Is this email working???


Picture whipped from Google Images...

Picture whipped from Google Images…

Oh my goodness. Seriously? A week goes by and down goes my email automation again.

Well the timing wasn’t exactly perfect. My eldest son has been off sick with the Norovirus all week, and his worst day was yesterday when the email failed again. I wasn’t able to get onto it until the evening – he was my priority – but I’m assured that it’s now fixed.

The company that provide the service have done an update….

Sadly though, while Jack is now better, I got a call from little Oliver’s school at 11.30 this morning as he’d been sick. Poor little mite was desperate to finish off his work that he was doing, but just couldn’t keep it in.

So I’m sat here now with small children sleeping and desperately getting my blogging ahead done, just in case I go down with it too.

Let’s hope this email gets to everyone.

S xx


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  1. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    I got your email, please tell your sons I hope they feel btter soon.

  2. I got your email. So sorry you kiddos are sick! Hope they feel better soon and don’t share it with you.

  3. Sandra Johnson says:

    Hi Sam hope the children get well soon bless them, thank you so much for my press’s loved it.
    Sandra x

  4. Cathy Gilbert says:

    Sam, I hope that your sons recover quickly and that you and your husband don’t catch it! We all know that when mommy gets sick, life is more difficult for everyone.

    Take care.

  5. Elizabeth McKay says:

    I got your email. Sorry to hear about your sons.
    I didn’t get an answer to an email I sent about a week or so ago though. Maybe it got lost in the black hole of doom?

    • hi Elizabeth, would you mind resending it? In amongst the mele of sick son and broken website, I managed to mark my whole email inbox as read and I had 16 emails that were still unread. Yours probably was one of them x

  6. hi Sam,
    Got your e-mail today. I am in the US
    Hope you get your e-mail problem solved.. Love getting your e-mails every day thank you

  7. Christine says:

    Got this in USA.
    Hope your household will be fit and healthy again soon.

  8. Sue Gates says:

    I got your email. So sorry your boys are ill. Hope they both recover soon.

  9. Received your blog email Sam, hope your boys improve soon and they don’t pass it on to you. xx

  10. Your email has arrived in Canada as well . Hope the sick are soon mended and that you can avoid it .

    BTW .. I enjoy your tutorials . TFS your talents .

  11. Oh bless you all. Hope
    That everyone is up and running very soon. Glad you are back but family and yourself are priority. Xx

  12. Email did make it all the way to Colorado. Thanks for checking and here is hoping your son gets better. Have a good weekend.

  13. Received this email, but not the last project you had the video for, but its alright, I went searching for it on your blog.
    Take care of your boys, *hope they feel better soon

  14. Family First! We’re here, not going anywhere.

  15. Hi Sam :D,
    I got your e-mail today, I´m in Guatemala. I hope you get your e-mail problem solved. I love getting your e-mails every day, I love what you do. Hope the sick are soon mended.

  16. Prayers for speedy recovery for the boys and protection from the germs for you! Love you posts and that you give the inch measurements for us in the states!

  17. Lorraine Andrews says:

    Email received yay! Sickly household boo! Hope everyone who is ill feels better soon and those who are well don’t go down with it.LAx

  18. Received your e-mail. Sorry to hear the boys are under the weather. Hope you stay well.

  19. Gloria Westerman says:

    I got your email also…i hope your babies feel better soon…

  20. Darlene Oudette says:

    got your email …. so must be working
    Hope your sons are on the mend

  21. Thanks Sam, received it in the U.K.
    I do hope the virus doesn’t affect all of you.
    Lots of crafty Hugs xx

  22. Bee Gelder says:

    Hi received email, hope the boys get better soon

  23. Hi Sam,
    Received your e-mail. Praying for your boy’s and you!!! Stay well!!!

  24. Yup it got here too but Sam, look after yourself and your boys. Don’t worry too much about anything else. x

  25. Isobel Sykes says:

    Hi Sam just received your e mail hope the boys will get better soon and that you don’t succumb to this virus too

  26. Hi Sam, sorry to read about your boys, here,s wishing them a get better email. Keep your vitamins going your boys need you and need that you stay strong and healthy.
    Sheila x

  27. Nancy Huhn says:

    Poor Sam! Anyone who has had children can feel your pain. The worst part is just knowing that you probably will have the rest of the family experiencing the same thing before it’s all over. Here’s hoping you don’t become one of the victims too!

  28. I received your email here in the U.S. I will say a prayer for your boys to be well in Jesus name.

  29. stacey beigan says:

    Hey Sam, I hope your boys are feeling a lot better soon and I really hope you don’t get ill. If I don’t receive an email, I always check your blog and YouTube on the days I know you usually post. Sometimes I actually see the post or video before I get the emails. hehe

  30. Mary Gaves says:

    I hope your boys are feeling better, poor babies. I got your email yesterday, but not today. So sorry you’re having trouble with that system. But more sorry your kids are sick. Prayers and happy thoughts to all of you.

  31. I got this email, hope the boys are better soon xx

  32. Sue pettit says:

    Hi Sam just to let you know your email has arrived ok

  33. Hello Sam
    I received your email. Family comes first and I hope your boys get well quickly.

  34. I got mine in USA. Love your blog. I’m in Wisconsin. ☺

  35. e-mail made it to Ohio. hope your family is well quickly.

  36. Kathi L. Perry says:

    I got it, in Albuquerque, NM, USA!
    Hope everybody & everything get better for you, Sam!

  37. Tana Lewis says:

    I received yesterday’s, but his mornings was later arriving. Hope things settle down for and yours. From Kirkwood, Missouri.

  38. Ello: got your email ,hope boys get better soon ,and hope you don’t get it fingers crossed

  39. Carolyn Moyle says:

    Hi Sam, got your email, glad you are back again! Hope the boys are better soon and the bug misses you. Take care xx

  40. Marina from Florida says:

    Got your email.
    Praying that your boys feel better and that you do not get it.

  41. Hi, Sam
    Got the e-mail and I hope that your sons recover soon and that you don’t catch it either. I’m a grandmother of seven and I remember the days as if it was yesterday so I wish you the best and thank you so much for your hard work and sharing your talent with us. From Seattle, Washington

  42. Oh my dearest Sam!!!!! having your children sick is terrible, I just hope they will fully recover soon!!
    Your email came perfectly fine so no worries, ok? Just concentrate on caring for those sweet boys.
    Big hugs and healing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~all the way from Crown Point, Indiana. USA.

  43. ann sheppard says:

    Hi Sam,
    I got the email and hope that your boys will be better soon (without SHARING their virus) Family always first .I love your posts so keep them coming but when everyone is well xx
    p.s. from gelli, in the rhondda, south wales xx

  44. Laura D France says:

    Thanks Sam, was wondering if it was out again, got this email.
    I hope your boys feel better soon

  45. Angelia Vogt says:

    Sam, your e-mail came through just fine. I hope your little guys are better soon! Nothing worse for a working Mom than to have her little ones, (no matter the age, mine range from 31 to 22) ill! Sending healing thoughts and prayers across the pond to you!!

  46. Sam your email was duly delivered, thanks. So sorry small ones are ill hope their recovery is quick x

  47. Leticia Castro says:

    Email received. Hope you and your family are feeling better.

  48. Maggie Little says:

    I got a sick one at home also…but we’re in Texas.
    Hope everyone is doing better in your house.
    I got your email.

  49. Lynda Arnall says:

    Hello, I have received your email thank you.
    Sorry to hear the children are feeling poorly, nasty for them but I hope they will feel better soon. Shame.
    Thank you for the gifts, absolutely delighted as always.
    Lynda x

  50. Oh no, I hope your boys are all feeling fine again soon!
    I got this email, that is nice.
    Hope you have a relaxed weekend.

  51. It’s not fun knowing the boys are sick and then you might catch it. Hope you are all well and feeling better soon! (((HUGS)))

  52. Got today’s email– the first i received in almost a week. Hope your kids get well soon.

  53. Janet Carey says:

    Received your email in Melbourne, Australia. Bless their little hearts, I hope your boys are feeling much better soon. They are in the best place, with their mother. Cheers Sam. xx

  54. Yes, Ma’am, mine seems to be working. So sorry about the boys. Will be praying for healing and that you don’t get it too. BW

  55. Dianne Massie says:

    Lets hope Mum doesn’t get sick, hope the boys feel better soon.

  56. Hello Sam
    I received your email, hope your boys are healing well.
    Cheers Wendy

  57. Sam
    Praying that you all will be able to get and stay better. God Bless

  58. Amanda Anderson says:

    Hope all get better soon received email x

  59. Hi Sam,
    Email received in Brisbane, Australia. Speedy recovery to all who are sick and please make sure you look after yourself. We all know the ‘mother’ is the engine of the family.
    P.S. Love all the video projects.

  60. Nannie Annie says:

    Received here in UK Sam. Sorry to hear about the boys. Hope they are better soon and you don’t get it. I had it recently and lasted a week. Take care.

  61. Karyn Ahern says:

    Sam, yes I received your email. Praying that your boys feel better soon.

  62. Shari Albrecht says:

    Hope the family is feeling better. Try using paper towels in the bathroom so you aren’t sharing germs. Fresh pillowcases are wonderful too. Except if they are urping then extra towels on the bed & a bucket. Good luck.

  63. Oh my gosh, when it rains, it pours! I’m so sorry to hear that the children are ill. Hope they will be better REAL soon and pray that you and the other two stay well. You take care of you and your family. That’s the most important thing right now. We are all here for you.

  64. A Mother’s Job is never done….I hope you are all better soon.

  65. I received my e-mail from you here in the states ! I hope your children feel better soon !

  66. Esther Branson says:

    Hi Sam received your email here in Australia no probs. Fingers crossed you dont come down with the bug. Take care x

  67. Got your email. Prayers for quick recovery for all

  68. Cheryl mcAskill says:

    I have received your e-mail and so sorry your babes are ill. Blessings to you Mom…I hope you can avoid the illness itself. Bleach is the answer!!!!

  69. Karen Kavanagh says:

    I received your email! May your home soon be filled with good health and much happiness.

  70. Lesley Utting-Young says:

    E-mail A OK, Sam….Speedy recovery boys….

  71. Morey Palmen says:

    Yes. I received this email.

  72. Lynda Verrill says:

    Hi Sam, your email arrived but ever since your first glitch the sender info no longer says Pootles but a long string of code followed by “” which makes it look like spam. xx

  73. Christine Tyrrell says:

    Hello Sam from London, Ontario Canada. I got your email today but was missing it yesterday. I so look forward to your daily emails to start my day. You are a source of inspiration to this newbie demo. Hope your family recovers quickly from their illness. Blessings to you.

  74. Margaret Karger says:

    Hi Sam , got your email in QLD Australia, thank you for the tutorials 🙂 hope you’re family has a speedy recovery .

  75. anica kisic says:


  76. Christine St.Clair-Smith says:

    Received your email ok. Do hope your son is better.

  77. Got your email ok. in Canada. Hope your boys will be fine soon and you don’t get it.

  78. Got your email ok. in Canada. Hope your boys will be fine soon and you don’t get it.Love your videos.

  79. I hope boys are well now ! Many hugs and kisses xoxx

  80. Sorry to hear about your boys being ill. Speedy recovery for them! I received your email. Love seeing your easy to follow tutorials! I’ve made several. X O

  81. Got your email just fine….. I hope your children are doing better, and you stay well.

  82. Gaylene Clarkson says:

    Got your email and I pray your boys are all better and you won’t get it.

  83. Edith Heyns says:

    Dear Sam – I got your email. Hope you and the boys are ok now. I love, love love the oven glove project.

    Lots of love, Edith from New Zealand

  84. Cecilia Birch says:

    Don’t worry so much Sam! We all have bad day’s and we are all very grateful for your emails & demos. Look after yourself & the boys
    Take care

  85. Yes it sure is.

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