Pootles Advent Countdown 2016 #12 Milk Bottle Pine Cone Lights

Pootles Advent Countdown 2016 #12 Milk Bottle Pine Cone Lights

Pootles Advent Countdown 2016 #12 Milk Bottle Pine Cone Lights Lit

I have a small confession to make. I am a fairy light junkie. I have them scattered all over my house all year round. Just white ones, but I love them. I have 4 sets in my kitchen, 3 sets in my office, 2 sets in the lounge, 1 set in my bedroom and a couple outside. The boys have them in all their rooms too… I don’t have them strung in lengths, but usually clustered in vases or over things. They twinkle and just make me happy!

I also love small cute things, so when you combine adorable retro mini milk bottles with gorgeous twinkly lights, it’s a match made in heaven.

Pootles Advent Countdown 2016 #12 Milk Bottle Pine Cone Lights

The copper of the wire on these particular lights is what led me to the pinecone embellishments, and that then took them away from being exclusively Christmas and more all-year-round (any excuse to keep them up….)

So while this isn’t a papercraft video, I wanted to show you what happens when you combine a few fairly ordinary things. Twinkly Magic Happens!

S xx

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  1. Please can you email the link to which lights you got on amazon for this project thanks

    • I found the lights in bright white at Jo-Ann’s fabric and craft stores for $6.49. They also have the jars for $1.99 each. Jo-Ann does have a web site. I hope this helps. Robin

  2. Can you please provide the link for the bottles and lights? These are beautiful!

  3. Gemma spencer says:

    Same as above could you e mail the like to the lights please amazing project again x

  4. Anne Lumsden says:

    Good to see you are wearing your wedding ring…..

  5. Sam, so it should come as no surprise that I, like the others, would like the link to the lights and bottles. Please and thank you. I love your creativity. You are the first stop everyday on my quest to learn new things. Thanks again, Sandy K.

  6. Hi, again, did some research. Found 2 vendors in UK for the minis. They do not send to US. How unfortunate!

  7. Daggi Mosler says:

    So beautiful! I too love these “points of light” in the home! They make it more comfortable and cozy….
    Great idea!

  8. Just darling!! Love these sweet little bottle lights!

  9. Love these! Would you please email me the link to the bottles and the lights?
    Thanks so much for sharing this delightful idea!

  10. Love, love, love – love, love, love these Sam. Oh I love lights too and anything they can be stuff into is a winner. I’ve not seen lights like these on the High Street nor that size of milk bottles, they go beautifully together. What a great find and clever you for a great idea Sam. I’d also love the links for both the lights and bottles please. Do you know your turning into the Delia of the crafting world – whenever an ingredient appeared in one of her recipes there’d be a run on the shops (that may be before your time though so ask your mum). Many thanks Sam for all the inspiration you give. Take care.

  11. I have these mini lights on a silver wire inside my empty Yankee Candle jars. The battery fits inside the glass lid and even though the jars have been washed out there is still a faint smell of the candle. Just lovely.
    Thanks for sharing though Sam.

  12. Sam I LOVE these bottles with the lights!
    So cute! I am going to see what I can find to make as well here in Ohio USA!

    Thank you SO much for sharing your projects and inspiration!

  13. Charlotte Arutunian says:

    Sam, these are so cute. I have looked on Amazon, but none of the battery packs look the same. Would you be so kind as to email me the part number. Your projects are so awesome. Thank you for taking the time to share.

  14. Liz Harmon says:

    Love your milk bottles with mini lights. All of your projects are amazing.
    I would also like the link to which lights and bottles you purchased on Amazon.

  15. Lisa Sylvia says:

    OMG, LOVE LOVE LOVE the mini lights. I have done that with regular white christmas lights. I checked Amazon but I can’t find the battery packs like that, they have bigger ones. Like everyone else, would you kindly post the link 🙂
    See what you created? LOL Thanks so much.

  16. Love the project but not finding anything on Amazon that has a similar battery pack in a set of 6 – found them individually however the price of one was $6.99.

  17. Found the lights on Amazon! (In USA) Brand is Jeasun. Hope this helps.

  18. Price is $9.98 for set of six.

  19. Gloria Westerman says:

    This is fabulous! !!!! I want one for every room…thank you so much for sharing. ..and I want the link as well. …thanks

  20. Beautiful. Thanks for another lovely project.

  21. Pam delcastilho says:

    I ordered the lights and bottles but I got the wrong size bottles. Could you share the bottle size please.

  22. Love the fairy bottles. I ordered the lights and the bottles but have the wrong size bottles. Could I please find out what size the bottles are or the stock number for them please. I ‘am going to make mine with the silverbells and silver thread and silver cord I think it will be pretty for Christmas. Thank you so much love the bottles.

  23. Hi Sam, yes I too would be most appreciative of the links for the milk bottles and the gorgeous twinkle lights, as I have searched and searched on the internet, but to no avail 🙁
    Do you know if these are only available in the UK?.. or other countries as well?
    I will eagerly await you response!!…..I absolutely LOVE this idea and I can’t wait to give this a try (if I can source the supplies that is?). Thanks so much for your inspiration, you are absolutely amazing!!!!
    PS: I hope you enjoy a very Merry Christmas 🙂 xxx

  24. Kim,
    You can find the bottles at Hobby Lobby & JoAnn craft stores. The lights are also at JioAnn, Pier 1 and TJ Maxx. I hope this helps!

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