Adorable Owl Bag and Goodies Giveaway

Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Pootles – Adorable Owl Bag and Goodies Giveaway

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Pootles - Adorable Owl Bag and Goodies Giveaway

How cute are these darling little bags with their pretty matching contents. I love to hunt on amazon for cute and fun things to put into my projects and fell on these little pieces when I spotted them.

I knew I wanted to bag them all up together, so each has a set of nail files, a pair of tweezers and a mirror. Too adorable and definitely giftable, so that’s what I’m doing

Both of these are up for grabs, and all you need to do is leave me a comment here, on the YouTube page or my business page and tell me what your favourite animal is. You have until Wednesday 12th October to leave me a comment and I will draw a name at random!

Okay so my cute bags are 3 x 3 x 1″ (7.5 x 7.5 x 2.5cm) when completed so they’re going to hold a few little treats, if not the same as I’ve added.

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Pootles - Adorable Owl Bag and Goodies Giveaway Watercolour Detail

And so easy to make, it’s all about the decoration, and who doesn’t love the adorable Owl from the Cozy Critters set.

Have a fantastic Wednesday everyone and I can’t wait to find out your favourite animals.

S xx

Cardstock – 5 x 7″ (12.5 x 17.5cm)

Score on the LONG side at 3, 4″ (7.5, 10cm)

Score on the SHORT side at 1, 4″ (2.5, 10cm)

DSP – 2-3/4 x 2-3/4″ (7 x 7cm)

I hope you enjoyed this project, please do use the hostess code to get free product! (hostess code shown in the top right of my blog for the current one!) Learn more HERE. If your order is over £150, please do not use this code as You become the hostess and get the Rewards!



Sam Hammond

Stampin’ Up! UK Independent Demonstrator

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  1. Raewyn Gilchrist says:

    These are so cute Sam.

  2. I love all animals, but at the moment I have a bit of a thing about owls! Karen x

  3. Hi Sam,
    I love owls, very wise birds. In the last week have found you on youtube … wonderful goodies. I have been making quilte a few of your amazing little boxes for my advent and christmas gifts. You are very talented and an amazing teacher, keep up your good work.

  4. I love orcas/killer whales. I think they are beautiful. When I was younger we went to Windsor safari park and the whale was being silly and the trainer said who would like to take him home. My hand shot up “me me” my mum asked me where will we keep it ” in the bath” I was young and had no idea of sizes.

  5. Just a purring cat on my lap.

  6. actually my favorite animal is an owl. I even used to collect them (ornaments of course).

  7. Patricia Schott Koch says:

    Your projects are wonderful!!! I watch daily … even the past projects. My favorite animal is the bat. They are AMAZING, as are your boxes, bags, and cards!

  8. Dawn Appleton says:

    Ace tutorial as always. Hubby has a bit of thing for owls so we have a few dotted about the place but my animal love will always be the elephant x

  9. Definitely a donkey! (Though I adore my dogs!) I hope that the owls on your goodies are not as noisy as the ones out here! Thanks for another fab project.

  10. These are super cute! Might have to try them out myself 🙂 I have a love for all animals (to the point where I actually went to uni to study them!), but my absolute favourites are marine animals. I adore seahorses especially xxx

  11. Maggie Little says:

    All about the owls and skunks.
    Thank you for your videos, very easy to follow…you rock!

  12. Penny Caird says:

    Definitely pussy cats. Though I sadly lost one to cancer a couple of weeks ago

  13. Gina Nathan says:

    I do love the owls (I must admit to going for a trawl on Amazon when you showed us your haul) but my softest spot is for squirrels!! Gorgeous bags, I think this might just be my gift for all the girls at work.

  14. Christine Reid says:

    Polar bears! Sorry SU haven’t done stamps for them. Love your site and hope you’ve found the perfect home by now.

  15. Sonja Tschopp says:

    Hi Sam,
    I love dogs. Thank you so much for your tutorials! I love them all!
    I wish you a nice day! Greetings from Switzerland

  16. What a gorgeous project. The owl is sooo cute. My favourite animal is my Bella, she’s a Maltese shiztu.

  17. Very nice really. i love owls !

  18. What a nice favor!!!!

  19. Elisabeth says:

    Although I love dogs, my actuel favourite animals are birds. Thank you so much for this cute tutorial and for all others so well explained ( in more I practise my english).

  20. Donna DePellette says:

    Hi Sam, love the bags. My favourite animal is a pig! I think they’re so cute with their curly tails and squashed up noses 🙂 thanks for sharing all your wonderful projects.

  21. Monika Gallard says:

    have always liked Owls, love your bags too

  22. Julie Daley says:

    My favourite is the koala.

  23. Gina McVeigh says:

    Hi I love Owls and Foxes, especially snowy owls, there is an owl and falcon place near me and I wanna go cause u can hold them and feed them. They are such graceful birds. I love foxes cause they remind me of my dog Poppy, she has the ears of a fox. Snow foxes are so cute and that’s another reason why I love them x

  24. Pat Cripps says:

    My favourite animal has to be the owl, think I started liking owls when I became Tawny Owl at Brownies. So your bag will definitely be useful to make with the girls.Thanks

  25. Carla vdM says:

    Lovely bags Sam with tge Owl, like the blue on the most.
    My favorite domestic animal is the Cat and my favorite wild animal is the Panda bear.

  26. Love your tutorials Sam! My favorite animal is a teddy bear first I’d have to say. But owls are a close second.

  27. Lynda Arnall says:

    My favourite animal is the Donkey. So calm and sweet natured.

  28. Teresa Nystrom says:

    It has to be dogs. Thanks for your tutes. They’re a lot of fun.

  29. Good morning Sam, so glad the emails are working! My favorite animal besides my precious dog would be monkeys.
    Back to “normal” morning coffee and Pootles! This would be a great gift for co-workers as always thank you for the great how to video!

  30. Silke Neymeyr says:

    Dear Sam,
    LOVE your projects – really all of them and today’s especially!!! Watching your videos has become a very dear habit to me – THANK YOU so much for all your wonderful ideas – I’ve already copied a lot of them!!!
    As to my favourite animal(s) – I do love owls as well, but also cats (we’ve got two).
    Have a wonderful day!
    Lots of love from Rostock (Germany)

  31. Nancy Rasing says:

    Cute bag. I like cats. And all things cute.

  32. Rosemarie C says:

    Hedgehogs! These bags are so cute. As with so many of your projects adaptable to whatever the event or materials that are available! Thank you!!

  33. Wendy Johnston says:

    I love platypuses, they are unique as they lay eggs and suckle their young (monotremes), very cute and only found in Australia.
    p.s. I love your little owl bags

  34. Wow, I love these bags, so cute. At the moment I seem to be doing lots with owls, however, my favourite animals are hedgehogs. Have a good day.

  35. Peggy Moberg says:

    I am a cow collector. My father in law riser cows and they were in the field out my dining room window. Thanks for your tutorials. I really like this little bag. So cute.

  36. Heather Forgan says:

    Such a gorgeous gift! My favourite animal is an elephant

  37. Sandra Meynell says:

    Super cute, as are all your projects Sam. Geese are my favorite animals.

  38. These are do cute and are will be making wonderful Christmas gifts. I love elephants.

  39. Anne-Marie Lewis says:

    How adorable are these! I have always had a special love for penguins, probably because they look so cute, but also because even though those wings can no longer do what they were meant to do, these sweet little creatures have adapted them to fly through the worlds coldest seas!

  40. These bags are so adaptable for any time of year – great projects as always! Wish I could be so inventive…

  41. Hi Sam, great project as always.
    My favourite animals are pandas. I’ve my fingers crossed that our female panda here at the Royal Adelaide Zoo is in the family way after the latest breeding season.

  42. My fav is the owl, that’s why I was so excited when I received the stamp set, I couldn’t wait to try it out and send you pics of the Xmas card set X

  43. Lovely project Sam, and a lovely way to use the stamps. Twit twooo.

  44. These are gorgeous, I love all creatures to be honest but fav wild animal is polar bear 🙂

  45. stacey beigan says:

    Hey Sam, Those bags are really cute. My absolute favourite animal ever since I was a little girl has to be a panda. I collected anything I could find that had pandas on.

  46. Sherita W says:

    Super cute bags! My fave animal is a giraffe. Such an elegant animal.

  47. Heather V says:

    Love these bags! Will be great to make for Christmas. My favorite animal is the elephant.

  48. Carolyn Moyle says:

    Love this project will be making some for gifts on the Christmas Dinner table.
    I have two favourite animals they are the fox and pig

  49. Sam, when I first discovered you, I spent endless days and nights watching all of your videos to catch up. Now I wait for new ones to come out. Anyway, this bag is adorable and my favorite animal is a kitten! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

  50. My cat but I do wish she was a bit more cuddly. I have the owl builder and love it so many little critters from one punch.

  51. Sam I love it! The owl punch is still one of my absolute favourites and I love this winter owl. Unfortunately, I ordered 2 times this months – but not together – so no owl hostess gift for me 🙁
    I collect small white porcelain and silver owls (I am not into colourful decorations) and in real life I love dogs..
    Greetings from Scotland,
    Nessie x

  52. Nadia houbrechts says:

    Hi Sam, the first thing I bought was the owl punch, a few years ago, so I do love Owls. Thats When I felt in love with the stuff of SU… And I follow your blog… You make lovely boxes and bags… Love to See your tutorials… Looking forward to friday… Have a Nice day
    Greetings from Belgium

  53. Charlene Itamura says:

    Aloha from Hawaii. I love cows, I love to watch them roam around, but watching them eat is really funny!!

  54. Winifred Kennedy says:

    Love the bags. My cropodile does the same. I thought I was the only one.

  55. Winifred Kennedy says:

    Hi ~ I have always loved owls, but love all animals.

  56. Love these bags and they are great for bundling small things to make a gift. As for my favourite animal, I love cats, including big cats especially Siberian white tigers and foxes, so I love the new Foxy punch and stamp sets and all the animals that can be made with it 🙂

  57. My favourite animal is a cat … so guess who is happy, when Fenel is calling you while filming. Maybe she is the hidden director of your wonderful and inspiring videos but …shush!… we won’t give away the secret. ..
    Greetings from Berlin,

  58. Too cute! I love the project and I love how you often match your contents with your bags/boxes! So inspiring! As a kid, I love the baby harp seal–so white and fluffy looking, and tiny. I am not sure I have a favorite animal anymore; anything cute and little I would guess! Thank you for the chance to win a goodie from you, Sam! I hope the house-selling is going well!

  59. Melissa Tubb says:

    My favorite animal is a cat! Love their strong will and royal manner!

  60. Cammi waggoner says:

    Your owl bags are stinkin cute. Now I am gonna have to make a few. I just love watching your videos. My favorite animal is a black bear. They just remind me of a cuddly animal. Even though I know there not.

  61. You continue to ‘wow’ me!!!
    I love giraffes! Thank you for sharing your passion. God Bless you. (Glad your site is up and running…yay)

  62. Love these bags. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to more videos.

  63. Liza Murphy says:

    Hi Sam, I watch your videos daily and love your projects. I am currently obsessed with owls. I also love little bunnies I used to have a collection of them and use the ones I can whenever I can. Thank you for the chance to win your beautiful project.

    Cheers fromCanada,

  64. I love all your creations especially boxes and bags…. they’re simple and elegant and your instructions are so easy to follow. Thank you for sharing! My favorite animal is actually an insect….butterfly!

  65. Hello from Minnesota! My favorite animal is the fox. Thank you for all your inspiration.

  66. Great project I am going to make Holween goodie bags
    Thank you!!!

  67. Claudine Dionne says:

    Well…chances of winning are slim, but I’ve got to try! These are adorable, I love the little owls, but my favorite animals are Bengal tigers. 🙂

  68. WOW, these Owls are so cute and I love the bags. Strangely enough my favourite bird is the Barn Owl. In fact I love all the species of Owls and whilst we were on holiday in Yorkshire I got to see (new to me) Burrowing Owls. They are so tiny and really adorable. Here’s hoping. xx

  69. Ellen Weitzenhofer says:

    Beautiful bags!! I actually have a “Pootles” notepad where I record my favorite projects you do, and I sit and make them “with” you!!! My 8-year-old daughter has recently started to pretend to make craft videos, and she tries her best to copy your adorable accent!!!! It warms my heart. Favorite animal…horse!

  70. Carol Butler says:

    I love dogs! Especially my little Jack Russell, Benji

  71. Adorable bags. Even though purple is my favorite color, the blue bag really caught my eye. I look forward to making one (or more). My favorite animal is a dog.

  72. Julie Coster says:

    Hi Sam My favourite animal is the Black Nosed Sheep – incredibly cute and cuddly ! (although we do have a family, or two, of Little Owls who have lived in the roof for the last 12 years !! ) Thanks for giveaway – love making your bags and boxes.
    Julie x

  73. Another great project and tutorial, Sam! Love the little bag and the cute little owls. I love otters! They are so cute the way they float on their backs and take care of their babies! Of course, I always love dogs, too! Thanks for always showing your creations!

  74. Bev Slaunjwhite says:

    I have a few I like owls, horses and dogs thanks

  75. Gail orsted says:

    I’m a cat lover

  76. Cindy Mitxhell-clark says:

    For me…… Dogs, unconditional love, welcome every time you come thru the door. Can’t be sad when you have a dog on your lap or at your feet! Love my 2 yorkies to death!

  77. Love these bags! Right now I have a fascination with sea otters. They are sweet and lovable. But I’ll always love my dog.

  78. Hi Sam, love the bags. I love penguins. Thanks, Marian x

  79. Wanda Williams says:

    I love owls and eagles. I loved this project and can’t wait to make one! Thanks for your wonderful tutorials!!!

  80. Becky Hiles says:

    Hi Sam,
    Love ❤️ them. Would be a great item for my upcoming craft fairs.
    Thank you for sharing!!

  81. Nadine Motes says:

    Sam right now I am loving Reindeer as I am making them for my Christmas cards but I love all woodlawn animals like the fox set–Thanks in Advance for the giveaway!!

  82. Toni Cottone says:

    OMG!! Oh! My! Gosh!! So cute!! Love them!! Owls and Kitties are my favorite!! Love them!!! Toni Cottone

  83. Ginni Berg says:

    A cat, long sleek, or big and fluffy. Love your videos.

  84. I love making 3-D items and can always find inspiration from your posts, thank your for taking the time to make videos as well. I have two favorite animals, horses and birds and particularly humming birds. I still have a few humming birds coming to feed on my porch but I know they will soon depart for a warmer climate.

  85. Hello Sam, my favorite animal is a giraffe, but I totally love your sweet owl bags, especially because we have the owl punch–you can creatw so many cuts projects with it!

  86. My favorite animal at this moment is the fox because of the great set : Foxy friends from Stampin up. I love it.
    And i love all your videos: you are a great inspiration for me xxx

  87. Wendy Beebe says:

    Love, love, love owls…so happy SU has given us the stamp to go with the punch!
    Great project!

  88. Love these little bags… Thanks for sharing your creativity with us. One of my favorite creatures is the Cardinal.

  89. Jan Elmore says:

    I’m in Christmas card mode right now and I am loving little critters wearing Santa hats! Mostly deer and fox and bear! Your owls are adorable!

  90. Joanne Page says:

    Love this little project. Didn’t want this stamp set until I watched your video.

  91. Nancy Peters says:

    Dogs would be my favorite domestic animal, but penguins are my favorite non-domestic.

  92. I’m speaking up for all black cats – my Libby is one – who find it hard to find homes. Fingers crossed for them all X

  93. Dogs! Specifically Labrador Retrievers❤️

  94. The owls are super cute Sam. Love it! I make everyone of your boxes and treat bags. You have taught me so much. As for my fave animal it would have to be dogs.

  95. Owls are my favorite bird. Squirrels are my favorite rodent, Cats are my favorite mammal. I love your version of this box with the owl. And the gifts are so cute!!!

  96. Carolyn Chaon-Farhet says:

    Very cute! Love how you have an endless capacity of creative ideas and are always sharing. My favorite is a Dragonfly which symbolizes maturity and depth of character. Love the dragonfly SU has in their set Awesomely Artistic!

  97. Hi Sam. Great project again. I have 3 cats, so I HAVE to say they are my favourites. They are known as The Condiments because they are called Salt, Pepper and Mustard.

  98. Dear Sam,

    Although like your Fennel I adore my 6 cats BUT I do adore Owls!!! You must have made this project especially for me!! Whoo-hoo!!
    I have a blog to prove it!!

    I melted when I saw that adorbs pink round Owl mirror which will fit perfectly in my bag!!!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win!!!

    Jannie xx

  99. Karen Mackley says:

    My favourite animals are cats (I have four). They’re so cuddly and such good company and always know when you need some love

  100. Nannie Annie says:

    Hi Sam. Lovely bags and gifts. My favouite animals are owls then penguins.
    Thank you for sharing will definitely be making these.

  101. Claire Ventre says:

    Such an adorable bag and goodies!! My favorite animal is the giraffe (ever since I wrote a “Just So” story about how the giraffe got his long neck when I was in first grade!). However, my daughter is into owls – so I am sure she would love to receive this cute box as a gift!! Thanks so much for all you share with us!!

  102. Sam, love your many ideas. My favorite animal is the lion because they are strong and proud and I am a LEO

  103. Hi Sam I am new to paper crafting and found your video tutorials which are brilliant. I watch them whenever you post a new one. They are really informative with brilliant easy to follow instructions. Even hubby sometimes watches lol. Thanks Val x

  104. Hi Sam, love this project, my favourite animal is giraffes, they are so elegant.

  105. Thank you for your being so creatively talented and generous! I love dogs as a pet, their unconditional love is just wonderful. I also love bunnies.

  106. Nothing better than a cute cuddly puppy!

  107. This bag is adorable and so easy, like so many of your projects. I love dolphins and whales.

  108. I really love the little bags. Sooo cute.

  109. Laura Settrey says:

    I love these. So cute.
    My favourite animal is a giraffe

  110. Hi Sam, I really enjoy your videos. I love lions.

  111. Jennifer Newell says:

    Adorable. Anything owl is right up my alley.

  112. Sherry Lowmaster says:

    cute little bags!! I like eagles

  113. Mary Champlin says:

    Cute little bag! I love frogs! Thanks for all your fun projects!

  114. Look at all these comments! I like owls, bought the owl punch years ago, made a LOT of owl cards. Love the videos, and the advent projects. Thank you!

  115. Dianne Hoffman says:

    The packaging is just the perfect touch for the cute gifts! I love it!!!

  116. Karen Tenney says:

    These are absolutely just “too cute”. Love all your projects!!

  117. Annette Pope says:

    Hi Sam, I find owls really cute, but my favourite is a red squirrel, thanks for the chance to win the giveaway x

  118. Belinda Litsch says:

    Oh, so adorable bag! my favorite animal is a Land turtle.
    I have one and his name is Spike!

  119. I’ll be making this sweet little bag soon! My favorite animal is our dog, Jake. He is an adorable Australian Shepherd and brings sunshine to my day!

  120. Tina Demrow says:

    I love the project and my favorite animal is dogs and cats.

  121. Brenda S. says:

    I like dogs. i love owls! Love all your projects!!

  122. Donna Geroux says:

    Sam, I love everything you make, especially bags and boxes. My favorite animal is a Scottish terrier. I too love all your videos, thank you for every thing you make and show. Keep up the great work.

  123. Hi Sam, my favourite at the moment is the fox. Love your videos.
    Greetings from Australia.

  124. Hi Sam,

    What a wonderful project again! Lovely. My favoirite animal is a deer. So graceous and elegant they are.

  125. Debra Seleni says:


  126. Mila Gappa DEKOK says:

    Back cougar

  127. Diane Young says:

    Lovely project. My favourite animal has to be a cat – kitten, tiger or anything in between!

  128. Hi Sam, love all your creations, and I learn something each time I watch a video. Thanks! I love polar bears like the Coca Cola bear. I even named my dog Cola.

  129. Whisper Pat says:

    My fav5is my resued cat Sheba that I’ve had almost 20 years; and my service puppy from England named Princess Isabella Diane and she’s a Pembroke Welsh Corgi service dog that I’ve had for a and 1/2 years. My favorite color is purple but the new in color sugar plum is my favorite SU color. TY4S, Whisper Pat

  130. Sherri Allsman says:

    Love the bags I’m going to make them for my grand daughters I know they will love them and they love the owls. My favorite animal is the fox they are so sweet looking. Thank you for your video’s I look forward to seeing your projects and make them all the time.

  131. Kelly Anderson says:

    Owls and bears are mine. How many come in a pack they are so cute

  132. J Stonefire says:

    Penguins! So cute in their little tuxedos!

  133. alison gibson says:

    what a cute little gift bag will be having a go at this one, wouldn’t mind the pootles original though!!!!

  134. Cute little sacks. I don’t have just one favorite animal, but will say horse or deer.

  135. I love eagles. I like how they seem so proud and clever. I do however like many animals.

  136. Hi Sam. I love your site and have made a LOT of your projects! I love owls and have quite a bit of owl décor, including a beautiful, colorful owl prism. Thank you for this cute owl project.

  137. Hi Sam. Love this and all your projects. My favourite animal would be a penguin. Always fun to make with the owl punch.

  138. Black kitties all the way! How sad that they (and black and whites) are the most overlooked cats in rescue centres. I try to include a little black cat in all my craft projects. Thank you, Sam, for the lovely items I received today. Keep those projects coming! XX

  139. Joyce Lovato says:

    I love these little bags. My Favorite Animal is a Bear.

  140. Diane Seidler says:

    Love these little bags. I could think of a million people to send these too. Thanks for your inspiration.

  141. Owls and skunks and foxes, oh my! Can’t choose but this little blue owl is adorable!

  142. Laila Svensen says:

    I really, really like cats.

  143. My son was needing some gifting ideas for a scouting fair so job done, thank you. Hedgehogs definitely the animal of choice

  144. Janice Thompson says:

    I love cats, but these owls are adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  145. Rebecca V. says:

    Oh my goodness, Sam…these are absolutely adorable! I’m not sure if this is open to US residents, but if so, I would love a chance to win this precious gift bag…too cute!

    • Rebecca V. says:

      Sorry..forgot to add my favorite animal…definitely the owl these days! I’ve seen so many adorable things done with the owl punch, how could I not love them?

  146. Rachel Brooks says:

    I’ve collected owls for years. They are so unique and hard to locate and see in real life. Love the bags.

  147. Eva Halasz says:

    Sam, these are cute little things again.
    My favourite animals are the wombats, they are so funny creatures.

  148. My favorite animal is actually a cat and then the owl. Love these little goodie bags. Thank you for sharing!

  149. Stefanie Schneider says:

    My favorite animal is a giraffe.
    I watch your videos from Germany, you do very good.
    Best regards


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