could do that! I also love to hear about your family. You are so lucky to have your boys involved in your craft!! I live in New York, USA!

  54. Hello Sam.. unfortunately I am unable to buy from you as I live in Australia..
    I love your blog. you make some amazing boxes .. you inspire me with what you come up with.. I am a card maker and love making flower cards..
    thanks for a chance to enter your competition..
    kind regards Hanny , Mandurah Western Australia

  55. alison gibson says:

    Sam, I love your three dimensional projects and love your videos would love a chance to win some goodies
    my name is alison and I live in Yorkshire, england

  56. Hi Sam,
    A crafty fact about me…hmm, lots to choose from lol! OK my crafty song is Disturbia by Rhianna, my daughter, nearly 14, has joined me in crafting for many many years and we are both big fans of your work. I love steampunk although I have a very diverse range I like to craft in lol!
    Bye and Thanks! X

  57. Hi Sam,I’ve been crafting for about 10years. I was more a scrap poker, but now am more 3D projects and cards. i love watching your videos. You have Inspired me to make a lot of your projects xoxo

  58. I am addicted to paper and always buy new one!
    I am also addicted to your videos!
    They are very inspiring!

  59. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! Woooooooowwwwwwww again . . . BUT . . . how will I know if I am participating for the inks or for the markers? Both lots are beautiful, but I would rather win the inks — ha!ha!ha! Thanks again for your generosity!


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