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A very good morning on this rather chilly Monday morning!


So this weekend, and today, no-one has received an email update with my latest blog posts. Yes, that’s 3 days on the trot that the service who provides the email automation have failed.

When this happened a few weeks back, they were away on conference and would only speak to ‘top paying’ customers. So I duly upgraded to become a ‘top paying’ customer.

The problem was apparently fixed but it would seem that they are playing games with me. Typically I’ve been away this weekend and the lovely lady who maintains the background finite detail of the blog and it’s appearance did her very best to get a reply out of the, but nothing.

Right now, we are seeking an alternative to provide this email notification, and I’m crossing all my fingers and toes that this blog post will arrive with you.

I want to reassure you all though that no, I haven’t taken anyone off the email subscription list, nor would I ever. I know a few of you have been concerned about this, but please know, this isn’t what’s happened.

I think we all love and loathe modern technology in equal measure….

So with apologies, and the hope that it will be fixed ASAP,

Sam x


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  1. Hi I thought it was odd I not be getting updates how frustrating for you hope it’s sorted soon.

  2. Still getting all the good stuff.

  3. Jennygrimble says:

    Hope you get sorted soon x

  4. Knew something was up..!! But I can put my mind at ease knowing u and family are well…
    Looking forward to seeing new video…
    We will be waiting !!

  5. Jessie Knight says:

    That’s modern technology for you and I hope you are up and running soon.
    Love, Jessie x

  6. Sorry to here of your problems. Hope it is fixed soon. Anne

  7. Sorry to hear about your frustrations! I’ve been missing your emails. Now I know why. Waiting with you for a positive outcome! your videos!!

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