Pootlers Design Team – Totally Trees Week 3

Pootlers Design Team – Totally Trees Week 3

Pootler's Design Team

Pootlers Design Team Totally Trees


How time is flying! Already we are in week 3 and I’m excited to share this week’s projects from the team. I love how amazing all their ideas are and hope you love them too!

Linda Parker

Linda Noakes

Ann Chambers

Fiona Whitehead

Linda Parker Week 3

Fiona Whitehead Week 3

Linda Noakes Week 3

Ann Chambers Week 3


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  1. Christine Reid says:

    All terrific. Superb. Well done!

  2. Sue Ouellette says:

    Sam, two questions, is Linda Parker’s box a twist box and have you done the octagon box that is on her page. Great job by all, your team does you proud every time. : )

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