Pootlers Design Team – Totally Trees Week 2

Pootlers Design Team – Totally Trees Week 2

Pootler's Design Team

Pootlers Design Team Totally Trees

We are back with week 2 of the amazing Totally Trees October Design Team.

I love seeing their projects when they share them (we have a private facebook group so I can get their links etc) and it amused me this week that one of the ladies said that her project for next week was similar to one from this week! They do channel each other and definitely inspire one another. Any they inspire me too!

So here you are with their links and photos, don’t forget to click on their names to go over to their blogs to see their projects in more detail.

Linda Parker

Linda Noakes

Ann Chambers

Fiona Whitehead

Linda Noakes Week 2

Linda Parker Week 2

Ann Chambers Week 2

Fiona Whitehead Week 2


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