Is this thing working?


So for the last 48 hours, the lovely lady who manages the technical side of my blog, and I have been working like crazy to find a solution to why my blog isn’t automatically emailing everyone who subscribes.

Yesterday I spent hours on a ‘live chat’ with someone who was less than no use. Today however, I’ve been on a live chat with someone far more knowledgeable….

So I’m keeping all bits crossed and praying really hard that their end is now fixed and this blog post is going to zap around the world and land in everyone’s emails…

S xx


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  1. Got the email! Well done.

  2. I got it in Virginia near Washington DC!

  3. Works great!

  4. Yay – its working OK for me Sam. How frustrating for you – hope (and pray) its all good now. x

  5. Bee Gelder says:

    It landed in my email x

  6. yay got the email, its working!

  7. Got this email.

  8. Ann Anderson from B.C. Canada says:

    Got it in Canada !! Yippee you are back !!

  9. Got it!

  10. Marina from Florida says says:

    Got it in Florida!

  11. Yipee, received you mail Sam. xx

  12. Two Beths out of three comments, wow. (The second Beth wasn’t me.)

  13. Jeannine Garner says:

    Got the email! Thanks

  14. Hooray Sam, clapping hands lovely to receive the email x

  15. Paula Reid says:

    It’s worked :). It managed to find it’s way ‘Down Under’ to Auckland, New Zealand. Would be great it you were able to make it ‘Down Under’ some time – we’d love to see you and your boys here. Have a great day 🙂

  16. yes, got it in Ohio

  17. Kim McAlister says:

    I received mine!

  18. I got your email all the way over here in Australia. So glad it’s fixed, my inbox was a bit quiet.

  19. It made it to Maryland in the USA! Thank you for all of your efforts on our behalf.

  20. Raewyn Gilchrist says:

    Hi Sam, received it safely in The Land Down Under, Australia.

  21. Got it in Oregon:)

  22. Clare Eich says:

    Yay got mine.. Fingers crossed for my morning dose of Ms Sam Hammond xx

  23. I got it Sam. Thank you. X

  24. jane wheat says:

    You made it to Michigan! Technology is only wonderful when it works. That’s why I love my Big Shot, but have a strained relationship with my Silhouette Cameo.

  25. Frances Chapman says:

    It seems to be working, thanks missed your blog this am

  26. Kathy Skinner says:

    You made it to Oregon as well!!! Love your emails and blog posts! Your projects are awesome!

  27. Barbie Zwicker says:

    Got it here in NS Canada. I was wondering where it was yesterday:) happy you’re back in my inbox.

  28. Isobel Sykes says:

    Just got your e mail Sam thank you x

  29. Yay! Got it in sunny San Francisco Bay Area, California

  30. Fay Marie Gardner says:

    Got it in New York, USA!!

  31. Woohoo its working again xx

  32. Got mine, NW Washington, USA

  33. Got it in NH! Looks like you are back on track! Hip Hip!

  34. Yeah! It works again. Thanks so much for your hard work (with the help of the lovely lady) . Now I’m looking forward to your mails in the morning again
    Nessie x

  35. It’s working here in Canada as well.

  36. Doesn’t technology just suck sometimes.

  37. Got it, thanks for getting it worked out, that can be a bummer.

  38. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    I got here in Lakeland Fl. !

  39. Got it in Louisiana!!!!

  40. Got you here in Indianapolis, IN!

  41. Patricia Owens says:

    Working great in Montana, USA

  42. Got it in Pennsylvania!!! We were lost without you…just like yesterday’s card

  43. Got it here in Ohio, USA!

  44. Thanks Sam, mine arrived this evening – (UK). Sorry you have had so many problems! Looking forward to your next post… xx

  45. Sarah Crankshaw says:

    Yay !! It’s fixed ! Xx

  46. YAY!!!! I was having Pootles withdrawals 🙁 Amazing how you don’t know what have until it’s gone…hahaha Welcome back!!!

  47. It’s working for me in France. Thank you Sam…. 🙂

  48. Got it! I’m in Canada

  49. Got the email. I’m in Florida in the U.S.
    Great news!

  50. sherri Allsman says:

    Thanks, Sam I got the email. I’m in Seattle Washington

  51. Got the email!

  52. Yes, just got my email here in the U.K.

  53. Made it to Kansas, USA 🙂 No worries Sam…we’ll all wait patiently for things to be fixed

  54. Amanda Anderson says:

    Have just seen the email in uk

  55. ann sheppard says:

    made it to south wales, Thanks Sam thought we had lost you completely so glad to have you back x

  56. Lynne Ernst says:

    Make it to Illinois. Good luck

  57. I got your email in BC Canada 😀
    So glad to see you Sam!! 😀

  58. Yup here in the UK

  59. Thank you it works !!!

  60. Marie0112 says:

    Got it in the USA!!

  61. Seems to be working today!

  62. Even got it here in rural India

  63. Hi Sam received your email in Kinka Beach Australia xx

  64. So glad you’re not out in cyber space anymore!!! I have missed you!

  65. Made it to San Diego, CA, USA! So glad we have you back!

  66. Got it so please my morning are not the same when you are not there.Thanks Sam

  67. Got mail here in Missouri, USA.!

  68. git it in Scotland too. Hurray.

  69. Edith Heyns says:

    Whoohooo!!! Got it in beautiful New Zealand Sam. Land of the long white cloud! Well done ma’am.

  70. Also Gott the email. Even in Germany
    Great to “have you back”!

  71. Hawaii checking in – Mission Accomplished.

  72. Dianne Massie says:

    Got it in Texas! Yee Haw!

  73. Sue Ouellette says:

    Got it, Courtice, Ontario. : )

  74. Laura D France says:

    Yea! Got the email, praying it works tomorrow

  75. Brenda Stallings says:

    Got it in Georgia US! Way to go!

  76. Sarah Schullstrom says:

    Yay!!! It does exist!!! I’m so thrilled for you. Received in New York–upstate. Have a great crafting day

  77. Blanche Neal says:

    Got the e-mail for 10/4/16
    Thanks from Texas

  78. Rec’d your email.
    Thanks from Arizona

  79. Yea !!!!!!

  80. Debra Seleni says:

    Glad your back. Like reading your emails before I head out to work

  81. Got it Glad you are back in business Love the internet when it works

  82. Karen Reid says:

    Got it! Happy to hear from you again.

  83. I’m here

  84. Nannie Annie says:

    Just got it in Berkshire. Hope it’s now sorted.

  85. Janice Nolfi says:

    Just got it in Agawam, Massachusetts

  86. Got it in Berlin, Germany!!

  87. I was getting a complex! I missed my “Pootles Fix”! This one made it to Texas!

  88. Got it in NJ… 🙂

  89. Thanks Sam, lovely to hear from you…smile

  90. Pam Hartung says:

    Received in Ontario, Canada!

  91. Received the email this evening in Canada

  92. Got your email all the way in Alice Springs, Red centre of Australia! Welcome back Sam!

  93. Got it in Winnipeg, Canada. I’ve missed you!

  94. Got it in Traverse City, Michigan

  95. Gayla Hunt says:

    Got it and I don’t think it ever quit.


  97. Got it! Thanks much!!!

  98. Shirlei Sato says:

    Hi Sam
    I think I’m the Luckest one ’cause I revive your e-mails everyday!!!! I’m so happy I found you!!! Love your videos!!! Hope you understand my poor English! !! Lol
    From São Paulo Brazil! !!!

  99. Hi Sam! I see you perfectly here in Edmonds, Washington, USA!

  100. Greetings from Kamloops B.C. Canada. Got the email Sam!! Woo hoo! I was missing you big time.

  101. Pauline Johnston says:

    You are back in upton, mass, USA

  102. Beverley Dainton says:

    I got the email in Perth Western Australia

  103. Dolly Olson says:

    Got email in Portland, Oregon USA

  104. Debbie from Indiana says:

    I have it too!

  105. Oh lovely! You’re back, I’ve been rather blue without you. Honest! Nancy from Burley Idaho

  106. Got your email in Texas, USA. Big thank you Sam!

  107. It’s here. Central Otago, New Zealand

  108. Leslie Scholes says:

    Got your email in Southern California! Love your projects – so glad you’re back!!

  109. Email worked here in TEXAS, USA. I love your emails and would really be at a loss with out my daily dose. Thanks, Brenda.

  110. Monika Gallard says:

    email worked in OZ

  111. anica kisic says:

    Received your mail, which makes me happy. I really enjoy your emails and tutorials a lot. Thank you for sharing.

  112. Received your email in Berlin Germany.
    It’s nice, your back again.

  113. Received your email here in Lincoln, Illinois

  114. Gina McVeigh says:

    Yep got it xx

  115. Here in AZ, no emails. I had to go to your previous blog to check on the status.

  116. Marthea (Australia) says:

    Thanks Sam,
    Received it in Western Australia.
    Love the cartoon

    I am a techno and I really sympathise with your issue.

  117. no problems here Sam -( Cotswolds, England)

  118. Yes. All seems to be working now. Those tech people should have tried the good ole IT Mantra. Turn it off and on again and if that doesn’t work, turn it off and on again!

    Glad you are back x

  119. Jo Gordge says:

    It reached South Africa! – Love from Jo

  120. Val Peacock says:

    All ok here in North Devon. Pleased you are back I thought I had deleted you by mistake.

  121. Maggie Little says:

    Coming in loud and clear in Texas.

  122. Anita Rix says:

    I’ve received your email thanks, love them

  123. Carolyn Moyle says:

    Yah! you are back, miss you so much my days are complete now. Welcome back

  124. Estela Lemos says:

    Hello Sam! All ok here in Portugal! ***

  125. Yes, I have received it in Kentucky, USA. It’s amazing to see all the different places that receive your posts!!! I enjoy your blog and projects so much..Thank you!

  126. Mary Gaves says:

    I just want to let you know that I got this test email and your Wednesday October 5th email as well. A big thank you to you and your team for staying on top of things

  127. Jenny grimble says:

    Hiya get it from jenny in Norfolk

  128. Janine Tredger says:

    Hi Sam…
    I have received your post here in South Africa!!! Thank you SO MUCH for all your fabulous tutorials!!! I am always so excited to watch all the gorgeous projects you make!!!

  129. Hi Sam it also made to a dry and dusty Free State town in South Africa.

  130. Got your e-mail, Ontario, Canada

  131. Got your e-mail, Ontario, Canada. Miss you.

  132. Belinda Litsch says:

    Woohoo! you’re back in my inbox!

  133. Yay you are back!!! Miss you in Williamsburg Virginia….

  134. Yay you are back…. Missed you in Williamsburg Virginia!

  135. By gee Sam congrats – replies from all over the world. Australia must be the luckiest country as I got your emails every day in Toowoomba Queensland. Just love your ideas and sense of humour.


    Hiya Sam,
    I get my daily email, but, I do not receive my News letter.
    Have you stopped sending these out?

  137. I really like reading blogs like this! Causes me to feel a cozy
    enjoyable sensation and also educated! Thankyou so much!

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